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The Shallow Hal

May 27, 2008

After Spring cleaning (yes, I am an avid cleaner), I found my old American Girl paper dolls. Does anyone remember those?! Well, it inspired me to add a new feature to my blog as you will see in the course of this post. I did find it a little strange that I admire plenty of fashionistas, yet I never went out of my way to make a post about it. Finally, I will. I'll start blogging about admired socialites, bloggers, and muses, you know, the whole package. But to start off, here's someone who has been catching my eye as of late, you guessed it, Gwyneth.

I somewhat feel like a band-wagoner when I say that Gwyneth Paltrow has been looking beyond exquisite lately! But you can't help but to notice! I seriously can't pin point if it's the haircut that boosted her edginess or if it's the help to her two stylists Maria Serra and Anna Bingemann, either way, it has made her a new woman. And usually, I'm not even a huge fan on movie actors or actresses fashion sense.

Lately, she has been sporting some fierce shoes: Givenchy to Guiseppe Zanotti, but that comes hand in hand since she favors the basics and lets the shoes do all the stating. I mean, not only is she drawing attention on the red carpet, her street style is just as chic. Gwyneth dresses up casual chic with an architectural coat, a play on neckline and a little black dress, and some drunken eyes. In other words: the Fall 08 uniform. 

Even in close up pictures, the woman looks fantastic. Can you believe that she's already 35? I swear in the high quality pictures, her skin is flawless -- Gwyneth does not have a single pore on her face. As for her hair, it inspires me to get mine chopped off, solely because it looks great on her face. She also has the perfect shade of blonde and the right length that suits her so well. Yet I really don't know how the cut will pan out on me, but I imagine it to be like the second picture with my natural waves -- though sometimes too wavy. 

This is one of my favorite candids of Gwyneth, because I love her use of mixing basics. So to break it down, here's how you can achieve this look by mixing up simple basics into a fashion-forward outfit:

Jeans: Earnest Sewn - Every girl needs a pair of black skinny jeans in her closet. It's like the classic look for that lean, dark winter look that compliments everything. In essence, it is a blank canvas; whatever else you throw on it will balance out; be it a huge fur coat or a tight hoodie. The universal black and skinny leg will even out the playing field. 

Shirt: Luella - Okay, so the simple v-neck with some sort of fancy-dancy, simple logo on is tres chic. I am particular about the fabric of my shirt: not too thick, not too thin, but soft and sheer enough. I also favor v-neck to crew neck, especially on guys. It's my Achilles ankle. Not only is this Luella tee chic and affordable, but every purchase is another step towards helping out our communities; each logo represents a different cause. By purchasing this stag t-shirt, you are helping bring sports, work habits, and education to the kids in Africa. Wait for it, AND it comes in black for men in men sizes. I'm probably going to convince James to buy himself a shirt so we can match. Embarrassing? A little. Cute? Sure thing!

Sandals: N.Y.L.A. - A few years ago, we've eyed gladiator sandals with tension: we liked it, but would the trend last out long enough so we didn't look silly in them? The fashion explorers went ahead and invested in them anyway, and it paid off. Now, gladiator sandals are almost a staple for spring/summer. And well, they're going through a huge spike in every department store. Whoever said that fashionistas can't indulge in trend lusting every once in a while is painfully mistaken. 

Shirt: Forever 21 - Last but not least, the one thing I talk about ever so often on this blog: the basic black blazer. Something so simple can induce such a wide variety of ways to wear it. I personally love the way it sharpens a grungy look, but here, Gwyneth is up-town chic all the way. I love the way she can pull this off without it looking too business casual. Trick is to roll up the sleeves for a less polished look. 

Gwyneth just goes to show that sprucing up your closet can gather a ton of attention, probably more than she originally bargained for. 

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21 responses:

  1. Love those gladiator sandals!

  2. haha i used to love those paper dolls! great post! so creative!

  3. Anonymous

    Gwyneth looks so great! Not to mention I love the paper dolls!

  4. I've personally never had a paper doll, but I adore them! Maybe I was deprived of a real childhood or something, but they seem to evoke any sense of imagination a child is capable of!

  5. Ted

    Hey Ted here,

    (your best friend) I love your blog sooo much. sooooo much. Gwyneth, wants you. When are we going to hang out? we are skping right now. byee,

  6. Ted


    Ted here, your best friend. So are you really going to cut your hair like Gwyneth? Doesn't Jenna Jameson have the same haircut? But I can't sleep, and I wanted to write what I wrote in your truth box, but it is definitely not G-rated. So yea, bye. Call me. (seven one four) 393-7038.

  7. You may be wondering if we're drunk; we are not!

    But that seriously is his number, call him!

  8. Ted

    Dear Rachel,

    It's Ted your best friend. I love you so much, you are the one women in my life. Do you remember when I told you that you smelled in your truth box? and you got all worried. good times. Remember when I called you at 3am to watch out for ghost and you couldn't move in fear. good times.

    email me cause you never email me, I don't want anymore text messages.

  9. I agree, she's a wonderful new woman!

  10. chrissy

    OMGG OMGG OMGG I used to love the american girl paper dolls! i just cleaned out my closet and found two shoe boxes full of them. I remember I wanted to submit one of my family tree and i used to sketch what my favorite outfit was. The funny thing is I learned to sew by making my American girl doll ( i had felicity) clothes and blankets. This was before they came out with the create your own doll that looks like you. My little cousin just got one and i was like, o which one is this, and she got to name it herself and everything.

  11. i love the new feature! i was obsessed with american girl when i was little & definitely owned the paper dolls haha. my parents should have realized how obsessed with fashion I was going to be!


  12. such a cute idea! love it!

  13. Brilliant post!
    I utterly adore Gwyneth. And she's been looking so so stylish lately. I liked your "beyond exquisite". She's becoming quite the icon, even though if it's not by her hand.


  14. yah she has been looking really great lately.
    and i like the ensemble you created.

  15. I absolutely love the layout of your blog! And great finds..I love falling upon fantastic finds when I least expect it. Thanks to your blog, I did today! =D

  16. Gwyneth Paltrow, a new fully fledged superhero starring in a movie about..a superhero?


    Like you said, who couldn't notice how bloody great she's looking, Maria and Anna did good.

  17. she is gorgeous. my sister actually met her; backstage at coldplay concert. she knew the accountant...anyway long story short she said she didn't have any make up on and was wearing a cardigan and looked very plain, but still beautiful!

    ever since she cut her hair she is everywhere! she looks great. i tried to get hair like hers but i shouldn't have cut my bangs ;(

    love your blog btw...and i am rambling.

  18. gwyneth's new haircut looks soo good! it is more edgier
    i love the luella shirt! its so cute

  19. Anonymous

    i absolutely loveee those sandals!! they are soo great

    if you are looking for some great sandals to buy online check out i just bought a pair and i loveee them- now all i need are those gladiators :-)

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