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The Botox Injection

July 13, 2008

Hello everyone! I am ecstatic that I took some time out of my weekend (and homework time) to give That's Chic a facelift! I hope everyone loves it as much as I do. Let me go ahead and tell you what I did.

Contact Form: Yes I installed a contact form! It's wonderful -- definitely use it to your advantage. Before, I had my email up publicly, and sooner or later I was racking up so many subscription lists and junk mail that I had to get rid of it. I switched over to Gmail because it's easier to sync it to my Email application on my Mac. So when you use the form, it not only sends me notifications on my desktop, it also notifies me on my cellphone. Awesome, huh? Albeit, it would be much cooler if I had that damn iPhone. It's also great that I don't have my email publicly displayed, though, when I reply back to you, it will be from my email.

Categories: I took that feature down a while ago, only because it was very unorganized and I wanted to take the time out one day and regroup all the posts accordingly. It was tedious, but well worth it. I hand-wrote every category on my computer. Though, it's not my exact handwriting since it sort of distorts after I finish each letter, and I'm a lefty and had to use my mouse with the right hand to write.

Other than that, everything else is just fluff. New font, banner, colors, knick-knacks here and there. That's pretty much what I've been doing. I've also been lagging with my wearing today's, so here are two of my favorites over the weekend. Also, a few have commented that I always crop out my head in my WAYWT's, that I refused the urge this time around.

Not to mention, I got these shoes a while back, but have yet to show them off!

A random cloudy, overcast day, and I immediately whipped out black.
  • Shirt: Boyfriend's
  • Jeans: Jet
  • Shoes: Chloé
Then it's extremely hot and sunny. I mean, I had to apply sunscreen. I also never include my purse in my WAYWT, so here is my current everyday purse.
  • Shirt: H&M
  • Shorts: Forever 21
  • Shoes: Chloé
  • Purse: Urban Outfitters
Lastly, a closer look at the shoes. If only you knew how excited I was when I got this in the mail; I nearly fainted!

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54 responses:

  1. The new look is great, I've been visiting your blog for a while, you have great content.

    Congrats on the Chloe's they are super cute

  2. oooh. the chloes are fabulous! =)

  3. Hey, I was wondering if you wanted to link blogs?


  4. I love the shoes! You're so pretty, btw :)

    I love the little handwritten categories!

  5. thank you :)
    but yes, 100 posts is a good feeling, you know?

  6. A wonderful new look. Your writing is always good. I loved your couture post, very lively, colorful, as well as informative.


  7. I wished my blog looked half as cool as yours but I don't have your tech skills!

  8. those shoes are beautiful!

  9. bi.
    my shirt looks better on you than on me...
    i love you

  10. I love the handwritten labels! It adds a really personal touch. And those Chloe heels are beautiful. I love the white leather and wood combo.

  11. i like your first outfit. very cute. and the new layout is nice!

  12. Wow fablous redo on the blog! I love everything...especially how you hand wrote all that jazzy stuff on the side!!


  13. thedoc

    OHHH LA LA...... those shoes are to die for!!! ... and how sweet is your boyfriend with the comment he posted!... well just wanted to say "congrats" for the new image, keep it up with the great posts!!


  14. those are some gorgeous shoes. this is a wonderful blog!

  15. You look great, and the shoes are amazing :D

  16. Love the new look! Also, those sandals are so amazing! And your purse is super cute!

  17. don't tell rumi, but i <3 you better. ;)

    oh, and i'd totally starve for those chloe's.

  18. I forgot to tell you. The sandals are marvelous and I simply love your handwritten categories.

    Have a great evening.

  19. Cute! I like the way you mix high and low. It's great to see your face in the outfit photos. Here's a technical did you add the contact form?

  20. Mai

    I love the blog makeover and LOVE the shoes! - Mai

  21. I love what you've done with the place!
    Also I really like the color palate of the second outfit :)

  22. The new look is so cute, especially the categories! Both outfits are great, too.

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.
  24. I love your new look. It is completely admirable. Also, those Chloe's are stunning!

  25. Those shoes are amazing! And I like the changes :)

  26. Both outfits are great. They're Chic! xx

  27. i luv a good pair of chunky heels :D

  28. I am drooling over your Chloe's

  29. i love ur outfit with the boyfriend's shirt paired with the sandals

  30. love the blog and those outfits! quick question: what font are you using for your header? I LOVE IT!

  31. oooo i gotta add the contact form. hating the spam!

  32. woha, nice shoes. i love the chloe shoes! and both of the outfits. oh and btw do you wanna xchange links

  33. ah your shoes are heavenly. the bag is perfect with the outfit too. fab!

  34. I just read your comment and..

    I am very surprised indeed that I was (by the sounds of it) so crappy in the links department! don't quite understand what happened there as I absolutely love your blog (it's such eye candy..) so it must of been a case of me being a little dopey rather than not wanting to trade.

    either way, it's done now, so that's alll good.

    and in the daria department, I think she can do glamour well (remember the nightbird ed?), but I think this is more a case of the styling and that damn hair stylist. oh dear..

    but i agree, the raquel ed is fabulous.

    hope you had a good weekend yourself! xx

    ps, i have to say i have enjoyed you and ted being crazy on the vlog so much. has made me laugh to no end.

  35. I just discovered your blog! I love it! And these shoes are the ultimate platform. I need to get me some of these asap!

    Would you like to trade links? :)

  36. I LOVE THOSE SHOES ! they look incredible with that beautiful gray dress.

    Check out my fashion blog at

  37. Loving those shoes and the whole outfit!

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