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The Fall/Winter 08 Campaign Ads

August 17, 2008

One of my favorite things about new season magazine gazing, are the fifty pages prior to the actual magazine. Yes, yes, the brand new ad campaigns.

I always tend to look over Alberta's campaign because it's not an ad that I am excited to look out for, but being a fan of Meisel's photography I was mistaken. I find most of his campaign work to be most consistent with Alberta. Needless to say, when I saw this picture in a magazine, I literally stared at it for a good minute. I love the setting, concept, models (Oh, Siri) and the slight storyline you imagine -- it really leaves you thinking.

Like the collection, this campaign is very cut, cold, and sterile. Still, Sims manages to keep the sophistication to a very mechanical reason - suiting the clothes very well. With such majestic poses, I can now breath a sigh of relief since I've convinced myself this ad would turn out like Jennifer Connelly's spring ad; you know, actresses. 

Ah, such a fresh, romantic take from the previous seasons with huge crowds. This is so nostalgic to their older ads with the crisp black and white photos. Personally, I would have never though of a Victoria's Secret model being in a Burberry ad, but it suits her quite well. And frankly, I am so glad to see Agyness gone!!

Oh, this ad is fantastic; it's very quintessential of Chloé -- almost as good as the Spring/Summer 07 ads, but it's much better than the previous two seasons, however not the best. I like it to say the least.

Du Juan should've have had this campaign all to herself because she absolutely outstanding Stam in every shot! If they wanted to use two girls, I would've have much rather seen two asians, such as Hye Park. I am just so glad that Agyness is the Giorgio Armani girl, I was getting extremely tired of seeing her on every other page.

This is probably my favorite ad of the season; just look at the casting, it's absolutely perfect! I can't even favorite myself to one particular model because they all look great! Well, I take that back, Lakshmi is a chameleon! Then again, Mariacarla is exquisitely haunting. Natasha embodies the sexiest factor of androgyny. Lara is the epitome of Frankenstein's wife, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I'm not quite fond of the choice of models. I love Lily, I really do, but I just don't feel that she suits the Gucci girl, but this campaign was so far out of what I was expecting and the location is magnificent. I just wish that the girls switched places in being the main leading role; Lily is the focused on in each and every shot, with the highly potential models floating around as randoms in the back.

What a stunning campaign, albeit, I really could have done without Raquel. Liya really did steal the show, and once again, I must have preferred this campaign to be focused on just her. I love the darkness of the pictures, and now that I think about it, I think Raquel is just undershadowed by Liya's fierce poses. Love the darkness of this ad though; it's extremely relevant to the collection, which is hard to grasp into a picture. I still like Olga's breathtaking campaign more.

This is definitely one of my favorite ads. Like I said about the collection, I normally don't care for Missoni, but since she's now stepping out of her comfort zone consisting of brightly, saturated patterns. I happen to really, really like this ad. I love the Golden Era, suburban life concept that also leaves a message that perfection isn't always what we see - that every household has its dark and morbid secrets (as captured in this campaign). You almost could see some sort of tension in this ad, and I love it!

This is another ad that I would have never bothered to look into, but since I read that Natasha was the model, I had to check it out. All I have to say is, it's absolutely phenomenal; I seriously died and went to heaven. Then again, Natasha usually impresses me, even in a boring, cheesy backdrop. I'm still not partial on the collection, but this ad makes me like it!

I understand that campaigns follow the mood of the corresponding collection. Prada, more mature; I get it. But I think I speak for plenty when I say that I miss Sasha. This is just far too mature for my liking, and even then I don't think Linda does a good job portraying that mature, classy lady; she just looks down-right snobby here. Using Sasha, would give the collection the advantage of contrasts that would appeal to a broader age group. The shadows in the back are far more interesting than Linda herself.

This is a pretty simple ad, but definitely not as bland as the previous seasons. I'm just loving the model choices, however the pictures itself aren't very artistic. I think Versace will do better with a new photographer and maybe some better styling. It's a fairly decent ad, and I do prefer it over a few others this season.

I'm not really feeling this ad: the overgreased legs and the long pirate hair. I actually loved Kate Moss's spring ad. The way Naomi works her magic, actually digresses the collection itself - a sharp, futuristic look. Here, she embodies the collection into a personal, intimate, yet arrogant vibe - can't say it fits my style. I really expected this to lead into an opulent ad that showcases the luxurious lifestyle of the YSL woman.  

Phew, what a long post and how devastating it is to know that I have work in less than eight hours, and I have yet to shower! I'll have you know that I'm judging most of these ads from pictures online; my opinion usually changes when I see the printed copy. 

Which was your favorite ad? Which disappointed you? What do you think is in store for next season?

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38 responses:

  1. hi lady!

    THANKS for displaying I have minimal access to international mags :(

    I LOVE nina ricci + Chloe & of COURSE Givenchy.

    I am disappointed by YSL as well. Something about it is just too posed + boring. i am also not feeling Gucci. It seems a tad akward.

    As we are a season behind the trends ( darn southern hemisphere weather) we won't see the "major trends" until next year feb/march!

    thanks again girl.

  2. GOD - I love you and your amazingness. I absolutely die every time you post, just because you're always spot on with what I want to see.

    I wub you bb, Raych!


  3. melanie

    As always, I agree 100% with your commentary. I happen to be one that misses Sasha.

    Where's your Chanel ad though??

    That Givenchy one is to die for though!! Look at the movement! It reminds me of that oracle scene in 300.

  4. love... alberta ferretti\missoni
    hate... YSL :(

  5. i am with you on the givenchy ad, and the prada lace is starting to grow on me!

    thanks for posting this, your posts are such eye candy and laid out so well!!

  6. the burberry campaign stole my heart

  7. Doing the advertisement in a bus is such a good idea. The clash is so interesting to look at! :)

  8. That Burberry add is lovely. :)
    Just wish she weren't staring at the camera for some reason...

  9. sam riley is the new face of burberry!

    such a good actor... and model

  10. This is an absolutely kick-ass post!!!!!!!!
    Getting to see the new designer brands faces is one of my favourite things of the season-changing!!
    So thanks a lot! :)


  11. wakawakawiku

    i absolutely loved missioni's ad. the whole concept of it is amazing. as you said, even quaint surbuban homes hold morbid and dark secrets. the ad also leads the imagination of the observer to come up with storylines. to me, the model looks as if she about to murder the other with the statue she's holding. the golden colour of the whole ad definately brings an air of nostalgia to the air and suits very well with the clothes potrayed in the ad.

  12. my favorite was probably the burberry, just because i wasnt the biggest fan of the last few ads, but its so lovely this time around :)

  13. I really love the Nina Ricci campaign. Everything else just seems boring and the same to me...

  14. Thanks for this amazing post! You are such a terrific writer! My favorites are Nina Ricci, Givenchy, and Chloe! I totally agree with you on the Prada-they could have made that lace young and unique but they took the traditional, conservative route!


  15. Such a great post! Thank you so much for posting these, i was already searching for them! <3

    I love Alberta Ferreti's the most, because of the colours and the models.
    I also really like Chloe's (although it's kind of the same over and over again...).
    Givenchy's is amazing!! Gorgeous, really...

    Nina Ricci's and Burberry's are also very nice and pretty!

    Thanks again love.

    x Mila.

  16. what a great post! I love love love the first one.

  17. Great post, need to say! Nina Ricci and all from Steven Meisel were my favorites.

    juliet xxx

  18. First of all, amazingly great post! Thanks for that!

    I love the Burberry and Chloe campaigns, although while Chloe is great I agree that it still isn't the best. Am intrigued too by givenchy and lanvin.

    I absolutely agree too about the shadows being more interesting, I was disappointed with that one. And YSL WHAT? Those were the most boring shots I've seen in ages. I think I glanced for a second and started looking for something better, not a good sign.

  19. oh no! you forgot the Chanel ad with a dark haired Claudia Schiffer! that was my favourite this season.

  20. my favorite has to be the gucci and chloe. i love hippies. thats just me :D

    the most disappointing has to be the YSL ad..i dunno they could do alot better.

  21. my favourite is burberry (black and white classic), then gucci (all boho and out in the elements). i'm not really a fan of some of the others as they are a bit too cold and clincal.

    but my absolute favourite (sadly not featured here)are the chanel ones with claudia schiffer, omg i love them! with the TO DIE FOR lace tights. aaaaaaaah.

  22. I love the Burberry, Missoni, and Nina Ricci ads. The YSL, not so much. Naomi Campbell gets on my nerves.

  23. hey

    I love Chloe, YSL, Versace and Givenchy. and strangely, for someone who isnt a big Lanvin fan, I looved that ad. Completely.

    Also, COMPLETELY agree with the Sasha P. for Prada thing. Miuccia, are yiou listening????

  24. The Burberry ad. The man looks like Leonardo Di Caprio! ;D

  25. fantastic collection of ads. gucci campaign still reigns, but thanks for pulling all these together!

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