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The Neglected

July 27, 2008

Hello my lovelies, I hope everyone had a great weekend. I realized after going through my closet that I don't wear a good 60% of clothing in there; I need to start pushing some bang into my bucks. I found this shirt I got from Anthropologie with the price tag still on it -- it's unfortunate that it hasn't seen the sun because it's a super cute blouse. The picture doesn't really do it justice.

I also got my boots in the mail from, and they are super cute in person! I wish Fall would just begin already because I'm tired of summer clothing, albeit, I always come across urges to wear short and skimpy clothing dead in winter. Still, these are great Fall boots.
  • Shirt: Anthropologie
  • Jumper: Urban Outfitters
  • Shoes: Seychelles
  • Socks: Betsey Johnson
I have a ton of respect for people who can take an article of clothing and use it in two completely different looks. I tend to stay in my safety zone and wear it as is. Anyways, I always seem to wear this romper by itself and rely solely on accessories to do my sprucing. I think I'll consider the options of wearing a loved item with a neglected one more often.

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29 responses:

  1. thedoc

    Welcome back! I thought you were never going to post again :( I'm glad I was wrong I love your blog!
    I've seen that a lot of bloggers wish it was fall or winter again,which is kind of disappointing because I live in Miami and summer is all that we's not that bad once you get used to it(high heel sandals can be sexy too!)... well just wanted to say that I really like your blog and I hope you don't neglect it as the 60% of your clothes!!....just kidding, enjoy the summer!! ;)

  2. i too cannot wait for fall/winter... alothough i live in florida too lol... but where i live it gets cold enough for boots scarfs and hats which i fully intend and cant wait to use.

    anywho... i love love love your shirt and boots they are quite amazing

  3. I am super excited for fall/winter i love being all bundled up! Can't wait to buy new sweaters! haha

    you look very cute in that outfit i love the top it's so girly but the boots give it a little something extra!

    as for the closet trust me you're not alone the only difference is i dont wear half of the stuff because i absolutely hate what i have... there is nothing cute or creative about half the items i own... :( poo

  4. thedoc

    Hey! I've just noticed.. thats a very cute dress you have back there.. where is it from? I like it!

  5. What sweet comments to start off a lousy day.

    Thedoc - You are so sweet. I would never completely neglect my blog, just you know, stray away from it every once in a while. Well, the dress is from Forever 21 (I know, right?) and I bought it a while ago, so with their ever-changing inventory, good luck finding it again.

    I wore that dress in this post:
    The Party-Goers

    Nicole - I wish it gets that cold in California.

    Jillian - (!) So glad to hear from you, I haven't talked to you in a while. Anyway, I doubt you have nothing in your closet, you're damn stylish blogger and I know I have other readers that agree :)

  6. I did the same thing about two weeks back luckily there is a great consigment shop by my house ( that also sales new items) so at least my purchases are a total waste.

  7. Ryach awww <3
    I know i'm terrible with disappearing from blogging for weeks at a time... lol i think i'm the worst one! you are too sweet i'm blushing so much, i'm probably the colour of strawberries!

    I missed you too!
    p.s. that freaking buffalo exchange is like a dream... i did not go but i made my bf... he found me a pair of tsubi's for $35.00!!! I nearly crapped my pants lol sorry but it's true!

    How has your summer been?

  8. Gosh you have the best blog! Your style is so amazing!

    Ps: how do you create buttons like you did with your own handwriting? Its so brilliant!

  9. Anonymous

    it's nice to see you put your head on too ;)

  10. those boots are hot. just like you

  11. I LOVE YOU LIKE CANDY. I must text you later, I need mah RAYCH FIX.

  12. Melanie

    I love the color palette and layering

  13. what wonderful shoes! NineWest is coming out with some similar ones here soon, so I've been waiting to purchase those. But if I somehow decide I don't like them, I might order these and give them a shot!

  14. GREAT boots! I just found your blog and I really like it, very inspirational.

  15. That romper and that blouse are adorable!

  16. you are sooo cute. love what you did with the blog! awesome facelift...though i think i might have told you that already? hmm i am in love with some shoes from solestruck but akk gotta stop buying shoes!

  17. Ahh I love the jumper! I like how you wore socks wit the boots :) Ahhh its summer all year round for me too :/

  18. I got the same shoes from them, so perfect.

  19. Tia

    the yellow top behind you is cute too!

  20. i'm still drooling over those boots.

    i want a pair of stompy lace ups so badly!

  21. adorable. i too cannot wait for fall but i will miss wearing maxi-dresses without feeling like a fool

  22. cute outfit. i can't really identify with the whole "clothes still with tags" thing though 'cause i usually end up trying them out right away :]

  23. Anonymous

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