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The OC Fair

August 3, 2008

You know, after a while of constantly feeling guilty for being MIA so often, I might as well tell you why -- at least show you. Perhaps these personal photos (that I will probably include more in this blog) will serve as a filler post, but really, it is my blog -- more so than it is a fashion blog, at least in my opinion.

I guess I'm adding this feature because after months of not owning a camera (because Ted sat on it and broke it), I took the privilege of capturing moments for granted. Plus, borrowing my dad's camera is such a hassle, even for WAYWT posts, but here's my attempt at photography.

Par usual, my day starts off with seeing Ted and probably indulging at some sort of fast food restaurant. I swear, before I started hanging out with Ted 24/7, I was against fast food and soda. I hate Ted for ruining that for me. How do we stay so skinny, anyway? Then I head over to James' house.

This is me on his lawn, waiting for him to get ready. Since we can actually use a camera outside of my house, James wanted to go take pictures of my outfit, more so, he wanted me to take a picture of his. After all, every time I post a wearing today, I always have to hear from him "why don't you ever post what I'm wearing?" then threatens me with the...

"I swear, I'm gonna make my own blog, and it's going to be called Just James."
"You mean like Just Jared? Like the celeb gossip blog I told you about?"
"Uh, I love you?"

So we head over to the library.

After our little photoshoot, we go to his friend's BBQ then the Orange County Fair.

On Raych:
  • Dress: Urban Outfitters
  • Shoes: Seychelles
  • Socks: Betsey Johnson
  • Sunglasses: Raybans
  • Belt: little brother's
On James:
  • Shirt: American Apparel
  • Jacket: H&M
  • Jeans: Levi's
  • Shoes: Vintage
  • Sunglasses: Raybans

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61 responses:

  1. thedoc

    I'm sure you hear this all the time, but I have to say it : you two are such a good looking couple!!....

  2. Ah you and your bf look GREAT!
    Personally, I don't mind the fact that you don't post as often because everytime you do, I love them! So maybe by not posting as much, you make better posts?
    I'm confusing myself :]
    Keep coming with the photo posts! I think they are adorable and show us about ur non-blogging life

  3. You are so adorable! I was cracking up for like five minutes about the "Just James' you mean "Just Jared? uhh i love you! ahahah that is hilarious!!!

  4. your blog is great! you're adorable :)

  5. the flower is so amazing.

    and you guys are too funny!

  6. I Idolize both of your outfits. Great post! I love the OC fair, as for I live right by it.

    To go towards a new direction, i decided to create a whole new blog. ""

  7. Such a great post!
    I love what you're wearing and some of the poctures are really beautiful!

  8. Ted

    Dear bff Rachel,

    thanks so much for using that unflattering picture of me. I also just realized that I bought the same pair of white sunglasses yesterday. I really do hate you for that picture. Okay bye, I'm gonna go watch larry king now.

    I just had a bright idea, I am just gonna comment you on your blog instead of your myspace/facebook now.

  9. lady love.

    your pictures + styling + clothes are fabulous.

    thanks for sharing.


    newbie here!

  10. thedoc

    Oh my... "your boys" are so funny!! their comments are hilarious!....
    New pair of shoes: 70$
    New thrifted dress : 10$
    Your boys commenting on your blogg: priceless !!!

  11. BABY I love you. Let's go ride the elephant!

    You look so amazing in that print, I lovelovelove it! I wish that Reno had a legit fair - ours are littered with drunks, 12 year old hookers and 50 year old hookers. Yeah, nevermind - that's Reno in general.

    Adopt me.


  12. You're so pretty, I adore both of your boots. How was the fair? I haven't been to that one in years.

  13. so im guessing u and james had a great day?! even if there has been some blog squabble...haha
    and if u dont mind me asking r u 2 going out?sorry if its too personal if it is u dont have to respond i was just curious

  14. Thedoc - Swear, you always post the sweetest comments!! Thank you thank you thank you.

    Reem - I couldn’t have said it better.

    Ted - That explains your MIA status right now. Where are you to discuss Tiffany Pollard? Why didn’t you text me back? What are you doing tomorrow? Do you want to get Chick-Fil-A again?

    Laurel - I’d totally adopt you, but I think you’re more eligible to adopt me first.

    Poster Girl - The fair was alright. You know, same ol’ mall rats smoking cigarettes and coughing it back out.

    Weekly Blogette - James always provides me with an amazing date. And we’re definitely dating, though, I see myself more under contract; he’s a handful

  15. Cute dress and I actually really like the new direction your blog is taking!!!

  16. I really, really love your dress and shoes! They look great together :)

  17. Raych, I just wanted to let you know that I love the new site design. It's simple, yet so chic :) .

  18. bumchickaboomboom

    lol ted a fast food junkie eh?

    you guys are lucky...managing to look so sexy while eating a load of crap..

  19. LOL. james is fabulous! and i love your dress and those boots! i've been eyeing them up on soelstruck!

  20. Anonymous

    i think you're boyfriend is gay

    and in a relationship with ted

  21. u look lovely ! and your boyfriend too

  22. Anon 4:31 - Trust me, I've had my speculations - they do seem to look much better than me on given days. But then I realized that defining masculinity is not a matter of how much molding wax a guy can rub into his scalp to achieve the perfect faux-hawk, nor the materialistic quantities of RVCA and Modern Amusement a guy can fit into his closet, nor the exaggerated swagger due to sagging jeans a little too low.

    I just happen to have two very good looking and well dressed leading males in my life.

    Albeit, I pity your Anonymous entity. It must be unfortunate that the boys you associate with don't look half as great as my everyday eye candy; I would hide under a fake name too.

    Make fun of me; I don't care. Don't poke fingers at the people I care most about.

  23. thedoc

    How rude and bitter anon 4;31!!!!!
    Raych you managed it so well, you just showed how classy and smart you are, unfortunately "Anonymous" made us notice that not everybody in this world were lucky enough to grow up surrounded by people with class and good manners. So, to that very unlucky person a message: Its never to late to learn how to behave and try to clean your heart because it seems to be full off the negative feelings you might be surrounded by. Good luck to you.

  24. Raych! I just watched your video posts and you are seriously so amazing! You are gorgeous + HILARIOUS!!!!! Great video editing skills too :)
    Just wanted to say that I think you are such a brilliant person + the sweetest girl ever!!!

  25. jocelyn

    i just found your blog, and fell in love! how old are you?! and what nationality if you don't mind me asking.

  26. Your posts make me happy.
    Thanks for indulging us with your quirky style and sense of humor.

    ps. I think I wants a Ted of my own.

  27. Raych god I'd love love love to meet you but I'm sadly stuck in SUN VALLEY IDAHO right now! I don't know why but my mom loves it up here during the summer! Aww I'm so glad you like my comment; i meant it girlie! I'll be back in LA in like 2 weeks-ish. And I'm usually there most of the year. So next time you're there I'd love to see you!! Sorry for the long comment, my email isn't working :(


  28. wow, you and your boyfriend make such a stylish and good looking couple!
    And omfg, as if there was an elephant at the fair! =O
    I live in a cruddy little town where a fair consists of like 3 fairground rides, a burger stand and a french food market lol
    I hope you had an ace time =)

    -Cheryl x

  29. you and your boyfriend are gorgeous! Just James would make a cool blog name! Reminds me of Just Jeans hehe:)

    ALso love that dress you're wearing!! xx

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  47. Your posts make me happy.
    Thanks for indulging us with your quirky style and sense of humor.
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  48. You guys are lucky...managing to look so sexy while eating a load of crap.
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  50. your pictures + styling + clothes are fabulous.
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  51. You are so adorable! I was cracking up for like five minutes.
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