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The Vlog 3 - Closet Edition

September 25, 2008

As promised.

Also, I've been very lazy on exchanging links or keeping up with mutual links. So if you have me linked or have asked me to exchange links, then email me or leave a comment, and I'll get up the mutual affiliation*.

*I generally lead towards blogs that have been established a while and are fairly active (talk about calling the kettle black) - also, somewhat similar tastes.

P.S. Here's the other vlog that Supermelon edit.

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38 responses:

  1. hey - i've been reading for a few months and have you linked on my blog if you want to check it out. hopefully you will like it!

  2. I would like to exchange with you links:
    after reading your blog for a long time.

  3. I loved that you pointed out that blazers look too corporate if their sleeves aren't cuffed.

    I was soooo thinking of Givenchy as well when i caught that first glimpse of your necklaces.

    & that Chloe ad you have framed on your wall is absolutely my favorite ad campaign to date.

    Great job on your vlog, & sorry I separated my opinions without transitions.


  4. you are seriously the sweetest.

    LOVE your closet.
    you're vlogs are seriously fabulous.

    you should be hosting a fashion TV show!


    link ?


  5. unfortunately i live in a country where youtube is blocked for some stupid reason for a while. is there a way for you post your videos in a different format?

  6. Chica

    gosh, i've said this in the last 3 vlogs, but Ted is HOTTTTTT.

  7. Anonymous

    are ted and you like... related?!and i liked you in bangs!!!

  8. Always loving your vlogs.

    If you haven't checked out my blog yet:

    I've already linked you =)

  9. LOL Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
    Ted is so FUNNY <3. Tell him to make a blog on men's fashion! I'd read it ... even though I'm a girl lol.

  10. sooo funny you guys are great!
    link exchange?


    You have successfully cracked me up once again via-vlog. I love it, and I absolutely adore your Seychelles. I may have to pick up a pair, damn it. I hope you're doing well, random text coming at you soon.


  12. just found you through supermelon. totally adorable blog.


  13. oh, this is a lot better than the supermodel edit; i love seeing ted being silly and the dynamic between the two of you.

    i didn't realise the two of you are related, either! brother and sister? or cousins?..

    and that vintage dress ($6?) izzz the coolest. hope to see more of it!


  14. Ted

    Hola everybody,

    So upon reading the comments here and there, somewhere during the vlog, people have gotten the idea that Rachel and I are related. WE DEFINITELY ARE NOT. LOL. that's kinda disgusting, especially if you saw vlog 2, there would be some sick twisted stuff goin on here if we were. So yea, not related in any way. We just have the same last name.

  15. mia

    ted you're sexy
    and usually i'm not attracted to asian dudes ... but again your too sexy to resist

    run away from raych and take me :) !!!

  16. Anonymous

    what's the song in the beginning? I can't remember and it's killing me...

  17. the crossbow was an excellent touch. killer shoes, killer crossbow--aint nobody gonna mess with you now!

    it'd be cool to exchange links if ya like:


  18. you have an infectious smile :) i wish my closet was as organized!

  19. i have you already on my blog.. check it out and if you like it i would love to be on yours!! :)

  20. Anonymous

    Does Ted happen to have the same last name as you or is he related to you?

  21. Anonymous

    TEDDDDD SO SECKSHY hahahahahah -julia<3

  22. Anonymous

    rayccccchhh is my inspiration -julia<3

  23. in the least creepy way possible, why don't like your "big boobs?" goodness woman, you are blessed!

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