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The New Black Is Purple

June 12, 2008

I'm not very partial on being matchy matchy, especially color coordination -- it just doesn't appeal to me since it mostly turns out tacky. However, there are exceptions. Such as when you miraculously discover that your old cardigan and brand new pumps have an uncanny, similar purple hue to it, and you just have to pair it in an outfit together.

  • Tanktop: Ron Herman
  • Cardigan: Velvet
  • Shorts: Ksubi
  • Belt: My little brother's
  • Pumps: Frye
  • Necklace: Forgot the designer
Aside from that, Ted finished his finals (finally!) which means we can start another video blog. We've been eager to create another since our first one! I kid you not, the second he finished his final, he texted me "let's vlog (video+blog). Well, we need content, so ask us some questions (it doesn't have to be about the blog or about fashion).

And if you're a recent reader and you have no idea what I'm talking about, here's the first video we posted.


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44 responses:

  1. Fabulous outfit and those pumps are sooo hot! I love purple!

  2. This is a postively lovely outfit and is very, very becoming on you. Your little brother's belt! Jeez!

    So happy I found your blog. I'm sure I'll be a regular.

  3. love the look! the purple just looks great on you.

    oh btw i linked you hope you don't mind!


  4. i love those cut offs on you and those shoes! xx

  5. Definitely not tacky.
    I have a question about
    My e-mail is if you'd allow me to ask it. Please.

  6. You are so pretty, and I love the matchiness of the outfit. There's nothing like matching shoes and clothes/accessories. It exudes so much class!

  7. Great cardigan!

    I hope to one day have a blog like yours. I'm at - I'd love to exchange once I get a new one underway!

    Can you tell me how you got your hair to be that way in your vlog? Is it naturally wavy or did you get a perm? It's gorgeous!

  8. I was cracking up the entire time through that video. Can I guest host this summer, yespuh-lease?

    I love those Frye pumps. Crazy hot outfit, bb. xo

  9. This question is for Raych: WHO/WHAT ARE YOUR FASHION INSPIRATIONS?
    This question is for both Raych and Ted: how long have u guys known eachother?
    (beacause you two act like you've know eachother forever!)

  10. The pair of you crack me up! You're so gorgeous and seem so down to earth. Your graphics are amazing, and of course, your style is flawless! Thanks for the advice!

  11. Anonymous

    What do you work with / what do you study to? Hobby's? How old are you?

  12. I just found your blog... it's just great ! I'm gonna add you to my blogroll, if you don't mind :)

  13. Ouh, yay I love your shoes and your hole entire outfit!

    I don't have a question but I remember your last video blog and it was quite, I don't know how to say this without sounding wierd, fun!
    ahah =]

  14. Your heels are fabulous!

  15. i juusst looove the whole outfit~ i agreed being matchy matchy cud turn tacky~

  16. love the whole outfit.purple is one of my favorite colors!

  17. i love the purple shoes, i have some similar! lovely outfit choice darling! - x

  18. That outfit was coordinated perfectly. Great job!
    I've been reading your blog for a while, just never commented. I really love it.
    I just recently started a blog myself. It would be great if you would check it out, "".
    I'll be adding you to my blog role.

  19. that's chic!
    i'm linking you. :)

  20. Hey you hot, hot, hottie Mchothothotface. I'm totally bored out of my freaking mind, Father's Day is boring and I don't even think my Dad knew it was Father's Day.

    Whatev, so yeah, you're totally amazing for voting for me. It's like I'm running for president - seriously. I'm the Obama of VMagazine or something ridiculously awesome like that.

    I need a fricking vacation, Raych. Reno is nas-tay and boring. I'll come to LA for mah birfday and we'll go shopping and dancing. I promise I'll wear flat sandals or if I wear heels I'll just walk on the street and you can walk on the sidewalk, yesss.


  21. I don't know about purple being the new black. But that cardigan looks swell on you!


  22. How about a fashion show for the vlog? Obviously you have great items in your closet, and you put them together in such effortless outfits that we all enjoy and can easily translate to our lifestyles. I would love to see the cool clothes in your closet in a vlog!

  23. haha wow so funny that u say that
    because... today i told myself as i was putting together my outfit that purple is the new black, lol

    those frye pumps are HOOOOT!
    and u and your man are hilarious i LOVE your videos together haha too funny

  24. M

    Where do you go when you go shopping? Do you get your clothes online, or do you go to boutiques or department stores (ie -- Nordstroms, Macys, etc)?

  25. love what you've done with the belted cardigan and cut-offs!

  26. hi there!
    i love your blog and i always come here to look at all the great outfits you have!

    i've recently started my own
    check it out here:


  27. hi! omg.. you look absolutely gorgeous with those shorts.. i love your legs!

    take care,

  28. Hey, I've just come accross you're blog and had to tell you I love it! =]
    I love your style and the things you post about which is why I've linked you on my own blog:
    As it's new I'd love to hear what you think about it and any improvments I could make etc. x

  29. I adore your outfit and I can't wait for the next video blog!

  30. i love the cardigan !!! n the video is funny lol love it

  31. i love love love your site.

  32. Anonymous

    next time can u please lower the music because its kinda loud and its hard to hear what u guys are saying

  33. If you mean the Goldfrapp video to the right, you can just pause it, or you can click the video twice (once to play) and it will lead you to the direct Youtube page.

    Sorry you had to blast your headphones the first time around!

  34. I agree purple is the new black! Love it!

  35. i can honestly say thats the best video i've seen in a long time. hahahah i actually was laughing out loud.

  36. I love everything you are wearing, I think purple is very nice color to dress, your shoes are fabulous and your short is great. Buy Viagra Viagra

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