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The Closet Tour 2

April 20, 2008

It only took weeks to clean my closet, but it is finally organized to my standards. I'm the type that goes big or goes home when it comes to cleaning; the affirmation of change is certainly exhilarating. I have a post in my archives somewhere of my closet cleaning, but this time, I decided to give mine a little makeover. The post of my old layout: click here.

I am probably one of the laziest person you'll ever come across. My closet stays clean for a week before it starts going downhill; we like to call it 'Hurricane Raych'. For a while, I used a six slot closet organizer for miscellaneous articles, but the clothes started to weigh down the equipment. I decided it was time for another solution.

For a closet that had all the potential in the world to look fabulous, the shelving was a mess. I figured I needed a place to store my shoes (rather than under my table, garage, or car) so cleaning up the top would be the best solution. Not to mention, a great way to display my shoes. 

After a trip Ikea, I was re-inspired to layout my new closet. The most drastic improvement, in my opinion, is moving my drawer to be the centerpiece of the closet. In the first drawer, I store all my basics: tees, tanks, camis, skirts. In the bottom drawer, I grabbed two boxes that can stack upon eachother: one for tights/leggings the other swimwear. And in the extra space, I have my belts. I found this neat hanging thing at Ikea that's meant for ties, I suppose. Instead, I hang my scarves and sunglasses on it. And though you can't tell in the picture, my tops are meticulously organized by color.

At Urban Outfitters, I snatched this neat framework for only $2! I'm not very attracted to the picture itself, but for such a deal, I find it looking mighty fine. Also in the first 'after' picture, on the top shelf, you can see a lotus lily sort of poster art, and I found that at Ikea for 79 cents! It has few rips in it, but nothing you can notice from afar. My necklaces are here for aesthetic purposes; I'm not much of a necklace wearer. But, I do love the F/W 08 Givenchy vibe the tousled necklaces give out.

Last but not least, I have my bottoms: jeans, shorts, jumpers, skirts. Behind it, I hid my jackets in the back, why did I do that? I don't know; I needed change. Even my jeans are organized by shade and/or color. At the corner of the picture, you can see my intimates, placed in a woven basket for easy access. On my floor, I rotate my sleepwear in the Ikea box and throw my purses on top. 

I do have a crossbow, it's nicknamed 'The Devastator', and Ted always harasses me for it. It's pretty much the highlight of our conversations when we meet knew people. "Yeah, this is Rachel. If you're going to her house anytime soon, look in her closet. She has a crossbow in it." Ted, if you're reading this, I tore off the Paige poster, so don't even try using that against me.

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35 responses:

  1. How do you reach your shoes??? Isn't it a little bit annoying having them at the top of your closet?

  2. Your closet looks so neat and pretty now! I wish I had a walk-in closet so I could store all my things in one place, even if it's just a small one like yours.

  3. Your closet looks great. I wouldn't even dare clean out my closet because I'm sure there is a monster hiding under my mountain of shoes, but I guess if I had a cross bow I wouldn't be quite as scared...

  4. WOW it looks amazing! love it!

    You did a great job and good pictures!

  5. xoxo

    man i would trade closets with you anyday
    and i'll be going off to college next year = miniscule to no closet space whatsoever in even smaller dorm room.
    i lovee how you organized your shoes, i think i'll be making a visit to ikea soon :)

    oh btw thanks for the info on the AA in huntington, i picked myself up a couple tshirts :)

  6. Wow! What a change! You left it alluringly chic! It could perfectly be Rachel Zoe's closet!!!


  7. Jenny

    Love love loveeee the necklace hanger!
    And I can spot some cute clothing. I'm envious!

  8. I like your sunglasses rack thing.

    What song is playing on your site?I like it.

  9. wow i love your closet. i love the hanger with the loops on it it must be so convenient.

  10. Doesn't it feel good to have everything organized and stored so nicely! It looks great, is it a walk-in?

  11. Even though I organize my closet pretty often, it usually gets messed up within 3 days.

  12. You're simply too sweet! Thanks for your comment. I am only fair with what I say.


  13. July Stars - It's not that high up, only on the top shelf I have to get on my tippy-toes. Even then, I keep a step stool on my closet.

    New Look - The song is by 'of Montreal' and the song title is 'Gronlandic Edit'.

    Poster Girl - Yeah, my closet is a walk-in but it's not that big.

  14. Anonymous

    random but was the name of the song you had posted before Of Montreal. You have incredible music taste!

  15. very impressive make over
    very smart how you have your necklaces-i may just copy that

  16. I know I should be commenting on the amazing transformation (which it is) but I love your necklaces too! If you don't want them, give em to me hehe.

  17. Makes me feel like organizing my own! Good job! :)

  18. cool closet organization skills. i can never get my pants to hang right.

    and awesome crossbow

  19. ah im doing the same thing to my closet right now.. this gives me hope that I can re-organize it!

  20. your closet looks nice. why are your purses on the floor like that? do you get scared they will mess up? i want to move mine to the floor because my top shelf is too full now

  21. man you don't want to venture into MY closet....ugghhh....did a good job organizing :)

  22. wow, everything is so well organized!

  23. i'm cleaning my closet first thing in the morning!

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.
  25. This comment has been removed by the author.
  26. ah! sorry about that, great closet, love the white circle hanger, gives the whole area a neat vibe

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