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The Fight for Diamonds

April 26, 2008

Hectic schedules are my expertise. And since I'm constantly running between work and school, great staple items are a must -- extra brownie points of I can pull off two looks in one day. Lately, I've been throwing on a loose tee, since it's clearly at my disposal, and jeans or a skirt depending on the hour of day. 

A recent purchase seriously did wonders to my closet. My infatuation for men shoes grew exponentially as soon as I tried on these Dries Van Noten.

  • Sheer Tee: Ron Herman
  • Jeans: Tsubi
  • Shoes: Dries Van Noten
Seriously, I love the feminity mixes with a masculine touch. I'm devastatingly in love. So right after school, I have to drive to work and throw on something more decent. As of lately, throwing on a black skirt just about does it with everything -- perfect everyday wear. 

Unfortunately, my Dries are size 36 and I wear a 37. So after blistering my heels with the first wear, I'm thinking of taking them to a shoe repair so they can stretch it out. I could NOT, not buy these shoes; so you have to know where I'm coming from. I know I'd have the worst case of buyers remorse if I didn't buy them. But after spending so much money on them, there would be no point in me owning these if I can't wear them. I will tell you how the shoe stretching goes.

Until then, two more weeks until summer! Thank you!

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24 responses:

  1. Your outfits are always so great. Where do you find your stuff? I usually use They've got a list of local boutiques and you can search by brands to see which boutique has your brand. It's pretty spiffy. I've discovered a bunch of great stuff on it! If I don't find anything there, I simply go to Forever 21! Hahah.

    BTW, good luck on your sociology paper! :o) Yay to summer!

  2. I love the over-sized shirt/skirt combo, and I know exactly what your talking about with not being able to not buy those shoes. It happens to me all the time, but if the shoes are too small and hurt my feet, I know I could just give them to my sister because her feet are slightly smaller than mine, and all will be right with the world.

    I can't wait until summer. I've got the worse case of spring fever. I have 2 weeks of actual school and then a few extra days of finals, but then I'm done!

  3. I love each and every outfit you throw together!! The way you mix feminine and the manly type clothes together. The go great, and I love your wardrobe!!! Great Blog!

  4. I'm in love with that loose Tee :] Totally agree with you on the shoe thing. I'd usually buy it if it was a size smaller (and get blistering sores on my feet afterwards), but I can never buy shoes that are too big for me. I can't stand them falling off/flopping around.

  5. Both looks work really good on you! Those shoes were a great purchase!

  6. Mel

    ugh...sorry but this is definitely not one of your better outfits! imo

  7. Ashley

    hi doll,
    I adore your blog, your style is so cute and unique! So I am thinking about starting own blog and I was wondering if you have any tips or anything before start. Thanks tons xxoo

  8. i hate when that happens with shoes....oh and ive tagged you look at my latest post to learn more

  9. Anonymous

    A little too casual for my taste, but I'm sure every girl is liable for a lazy day.

    Love the shoes though!

  10. I hope the shoe stretching goes well. I'd hate to think that all that money was spent without you being able to wear those gorgeous shoes!

    Love the work outfit. It looks like a modern day secretarial outfit.

  11. What a great transformation!!

  12. i looove that skirt. is it american apparel?

  13. I like that slouchy sheer tee, a perfect summer staple.

  14. you do it perfectly, not too chic for school but still stylish, and perfectly chic for work

  15. That would make going to class so much more interesting.


  16. love the sheer top in the school outfit!
    and the work outfit is adoreable!

  17. Hey now.. I've been waiting for a new post! I love your blog, I only wish that you would update more frequently!

  18. plain and simple...awesome =)

  19. I love the simplicity and stylishness of your outfits, they are very chic :)

  20. Anonymous

    you have a great blog, you just never update :(

  21. Great blog. I love your photos.

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