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The Antiques

April 9, 2008

This post may be a little irrelevant; though it's a lengthy one to catch up on my extremely busy month.

Truthfully, I've always been a little envious when bloggers mention their mothers being their fashion idol. My mother never had much of a stylistic trait; that is, until I saw these old photographs of her my age. There's something about the way the rustic hues of nostalgia capture the true essence of her mother's past; don't we all wish to be a little like our mothers?

My mom grew up in America as a Vietnamese refugee; unfortunately, my grandma wasn't around much to take care of my aunt and uncles. Because of this, I respect my mom so much for being able to support herself and her siblings in a time of need. Obviously, money was tight for my mom,  she would either design her clothes or shop through thrift stores. I am absolutely in love with the brown dress that she made for her 17th birthday. The picture to the far right is equally inspiring with her crochet vest, boyfriend jeans, and metallic flats paired with a pop of pink socks. I wish she still had her old clothing so I can steal; I know I'd be sporting that blue jumper, tres chic!

Albeit my mother's old wardrobe didn't inspire today's outfit, I definitely felt this modern hippy vibe going on. I'm trying to whip out as many Fall/Winter outfits as possible before the bipolar California weather heats up again; I somewhat miss my dark colors.

  • Tunic: Christmas present
  • Tights: Loehmann's
  • Shoes: Macy's
Over my spring break, I spent a chunk of my time cleaning out my room and switching up the look a little. One thing that I take pride of is my desk / bookshelf, for it seems to be the largest part of my room.

Before the "makeover", I went with the notion of using my books as decoration. As for the backdrop of my desk, I posted random newspaper articles along with daily inspiration as eye candy. I also like the idea of attaching square post-its (the laptop blocks the view, sort of) to the backboard as a decoration pattern that also comes with its uses. After all, I live on post-its. It didn't take long before I grew tired of the "busy" look. That's where Ikea stepped in -- [literally] the H&M of home furnishing. 

After the "makeover", I managed to hide a lot of my book in the magazine containers and in a contrasting box. I picked up these shallow square picture frames, one for a polaroid of my best friend and I at the beach and another for my Vera Wang perfume box that I kept for the sake of my ratpacking habits. To clean up the shelving system a little, I used a fun printed magazine filer and matching box to filter the mess. 

Tomorrow, the boyfriend is coming over to help clean out my closet. Unfortunately, the pile of clothing now requires two people to take on such a challenge. I took the 'before' pictures, and I can't wait to get the 'after' pictures up.

H&M just announced that they are teaming up with Rei Kawakubo, the head designer of Comme des Garçons. I was almost in tears when I found out Christmas is coming early this year (James / Ted, I KNOW you read this. It comes out right before my birthday, I can't hint it enough), probably the best collaboration to date. I'm a bit torn that CDG will be going commercial, I mean, look at Stella McCartney after her debut at H&M..

Yet I'm curious and excited to see how this turns out being that Rei has to translate her absolutely gorgeous constructions to price point. She can only go so far with cheap fabrics to carry out her signature designs conceptually. Either way, it's excellent that she's offering her designs to be more accessible for her fans. I just hope I'm not disappointed with print screen tees..

Last but not least, my boyfriend gave me his Polaroid camera not too long ago and I went absolutely crazy with it when my best friend (who goes to school in Canada) came down to visit me during her Spring Break.

And that is where I have been. Quite a talkative post if you ask me.

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28 responses:

  1. Such a great post, I really enjoyed reading it!
    Your mum is so pretty and I totally love her look in the little brown dress with the head gear American Apparel style. Beautiful.
    And I share your passion for the polaroid camera, I have a great collection of 7 in mint working condition dating back from the 80's to now and continue to use them regularly. I'm just so sad that production will stop in October. I'm going to have to stock up on films as much as possible...

  2. Anja

    Glad you finally posted! Your mum looks so cute in that picture with a vest.
    Much love from Poland ;)

  3. I would never follow after my mother in her fashion or anything else.

    But my aunts (on my dad's side) wore some wonderful things and I wish I had some photos. I also was looking at some photos of my grandma (dad's side again) and she looked beautiful and classic and simple.

  4. Its so cool that your mom made such stylish clothes! I think you look like her a lot, (at least judging from the pic of you on your blog). Good luck with closet cleaning, I must do the same. And yes it is quite a tedious task!Awesome post

  5. That pic of you and your friend is beautiful! Never thought of my mom as fashion inspiration, but I do remember seeing a picture of her wearing a headband like yours did, I'll have to look thruogh that album again, who knows, maybe I'll change my mind about her fashion wise...

  6. Bethany

    I have an awesome picture of my mom in lilac jeans and a printed tee.

  7. your mom's so cute! my mom has always been my fashion inspiration (i have a little side photo of her on my blog) as she was a fashion designer with her own line for many years. Great post! makes me want to reorganize my room and dig up some old photos of my mom!

  8. your new shelf is very nice! i wish my mom had more photos of herself (she grew up in vietnam).

  9. Anonymous

    Great post and makeover. Your mom is a cutie. Inspires me to go through some of my mom's photos to compare our fashion sense. Awesome post!!!!

  10. i wish my mom had old pictures of herself to give me but she sadly doesnt, and if so shes holding them hostage !

    im excited to see your closet cleanup i need to do mine. i had some large boxes that match yours but my mom made me throw them away she said they were tacky. which they really were, just two huge brown boxes in the middle of my room full of crap which meant falling apart bc they were just cardboard haha.

  11. I think it's a brilliant post, if you ask me!
    Your mom is so absolutely amazingly chic, I am in love with her, those silouettes are like a dream!
    I am a big organizer, I always have everything extremely tidy. But, don't you feel high when you do like a big change like that?


  12. love that polaroid pic! if you and your bestie are in it, who took the pic??

  13. i can't wait for the h&m collection. i wish they would release photos are sketches of ideasss.

  14. Anonymous

    Best post in a while!
    I love your mom in the brown dress and blue jumpsuit and you look a lot like her (speaking of which, you look GORGEOUS in the picture to the right. I'm envious)
    I'm surprised no one mentioned how cute your outfit is!
    Great desk makeover. I was at Ikea the other day and I kept double guessing myself about that same pattern you picked out for your magazine racks and now I'm having buyer's remorse.
    I agree wit the post above me. When they come out post about them please!
    And gorgeous polaroid, I didn't know they still sold them.

  15. aww... this is such a great post.
    I've often felt the same about my mother... but seeing her at my age... she had some style and this fabulous haircut! lol

    I LOVE the brown outfit your mom has on ;) gorgeous!

    I LOVE your outfit as well! Loving the oxfords!

    My room is always messy i'm glad one of us is cleaning lol
    and I love how you organized it all! gorgeous!
    and... Comme des Garçons for H&M.... I AM SOOOOO THERE!

    haha lovin the polaroid so pretty... i'm going to be so sad when they stop making the film *sobs*

  16. Anonymous

    plz post some more outfit of yours =D

  17. im still debating whether or not to get the balenciaga boots! :( when they come in, can you tell me what you think of them like if theyre good quality and worth buying? thank you :)

    btw, i love your blog. love it. keep up the good work!

  18. you and your mom are so cute! that's cool that you are viet too. hey i saw this link and thought of's the top trends of 2008 in pics. what do you think?

  19. u've got a stylin momma and such a beautiful polaroid

  20. This is a lovely post, you have such a nice style of writing. Your bookshelf looks cute - I wish I had those magazine boxes but no matter how many times I tried to buy them I either didn't find the ones I liked or didn't have my money on me when I finally found them... ;)

  21. oh it's so funny !! our mums look like sisters !!!

  22. ohh those magazine holders have the nicest print! so pretty!

    you're lucky to have your boyfriend help you with your did you manage that!

    reorganising clutter can be so satisfying!!

    oh gorgeous polaroid by the way...

  23. Anonymous

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