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The Sandal Cameo

June 17, 2008

Sandals rarely make a cameo in my Wearing Today posts, but in truth, I'm a California girl that lives in them. I wear them probably 5 times out of the week, especially during the summer since heat is one of my biggest discomforts. In any case, my cutoffs and skirts have been my best friends lately as I'm slowly adjusting to the heat. 

  • Shirt: 3.1 Philip Lim
  • Skirt: American Apparel
  • Sandals: Off Broadway
  • Jewelry: Miscellaneous 
I just got the clips in for the video! Thanks for asking questions and what-not. I'm gonna try to edit this tonight, if not, maybe tomorrow.

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23 responses:

  1. I love your sandals! They'd be great for the Kuwait heat as well, hehe!

  2. I have a question:
    What was your style like in high school?

  3. Melanie

    I can't believe you have that 3.1 Philip Lim shirt! I love it!

  4. Hi!
    I do love your blog, it's great! and you have a nice style ^^
    So... I'll add you to my fav blogs, ok??

  5. That is a really nice outfit. The 3.1 P.L. shirt is remarkable!

    It has been hot down here in Los Angeles. I've been having a hard time adjusting my style. :[

    QUESTION FOR BOTH: What are you guy's majoring in and what careers are you planning for the future, seriously though.

  6. Anonymous

    what are your interests outside of fashion?

    favorite musicians/bands

    favorite movies

    what do you plan to study? what do you plan to do for a career?

    how often do you shop?

    do you have a job/work?

    how do you afford your clothes?

    how do people react to how you dress?

    what are your summer plans?

  7. Anonymous

    WHen you are at a concert. do you push your way to the front, or are you content hanging out in the back?

    2. Do you give money to beggers?

    3. ever shoplifted for the hell of it?

    4. what kind of shampoo, conditioner do you use

  8. Anonymous

    Question: Do you shop for ted?

    and where does ted get his clothes?

  9. Anonymous

    I like your shirt... when is the vlog coming up?

  10. beautiful outfit, the top is very interesting and i love the sandals

  11. LOVE LOVE LOVE the top
    the pattern is simply amazing
    I love your blog, do you want ot exchange links?

  12. I love this outfit, the top and the scandals are cute. It looks so comfy and casual.

  13. I like the shirt!
    I have similar shoes but the gem fell off... At least I wore them to death prior!

  14. Oh my sandals are literally worn to death. The two straps used to be attached, the gems used to be on, and part of the sandal cracked... but I still wear them.

    I can't find another like them!

  15. love the outfit!

    check out my new blog

  16. you've got amazing legs.. sersiously.

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