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The Video Blog 2

June 21, 2008

It's about time we got our quad-annual vlog out, and we had such a great time filming it! Hopefully, it pars to your standards being that we hardly touched up on any sort of fashion in any way. Instead, some of the questions that were originally asked for the vlog will be featured in a blog post instead. I can't give live advice; I need to think about it. So in the end, the vlog turned out to be more of a "Rachel and Ted talkshow".

Don't forget that you can pause the blog's song to the right, so you can hear the vlog better.

Side Notes:

In the beginning when I talk about my brazilian wax, it was my first time ever getting waxed down there. I have to go in again on Sunday to finish the job, but really, I'm chickening out.

I'm not really "stupid, stupid" I just didn't want to settle for a state school, and hopefully, I can transfer to a UCalifornia school after my two years at Orange Coast College.

And can't you tell how obsessed I am with Rihanna's new song?!

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50 responses:

  1. Haha, great vlog ! Really funny, you look lovely :)

  2. Love it! Made me chuckle =]
    I'll be looking forward to the next one!
    And good luck with your brazillian!! haha x

  3. HOLY SHITSHIT. I'm cracking up, Raych. You guys are wonderful. I feel like I'm watching Best Week Ever or something. I hope the rest of your Brazilian goes okay - don't chicken, just do it. You'll survive, I know it!

    Thank you so much for coming by and reading/responding to that novel entry of mine. I'm really thankful to know that you are compelled to read my blog, seriously. I absolutely adore yours and given that you, too, have the same sense of humor about things that I do really engages me as a friend and as a reader.

    I guess when it comes to the issue at hand, it really allows me to realize that everyone, no matter what the situation may be - is fighting their own sort of battle - from family/friends, money, health (physical/emotional/mental), home life, etc (you get the point). I really wish people could step out of their own accusations of others before pointing heavy hands.

    I really do appreciate you as a person and as a friend, and truly respect your response. I hope the heat isn't fricking killing you guys down there, I heard something about Burbank being 120? Wha-wha?

    Do you ever go to the Bay? I'm going in the first week of July for a wee-bit of closet-updating. LET'S GO.


  4. Anonymous

    i am officially in love with you and ted. but since i am straight, i will have to settle with marrying ted and being your pseudo sister in law.

    and 110 pounds? maybe the camera really does add ten pounds because i'm 120 and i thought our bodies were identical. i'm 5'6.5". how tall are you? around there? fuck i feel fat now.

    send kisses to ted

    also brownie points that you watch oprah.

  5. You guys are too funny/cute. Hahaha. Keep vlogging.

  6. Anonymous

    those video blogs are so funny
    i like what youre wearing ;)

  7. you really make me want to make a vlog lol

    but i'm cameraless and am not nearly as hilarious as you two <3
    i love these you need to do them more often!

    oh and i tagged you.. you don't have to link back to me but i would LOOOOOOOOOVE to hear your top 7 songs <3 ta ta for now!

  8. I just thought I'd let you know that you have officially had me obsessed with that Rihanna song lol
    Its addictive as hell.
    Loving your blog as always!!
    keep it up x

  9. hahahah, loved it! You guys are so funny =]
    Like "carlos! hey!"
    I love your skirt btw =]

  10. Great vlog. You two are hilarious. Oh and you're skirt is cute btw.

  11. You guys are adorable. I never bother to watch video blogs but that was adorable.

  12. Elle

    This vlog is just awesome! I hope you guys make more in the future! :)

  13. this is possibly one of my new favourite things.
    you should make them more often!
    it must take longg to edit though.

    so funny that you just wandered around holding your laptop.

    ted must have been very hungry!


  14. That was a very funny Vlog! Great post, i enjoyed it very much.

  15. Hey, hon,
    I've tagged you. Hope you're having a great one. Visit me if you want to participate.

    Ciao Bella!

  16. Bella

    I think you and Ted should hook up...some more. He's so HOT.
    LOL you don't want me to make a youtube tribute video to convince you do you? cause i will!


  17. Anonymous

    god you two are both so hot.

    ted, wanna hang out? ; )

  18. Anja

    More vlogs! More vlogs! More vlogs! ;)
    You made my morning, thanks. I think I have a mild obsession with you two, but don't worry, I'm not gonna stalk you since I live far, far away.
    And good luck on the brazilian ;)

    P.S. Could you please please please post videos more often? And one question- how tall are you, Raychel? :)

  19. Anonymous

    I LOVEEEEEEEE your vbloggs:)

    make my day!(L)

  20. Muchacha

    Ted will you be mine? <3

  21. Anonymous

    I just got addicted to your blog and vlogs!!!! very original and the best part it all seem so spontaneous!!

    So pleeeease keep blogging/vlogging everyday!!!


  22. Seriously I dont know how I never knew about your blog before...I read every single post since the beginning and I really love it all. The youtube videos are sooo funny and cute. I love to look at what your wearing!! Anyways...I love yeah...


  23. Just started reading your blog! Love the Rihanna song, and your blog is wonderful!! :)

  24. Fashion related or not, that was some good fun to watch! ;)
    And I do have a question for next time. Why are you so damn cute?


  25. Dutchess

    you two are so cute!! Ted, want to make out? And Raych, apparently you kiss girls too? Do YOU want to make out too?

  26. Marcellus

    ^ I agree Ted give me a kiss! err and Rachel a hug maybe? idk I don't really swing that way


  27. hahahahahhahaha i just laughed my way thorugh that whole video. thank you thank you thank you.

  28. You're so cute, you sound like Willa Holland <3

  29. i love your vlog and your blog. Nice work and it looks like you and Ted have lots of fun.

  30. question: what are your favorite stores?

  31. i love you guys youre so funny! and youre super cute! keep doing these :D

  32. new blog


  33. Oh..and if you like magazine collages...check out my blog!!


  34. Anonymous

    I adore your outfit there!

  35. LOL. I want to do a vlog now! I want to get a brazilian wax, but I'm a big chicken, good luck!

  36. Anonymous

    I loved the vlog.

    On another note, I have a question. Fall is just around the corner, and I was wondering what you think will be big? Are there any fool-proof staples/looks that would be good for this fall?

  37. Anonymous

    I LOVE your blog but you SUCK at updating!!!!

  38. Vlogging what a cute concept! This is very entertaining. I love the concept of you answering your readers questions! Keep up with the good work.

  39. You are are quite possibly the cutest people in the world! I love this vlog! :D

  40. Anonymous

    OK I have a question for your next vlog (hopefully soon!). How do you get your hair curly like that? I'm Asian and my hair has only the slightest bit of wave when I let it down, but i've wanted the messy curly look for ages, only... too scared to try any perms.

  41. Anonymous

    i wanna get into the fashion spot, but i need a member's invite? could you invite me in? this is the email if you require one: Thanks!

  42. Anonymous

    loves it

  43. Anonymous

    what was the website that you recommended after f21 store?

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