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The Serpent Fringe

September 21, 2008

Last weekend, Ted and I attended our close friend's party, usually a semi-formal. Well, this party has become a yearly tradition as a way to part our close friends before everyone leaves for college.

Let's just say while shopping for an outfit, the first (and only) thing that caught my eyes were these amazing Jeffrey Campbell fringe shoes. I absolutely love them, but I'll admit that they make my legs look short, so I have to experiment ways to prevent my legs from looking stump - I think higher hems will do.

I spent the rest of the day frustrated as I went to numerous shopping locations for an affordable dress that would look good with my new finds. I settled with this see-through dress at Urban Outfitters. I'm not too crazy about it, and I ended up returning it the next day. I mean, I really don't think it's worth more than fifty bucks.

Needless to say, I took very good care of the dress being that I passed out at 11pm in her little brother's room; I still haven't lived it down. For a narrow chance at redemption, I did manage to wake up at 1:30 and continued to mingle, so missing almost three hours of the party wasn't that bad - I guess.

  • Dress: Urban Outfitters
  • Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
I almost forgot to include my new favorite ring in the whole entire world:

It's by Samantha Wills, purchased at Nordstroms. I have this serious infatuation with snakes; it might be the fact I'm born in the year of the snake. Who knows.

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22 responses:

  1. Haha...why do I fear returning things!? I have never done it in my whole life. Seriously..I could be saying so much money and wardrobe space for BETTER things. *sigh
    p.s. WICKED RING!

  2. Anonymous

    If I don't see your next vlog soon I'm gonna shoot myself! LOL
    I need an upper!

  3. i know you probably get this a lot, but i recently started reading your blog and i love it!

    ps. the shoes and the ring are amaaazing!

  4. looooove that ring.

    those shoes are HOT.


  5. Awesome, awesome ring. I have a thing for tigers..and I was born in the year of it..

  6. Hi! I discovered your blog through Supermelon, and I must say that I really like it! If you don't mind I'm adding it to my blogroll. This blog is a great source of inspiration!

  7. Anonymous

    maybe thats why i love snakes

  8. wow love the shoes! I think we've all done something like that at one point ;) lol

  9. I have a weird love for snakes too...
    snake belt, snake arm band, necklace with a snake pendant...
    the list goes on. But, that ring is QUITE awesome!

  10. Wow, you really look gorgeous girl!
    Love that ring! <3

  11. thedoc

    love the ring!!! I agree with you about the dress...and ohhh, I finally got the same yellow dress you have in the back! (remember I asked you about it?)... Anyway, Good luck on the ebay sale!

  12. Wow, that ring is insane. Great blog.

  13. i wanted to get those jeffrey campbels but his shoes shoes run way too big. i can't even fit into the smallest size. :( they look fabulous on you, tho!

  14. LOVE your blog, you have great taste!
    Super cute shoes too.

    Your Daily What to Wear Guide

  15. xoxo

    hmm not feeling the ring or the shoes :\
    but i think you worked the dress even though it wasn't the best :)

    party sounds like fun!

  16. Your new ring is amazing! I've been looking for snake rings for awhile. Good old Nordstroms, makes lots of sense. They need to hurry up and build one in the city before I go insane.

  17. Snake ring is SICK. Wants one.

    I was just up there for the day! Lol I don't even know what "the lab" is, but people keep mentioning it. I'm not very informed.

  18. Tiffany

    another snake ring i am in love with!

  19. These shoes are super cute, and that means a lot since I think most items from the fringe-trend are just horrible (I mean just look at poor, poor Mischa Barton). Good job! That ring is also very cool.

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