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The Collaboration Between H&M and CDG

August 7, 2008

It's been almost half a year since we found out that Rei Kawakubo is designing for H&M. Last year when Roberto Cavalli was the guest designer, I was lucky enough to be around an H&M that supplied the line. Though I wasn't a fan, it was nice to fight the racks for some exclusive items. I believe last year only 7-12 stores in the United States carried the line and this year, rumors are going around that only five US stores will be carrying the CDG line. Hopefully, the cross-your-fingers-and-toes type of hopefully, my local H&M will be a supplier.

Well, guess what else just leaked? The pictures of the collection!

I see a lot of Gothic/Lolita Tokyo influence, namely in the first dress, which I ponder how it will actually look on. As for the collection itself, I see some pretty high potential items, others are alright. Apparently, the prices for these exclusive items will be even more expensive than past collaborations, so hopefully this will amount to Rei's standard of the carefully deconstructed.

I'll probably pick up a button-up shirt, that asymmetrical zipper jacket a la Mike & Chris, the blazer, and the awesome drop-crotch shorts. I'll be waiting outside the mall doors (Dark Knight status) and pick up whatever I can, and Ebay what ends up not fitting. There is no time for fitting room nonsense.

What do you guys think of the collection? Boring? Brilliant? Or just a plain disappointment?

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25 responses:

  1. Although you def called out the pieces that I like, I don't love any of the other stuff. In fact on the last picture (bottom right) those pants and the white button down top are very reminiscent of what the chefs in training are wearing at the Culinary Institute - minus the knife set.

  2. thedoc

    Humm, not very impressed with the collection... besides one or two things, (that you already mentioned by the way)... it looks kind of plain, something you can find in any other store...oh, well, i guess you never know for sure until you have it right in front of you!!
    Too bad we don't have H&M in Miami...but now that I think about it, how could I wear those pieces in this weather??.. still, what a shame I won't be able to get my hands on any piece!

  3. I have to agree with the other commenters it's not all that. The women's line seems kinda blah! How many button up shirts and oversized looking tops can one woman wear.I suspect this is one designer line that won't do so well.

  4. this collection shares the same faults of almost every designer/retail collaboration - the h&m collections, the target collections, etc. they're all so watered down. plus, a lot of the pieces in this CDG collection look like things h&m would manufacture already. i blogged about this too over on my page if you'd like to check it out!

  5. I'm bored and disappointed by this. The only thing that attracts my attention is that little black dress in the bottom picture.

  6. this collection leaves something to be desired at first glance, but coming from such an innovative designer with a price hike to boot, i'm hoping a closer examination (hopefully in person) will prove these pieces to be worth their while.

    that said, the zipper jacket is pretty killer, though.

  7. the pieces are okay. i'm not too overly excited about them or anything. one that kind of stands out is the trench in the second picture.

  8. I really like the mens tuxedo jacket on the third picture down. Very Ashley Olsen-menswear.


  9. This is fashion darling, xx Mimi

  10. definatley potential items. i hope the nearest H&M carries it.

  11. MK

    I'm not that impressed with the collection. However, there are some pieces, like the jacket and the button-down shirt, that are nice staples. Hopefully, the H&M near me will be carrying the line, so I can check it out. Maybe the pieces look better in person than they do in the photos.

    Do you know when the collection comes out?

  12. OMG! I love that dress! If those drop crotch pants are going to be there, I'm going to definitely fight the girl next to them for them. The white button down with frills are also a must. Am I the only one who really likes these sketches?? Hopefully this is what goes to production...

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  14. hi lady!

    newbie here to the blog world!

    loving your blog. Could you be anymore sweet?

    It will be interesting to see everything in person + touch the fabrics. Quality makes all the difference!

    L. xx.

  15. i'll have to see it in person. the material will matter A LOT to me. the quality, etc.
    when does it come into the stores?

  16. hmm its kind of boring. but I mean, they're things that I could see someone buying as basics

  17. Most items seem very plain but when put on together, I think, they'll look good. I'm loving the bubble pants (or whatever they are called) and the very last skirt.

  18. i can't really get that into it. the first dress thing is very interesting, but nothing i would buy. ahhh well.

  19. it looks like it has some great basics.

  20. i see many, many pieces i love! hopefully the H&M in Atlanta will be carrying this!!

  21. Ribbonties

    I really like the Jackets! Some of pieces will make great staples...I always love black.

  22. ribbonties


    too bad i cant get any of it :(
    btw i hate all the stuff with polka dots--i don't mean to sound snooty--but that is so last year!

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