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The 14 Things I Hate About You

September 5, 2008

I normally always skimp on tagged posts, but this somewhat personal (I think I took it up a notch) and somewhat fun. Beware; this post is pretty image heavy!

Quick update on the vlog:
Ted and I filmed everything, but since this is an exclusive video for Supermelon, they'll be editing the film themselves. They're cutting it down to about 2-3 minutes, but once they're done with it I'll add more so it remains the eight minute average, and you little love doves can enjoy it. And I just snail mailed them like six CDs worth of material, so give us like a week or two! On top of that, since my garage sale was a bust, I'm going to throw some items up on Ebay. I'll have that up soon – hopefully.

Trisch tagged me a while back, and I complied to follow-up. Thanks!

The rules:

* Copy the rules.
* Write 14 "small things" that make me happy.
* Select 6 blogs so that they continue with the memo and notify them.

I tag whoever wants to do this, these are in no particular order, and not necessarily the smallest things. Who knows, you might learn a little about me.

I am such a techno whore - am I allowed to say that on a public blog? Sure. My first MP3 player is the obvious choice - an iPod, but my lust slowly revolutionized into a Macbook and an iPhone. I'm obviously not the only one; if I see a laptop being carried around at school, it's a Macbook. I've officially converted. Rumors have it that new iPods will be coming out September 9th, 2008.

Barney's literally broke my wallet this year. I've never noticed how well the clearance sales were. Gosh, but my Mike & Chris jacket was so worth it. Does anyone else get a slight high stepping into Barney's?

I've been straying away from such basics and luring myself into prints and patterns, but with fall coming up (and since layering will take place of the statement) I need a great canvas of basics. I mean, they look so worn-in soft just looking at them. Glee.

I could go through a horrible break up. My Chloe shoes could caught between pavement and tires. I can somehow end up being at the same mall with Jim Sturges at the same time and not know it, but find out later on PerezHilton. I can be in my worst mental condition, and a candle lit bath (kudos with bubbles - vanilla bubbles) will wash away my worries - except if the Jim Sturges thing really happened - I'd be mentally unstable for a while.

More so than anything else, a fierce editorial gets my heart beating and inspired thoughts a-moving.

Rumi is so lucky she gets endorsed by RVCA. I should account for something since I live 15 minutes away from the warehouse and have been to the warehouse sales! Just look at the cropped denims, asymmetrical tanks, and awesome blazers. Good thing I have friends who work at Active.

Love this editorial. Love getting ready even more. There's something extremely empowering about changing your entire look in a few minutes. It's almost a euphoria for me. Or maybe I'm just subconsciously vain - I plead the fifth.

Like I said, I love makeup. I don't wear a whole lot, but I feel extremely elated walking into Sephora or something. My favorite brand would have to be NARS.

Close friends. Party friends. Best friend. Best family. Perfect boyfriend. Enough said.

I feel a certain morbidity I can't explain when I read Post Secret. In a way, I feel we all share the same secrets, or curiosity, or emotions deep down. Reading someone else’s just reminds you a little something about yourself that you forgot you knew.

Except for now, I'd pick an awesome pair of shoes over a handbag any day.

I can eat sushi everyday: it's a lean meal, packed with vitamins and omegas, and doesn't leave you bloated. It's an awesome diet. If you can handle the burning spice of wasabi, it's been said to clean out your intestines.

The second thing that inspires me, first is fashion, is interior design. I don't think I have the creativity nor the eye to be an interior designer, but I sure can't wait to decorate my future home.

Call me cliche; call me generic, but I am a complete California girl at heart. I have this annoying Valley girl accent that I can't rid of for the life of me, and I have strong urges to get sand in my pants. I know, it's bad.

Okay, things to look forward to: Ebay! Vlog! Fashion week! New clothes!

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31 responses:

  1. a very good list... you've been tagged

  2. OMG

    holy crap !!! whose that stud at the bottom right of number nine !!! (not the asians but the white dude)

  3. ooh i like the list.

    come look at my blog:

  4. LOVE this post....inspiring and great to learm a little bit more about you!

  5. Loved this post.

    I adore buying new makeup too, even if I don't end up wearing half of it.

  6. Great post! And baths, I agree, can cure any ailment.

  7. Such a great list! Im a total apple geek too. White macbook, Pink iPod, and and iPhone! lol.

  8. Anonymous

    "There's a certain animosity I can't explain when I read Post Secret."
    "And if you can handle the burning spice of wasabi like I can, it's been told to clean out your intestines."
    "I don't think I have the creativity nor the eye to be an interior designer, but I sure can't wait to design my home give a few years."
    "Call me cliche; call me generic, but I am a complete California girl at heart."
    "I should account for something since I like 15 minutes from the warehouse and have been to the warehouse sale!"
    "I mean, they look so worn-in soft just looking at them"

    all these sentences have grammar, vocabulary, or style errors. i didn't even include your little two word sentences that you think are charming. in case you were wondering, they're not. do you not proofread your posts, or are you just fucking retarded?

    also, i was just wondering, do you speak the language of whatever country your parents are from? because that could be why you can't speak english for shit.

    p.s. please look up 'animosity' in the dictionary to prevent further embarrassment.

  9. Totally agree with so much on that list! Hehe!

  10. Anonymous you seriously have no life-how about you stop over correcting some tiny grammar errors and get over yourself?

  11. Ouch Anonymous, such animosity. How was that for proper use of the word?

    I agree that I'm not the most eloquent of bloggers, but if you want to get technical, a sentence of yours also lacked grammar.

    "i didn't even include your little two word sentences that you think are charming. in case you were wondering, they're not. "

    - 'Two word' should be hyphenated because it's a compound word that suggests a single unit of meaning. Hence, 'little, two-word sentence' would be the proper way of writing it.
    - In your second sentence (which I personally would have connected the two with a semicolon for flow) does not relate at all to the first sentence. What are "they're"? I assume you mean I'm not charming (you're not, instead of they're not), and that was an innocent mistake.

    Do you not proofread your argument? Or are you just fucking retarded? (Sounds harsh, doesn't it?)

    I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that you were also rushing, but hey, we all make mistakes.

    I know my exact weaknesses and strengths in writing. I hope my readers can detect when I rush through a post for the sake of posting. I don't expect perfection every post, hopefully, neither should anyone else. More so, I hope people read my blog for its content rather than nitpicking grammatical errors.

    I don't mean to sound so defensive, in general, we prefer to be well informed instead of mistaken. But sometimes more is at stake than a desire to seek knowledge and reason.

    Needless to say, I think we both need some humble pie.

  12. anonymous you have some harsh written words there, talking trash based off grammatical errors. how cowardly are you? do you use the anonymous option because you fear people knowing who you are? or are you just green eyed that you lack the popularity this blog gets? if you have something to say you should say it without covering your true pitiful identity.

  13. Coolio

    James are THE "James"

  14. Coolio

    I meant are you THE James?

    I am so fucking retarded.

    Lol, everyones poor grammar is rubbing off on me.

    But seriously, I come here for fashion.

  15. MK

    I love the post! I'm in need for some basic shirts for fall. Any ideas where to get some? I've gone to H&M and American Apparel, but I'm looking for some more sheer-looking things. Like the white t-shirt (second from the left).

    P.S. I love what you said to that Anonymous person, haha. Seriously, if you have the balls to call someone out over GRAMMAR ERRORS, why not just say your name?

    P.P.S. Can't wait till you post for Fall '08 staples!

  16. Hi, I've been reading your blog for awhile. Really liking your style...a lot. I love the H&M dress you were in your previous post. Anyway, if you don't mind, I've linked you on my site. :)

  17. Anonymous

    all your photos now say bandwitch exceeded.

  18. ^^says the same for me. I'll check again from a different computer.

    Sometimes I look at a nicely/creatively dressed blogger and think "where the heck does she wear that??" Style comes from personality, it's nice to find out more about you, because then we can relate your lifestyle & style a bit more.

    Chill, anon 2:36, and bugger off. Some people write so badly that it's hard to read no matter how interesting the content might be. Obviously with Raych that is not the case. Even published books have typos, and this is just a blog, so cut her some slack, will ya?

  19. arent basics deadly
    you say you can justify them because theyre basics and you end up spending soooo much money

  20. great list! love the photos....

  21. YAYA YA I love this <3

    woman you're wonderful your posts are always so beautifully written and fun!

    I cannot wait for your fashion week posts they're my favorite!

    and your vlog too of course!

  22. I so agree with you on well decorated homes!

  23. great post. i love apple products
    and well decorated homes as well.

  24. anonymous you are such a geek. But not as much as my Mum. She told me today that l'imparfait is her favourite french tense. and nI have her freaking genes. God. Anyway, great post, I always like to get an insight into a bloggers mind. Also, Rachel, your blog is a constant dource of inspiration and makes me want to make mine better whne I'm sat here steling your links and making shitty little posts about shit. I promise actualy fashion week posts will be coming soon! well, Monday, probs. CLICK!!!
    P.S. woot to James, whoever he is. I love him already.

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