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The Heatstroke

April 14, 2008

Can someone enlighten me on Californian weather? Last week Kathy came back to California ecstatic to get away from the Canadian snow, yet to her dismay, it was gloomy and averaging 60 degrees, poor girl. What's even worse, it was sweltering hot yesterday and the day before (100 degrees around three)! I even had to go outside to hose down my car (because it's black) so it didn't melt or explode. Then today, the perfect 75 degrees made my day.

Yeah, Ted and I complain about the weather a lot; we're very temperature spoiled. It’s probably why we’re such good friends.

  • Dress: Ron Herman (BA&SH)
  • Belt: H&M (the last one they had was in size large, so I guess I'm lucky that wrapping your belt doesn't look so strange anymore!)
  • Shoes: Nine West
I know those shoes are getting so overrated (at least in the blogging hemisphere), but I can't help that they go with almost everything. Not to mention they're incredibly chic. I obviously bruise easily.

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36 responses:

  1. hehe Kathy might want to try heading back to Canada, the weather in Toronto is lovely, at least for now!

    But not lovely enough to wear that fab dress, you lucky girl.

    PS Those shoes are off the hook!!!

  2. Very cute dress and looks great with those shoes!
    Please send some of that heat over to NYC!

  3. haha i know what you mean about the shoes! While i love and adore mine they are on all the blogs now. However, they still seem to wow my friends and everyone else i run into while wearing them, so I'll keep them around!

    great outfit!

  4. Haha they're total blogger sandals. Go Nine West!

    Missed you :)

  5. ah well im going to get those sandals anyways.

    they are perfect.

  6. Blogger sandals or not, they are still totally cute, and the wrapped belt could pass as a belt made intentionally like that. I wish it was warmer in NYC, its only been about 55 here...

  7. You know what's overrated? Not the shoes but the people who are complaining that they are overrated because supposedly everyone is wearing them.

    Don't worry, they look really nice with your outfit so wear them and don't think about those comments

  8. Anonymous

    i love reading your blog but i wish you'd post more often!

  9. If Nine West was available in Switzerland I would definitely need to have them =) As you said, perfect shoes!

  10. i love what you did with the belt!

  11. I love your outfit, everything fits perfectly together!!
    I wish I could wear dressess, the weather's slowly warming up but not quite there yett

  12. Those shoes are NOT overrated. And people who say that they are are just mad that they weren't able to buy a pair for themselves. Poor souls.

  13. its funny how we start to think things are tired since we;ve been seeing them on blog by like minded people-meanwhile half of those things are new to those who dont indulge in the blogging world

  14. I'm still in love with those shoes. I picked up a nice pair of gladiators for myself at Nine West as well! Love that place.

  15. Anonymous

    Where did you get your tamagotchi?

  16. love the fabulous dress and cute shoes!!!

  17. urhgruhg tell me about it! i got the shoes back in february (when i couldnt even wear them) and now that its the right weather, everyone around here seems to have them. it is amazing how they go with EVERYTHING though

  18. you look amazing! just amazing!

    i love the dress

    btw u've been tagged check out my blog! ;)

  19. Oh gosh the shoes are fantabulous. I suffer for shoes at least my feet do...haha.i wear flats and they are not the best support, but i love them all the same.

  20. hey i love your outfit here, especially the dress :)

    i liked you on my blog, hope its okay. mines still pretty new so dont wonder.


  21. i meant LINKED instead of liked lol sorry :/

  22. i know exactly how you feel! i'm from florida and lately the weather has been fluctuating even during the day going from the 50s in the morning to the 80s by afternoon. I have to change outfits at least twice a day haha


  23. This looks very cute :) love the sandals

  24. sara

    i've been wearing gladiators for a few years now and although they're once again rising to popularity, i think that they are one of the most practical and aesthetically pleasing styles i've found in footwear. rock them, girl.

  25. Great Blog! Great Style! I linked you!! :)

  26. Looking fantastic!
    Check out my blog:
    I am amazed by your blog and great taste!

  27. Lovely blog! I still want those gladiator sandals but am not sure if the heel would be comfortable enough.

  28. Hey! I found your blog on tFS, and you have great style!!

    I was reading one of the older posts, and it seems like you use photoshop-like tools to make collages. There's actually a website that you might want to check out. It's called polyvore ( and they let you make collages like those. They've got a database of items you can use. I have been playing around with it for a while, and it's pretty fun. :)

  29. I still need to buy those shoes! I hope they don't run out of size 5.5! Those ALWAYYYSSS run out quick.

  30. wow! awesome sandals!!!! your blog is awesome!! we should totally link up!

  31. I simply adore your outfit in the picture! :)


  32. i wrapped my belts all the time lol ... loving this outfit ...and ur blog

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