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The Supermelon

August 11, 2008

Alright, so last week or so, I get an email from Patrick Lee, editor of The Supermelon, to do a "real style" article about me. Of course I was more than willing and extremely flattered to participate in his article. More so, when I saw Jessica Yorkin, a friend who I've talked to on forums often, was also featured, I had to do it as well.

They made this awesome collage of previous outfits and a few other pictures that I never posted. Click on the college to take you to the direct interview, and leave your comments or thoughts while you're at it!

Your Look? My style varies day to day. Girly shoes. Tight jeans. Perfect waves (born with it). Frilly shirt. Biker jacket. Nude lips. Bangles, loves them. High hems. Basic clothing. Sometimes eclectic. Sometimes casual. Sometimes inappropriate. Really, it’s all about my mood.

Inspiration? There are many things that are a day to day inspiration. Namely people — all sorts. Sure small things inspire me (music, literature, oldies), but it’s all derived from the human sweat. I’m currently loving Kate Lanphear, Alison Mosshart, Gwyneth Paltrow, Mary-Kate, Carine and Julia Roitfeld, Margherita Missoni and street style. My boyfriend James and best friend Ted are always inspiring me as well, albeit, mainly to maintain a good head on my shoulders.

Favorite Haunts? I love re-consignment stores because the thrill of finding an awesome designer item is the ultimate high. Personally, being a college student on a budget, I wait for end of the season sales. Such as today when I went to the Barney’s Warehouse Sale and picked up a pair of these awesome light pink Stella McCartney jeans et al, for such a great price. My other secret is, I’ve been tracking down some beat-down Doc Martins that I seriously need to invest in before Fall.

Grooving To? Joy Division’s post band New Order, French Kicks, Late of the Pier, Kanye West, The Kills, Broken Social Scene, Cut Copy, Cold War Kids, Out Hud, Rhianna, Goldfrapp, and Yeah Yeah Yeah, you know, to name a few.

Can’t Live Without… Any fabulous girl canNOT live with 5 necessities: dark jeans, bad-ass heels, white-v neck, blazer, and a smile. Oh, and I don’t think I can live without the Internet.

On Saturday night, I’m rocking… the clouds away, letting the music have its way, then stealing your heart away.

Anyway, The Supermelon is an awesome, clean website that features a ton of up-to-date news from fashion to traveling. Ever so often, they pick a stylish gal to be featured on their website, you can also go ahead and email them in a chance to be featured as well. Other than that, it's also great to have in your bookmarks as a highlight of what's going on in the fashion industry.

As for my friend Jessica, you can check out her interview here:

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87 responses:

  1. congrats lady!

    I read both articles and they were wonderful. soooo awesome. You deserve it girl.

    keep on rockin.

    loving your blog.


  2. Ted

    I'm glad I can be of inspiration. So if i walk out in a trash bag would that inspire you?

    but, on another note, I can't sleep and I decided not to clean my room because I got lazy. I've also decided that I'm never going to comment you on your myspace ever again. have fun at work tomorrow and school tomorrow. ttyl.


  3. thedoc

    You deserve it!
    Have a wonderful week!

  4. congratulations! the article was great and i love your style. you inspire!

  5. Anonymous

    you have such an amazing style! i love it and keep up the great work.

    congrats on thisarticle

  6. Thanks everyone for such sweet comments and on-going support.

    As for Ted, who continuously roams my blog now, you left me a comment last night on my Myspace. You fail at life.

  7. Raych you have the best style ever! Your answers were so brilliant and thoughtful + you totally deserve it! You go girlie!!!!! XOXOOXOX
    PS: Wayyy to nice of you to post my silly little collage! Hehe ttyl gorgeous!

  8. congrats raych, you look gorgeous & of course have mad style!


  9. Ah! You're beautiful! I love the article... Congrats! <3

  10. Ooooh fun read. Always love your looks.

  11. Congrats! I admire your style and Jessica's as well. I think we have very similar taste in music, as most of those artists are on my ipod playlist in heavy rotation.

  12. Congrats!

    Hearing these things makes me thrilled.

    juliet xxx

  13. congrats on the feature! that's so awesome!

  14. congratulations! Great article and great collage of outfits! You deserve the recognition for sure!

  15. Hey congrats, that's awesome. As such I've tagged you haha, hope you don't mind. here are the details.

  16. I love your blog and I was wondering, would you like to link up with mine?

  17. oh congratulation dudette ! after all u deserved it !

  18. Anonymous

    hey so I'm leaving u a comment via iPod I'm in a cabin in random Zion Utah who knew it exsisted? sorry its really hard to type.

  19. ted

    on and that was me, ted. your lover. ^^^^^^^

  20. CONGRATSSSSSSS!!! *Said in loud footballer voice*
    You look fantastic! =)

  21. Wow, that's so nice!
    Both looking awesome..



  22. aww i love jessica yorkin! shes a good friend of mine congrats on the supermelon!

  23. oh wow amazing! well done! just read the articles and they sounded great. great blofg xo

  24. Congratulations! You have a nice blog, found my way here from TFS. I will add you to my blogroll at

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