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September 12, 2008

I know it gets irritating when a blogger repeatedly apologizes for being sluggish, but for what it's worth, I've just been a little busy for update. Not only that, I have been feeling rather uninspired. Thankfully, New York fashion week gives just the boost for upcoming posts.

As for the vlog - I know, it's been pushed back rather far - Supermelon finally received the CDs, but now Paul (the creative / marketing director) is in New York and is unable to work. If anything, I can take the editing into my own hands and hopefully that will be alright with Supermelon.

A quick casual wearing today post while shopping in LA with my boyfriend.

  • Shirt: Elijah
  • Shorts: Ksubi
  • Shoes: Chloé
  • Belt: Vintage
I wish I had a better shot of my belt. It's an amazing brass belt, chained to appear a snake; the head is the buckle which attaches into a hole on the tail. Amazing find.

When I had my front bangs, James would constantly complain: "why don't you ever straighten your hair?" I figured a fun day in LA would call for some extra primping time - didn't go too well. Note to self: lose the straightening iron. I'll admit, straight hair looked good at a medium length - better with front bangs, but the length of my hair now does not do straight hair justice. Why don't I just cut it off? Well, months back I mentioned that I'm in need change and want to chop off my hair. Come summer 2009, I'll say goodbye to 10 inches worth and donate to Locks of Love. Has anyone else done this or know someone who has? Let me know! I want to hear stories.

I purchased these amazing Pierre Hardy heels off for an upcoming party, however, upon receiving these in the mail, I noticed how much more teal they are and how the patent inevitably makes the shoes look tacky. Then again, I'm just trying coax myself since these shoes run ridiculously small! As in, I can fit into a 36, namely a 37, but these shoes are a 37.5 and fit like a 35. 

Anyways, if anyone is interested, shoot me an email, and I'l sell you it for less than what I paid (not by much though; I'm broke!).

Looks like I have last minute shopping to do. 

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30 responses:

  1. Love the outfit!

    Too bad about the shoes, they look fabulous on the picture.

  2. THAT BELT... I am in love.

    beautiful as always.

    * i do know friends who have done locks for love + shave for cancer... its very emotional + extremely heart-warming.

  3. The belt is terrible :) !
    About Locks of love, i'm discovering it. We dont have an equivalent in France, what a good idea !

  4. Very, very nice!!!
    Wonderful shoes!

  5. A friend of mine did Locks of Love. Pretty easy...just make sure that your hair place is affiliated with locks of love and they take care of sending it off.

  6. I am in love with your Chloe shoes! Great look (as always!)

  7. Anonymous

    although, you never post, i check daily! i love your blog! even if its a post every other week!

  8. thedoc

    Have fun shopping!

  9. Anonymous

    try selling the shoes on ebay!
    and locks of love is a great idea ... i might consider doing it myself :)

  10. they're very cute but not my size

  11. cute outfit! And I love the shoes - it's too bad I have mammoth feet or I'd be happy to take them off your hands!

  12. Hi,

    My name is Audrey Rogers. I am style editor for The Durham Sanctuary University Newpaper, I also am a contributor for and have my own blog: I just wanted to say, that I LOVE your blog, its content is truly inspirational and I love the way you present fashion to your blogger audience. Yours has, I must admit, become a must-read for me. Anyway, I was wondering, would you like to exchange links? Personally I would love to reccommend your blog to my readers and would really appreciate it if you did the same for me. So let me know, check me out on, for some delicious fashion ramblings and digressions!

    xxxx audrey leighton rogers

  13. I can't wait to see the video...and your belt is wicked!!!

  14. I've donated to Locks of Love. It was about 3-4 years ago. It was great, I mean, I did regret cutting SO much of my hair when I saw girls with beautiful locks and uodos but I knew that it was going to be appreciated much more by someone that needed it more than I did, so I managed not to cry.

  15. I am excited to see your Supermelon video. That belt was an amazing find, it looks unique.

  16. omg those shoes I freaking love them!!! anyways, I'm feeling the same about my blo, but after NYFW and LFW there will be a bounty of yummy fashion posts to read. Yay!

  17. The Chloes!! Lookin' good Raych ;)

  18. love the look - esp the top and the belt! and your hair looks great!

  19. oh myy..those pierre hardy shoes!

    and i'm excited about the new vlog..

  20. very nice, i like you style =)

  21. i cut off my hair for locks of love! did a sort of rihanna bob. i actually kinda ended up regretting it, because short hair is as hard to manage as longer hair... and if you feel like cutting it off, then it should be for the long run. growing it out is a pain, even if your hair grows fast.

  22. great pierre hardys
    such an amazing shoe designer

  23. Hey, about the shoes, how much is the heel? And how much would you ask from them?

    juliet xxx

  24. Anonymous

    I did locks of love and really enjoyed the experience.

    One thing to note, when you get your hair cut, instead of putting it in 1 ponytail like most do, instead put it in several ponytails. This allows you to keep the maximum amount of length possible while making a donation.

  25. ok, i freakin love your blog. the layout is superb (esp the way you put hte links into a dagger-shape) so creative!

    this outfit is amazing!!!


  26. too bad the shoes didnt work out. oh well, hopefully you can get a bit of the money back

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