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The Hammer Time

June 1, 2008

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Saturday night, I was star-gazing on the beach with my boyfriend and saw a shooting star; it was amazing, but it's back to reality. I hate Mondays, but I always like to start off my Mondays looking fresh, clean, and ready to work to make me feel better about my job. Depressing, I know.

Ever since Susie Bubble posted an entry about jodhpurs, it sparked my interest for looser pants. Later, the drop crotch started showing up, particularly with street style. But who doesn't love a little 80s reference? Since these MC Hammer Pants are priming its cameo, I decided to invest in a pair. I figured it is best to pair it with a skin-tight shirt to balance the heavy bottoms, notice the sheer play of tanktop. Personally, I love it. They are great spring pants and a definite change on the everyday go-to jeans or bandage skirt.
  • Tank top: Urban Outfitters
  • Pants: H&M
  • Shoes: BCBG
  • Bangles: Misc.

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40 responses:

  1. Hayyy!
    i LOVE your blog! Maybe we could link each other? your blogs amazing!


    I'm so sad to say... that I will NOT be visiting the bf in newport beach this summer... his job starts in early July and I have no time to visit in June therefor he'll be back here before I'll have a chance to fly out...

    I was so hoping to check out L.A. but alas it is not to be!

    I love those pants on you!!!
    I think I really need to head up to H&M PRONTO!!!
    P.S. I know this is totaly silly but I actaully wore a daringly fashionable outfit to a party recently and got a ton of compliments and a couple of rude stares but man it felt great to be that bold, really boosted my confidence!

    alright hope all is well ta ta!

  3. Vix

    Such an interesting outfit. Although I am not a fan of jodpurs I do love how you styled them. The sheer tank is divine. Keep it up!

  4. I love jodhpurs on everyone except myself. Actually, I'm much too afraid to try them on myself, knowing how crushed I'd be if I actually did look like MC Hammer wearing them. You, however, look fantastic in them, and not like Hammer in the slightest!

  5. I bought the same pants a few weeks ago. They look fantastic, I love them!

  6. Wow! I think it looks amazing the way you put it together. If I walked pass by you on the street you'd leave me well impressed!!


  7. I accidently washed mine, and now they look TERRIBLE. I'm trying to recreate the pleats with an iron, but I think they've officially gone to pants heaven.


  8. Cute!
    I love them, you pull them off great =]
    And may I add your shoes are soo adorable!

  9. Jillian! It's so great to hear from you! I'm gonna reply more to your message on your blog when I have more time (I'm at work right now).

    Chelsea – you’re one of the bloggers that I've known/befriended the longest, and from the looks of it, you honestly can pull off anything. Try the pants and post a blog! I'd love to read it.

    Inaki - you never cease to flatter me.

    Connie - Thanks for the head-ups! I'll keep in mind to never wash mine.

    A general Raych update- I almost --extremely close -- bought a Chloe purse today, then I broke my Ipod. But if you can only see the beauty I'd harness with that shoulder candy of leathery goodness.

  10. Such fantastically cool pants! Great style!

  11. Those pants are actually amazingly figure flattering. I love the neutral colors on what woould otherwise be a loud (stylewise) pant.

  12. You are fabulous! I heart your blog!

  13. i added you to my blog links, could you add me?



    love your style :)
    i adore the pants

  14. M

    You pull it off very well. I like the contrast between the tight shirt and the looser pants. Not many people can pull off an outfit like that. And I love your blog. Keep up the good work!

  15. YOU LOOK BLOODY FANTASTIC! Love the tank paired with the loose pants, good idea. The colour palette is great as well.

  16. These pants look great on you

  17. Those pants looks great on you!

  18. These trousers look great on you!

  19. Anonymous

    Not really liking the pants, but your body looks so toned!

  20. i can never pull of those as well as you do. sigh

  21. i love the pants!! amazing!!

  22. Those look fantastic on you.

  23. shakira.

    i have these pants.
    they're beautiful.

  24. a way I love them in a way I hate them.I think I wouldn't wear them..

  25. I love the jodpurs. They're perfect with the black tank top.

  26. Those pants are so amazing!! I really wish I have a H&M store in Singapore!

  27. OMG.. Love the outfit. I want those pants! You made them look really cool !

    Check out my fashion blog:

  28. OMG you have to tell me when you bought those pants at H&M! There are AWESOME. What are they called? I have to have them lol
    p.s. I don't think they're in my area. Do you know of another store that may have similar styled pants?

  29. Anonymous

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