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The Spring Staples 2008 Pt. 1

April 1, 2008

I'm sitting here with candy-coated electric pink nails, a fabulously clean room (thanks to the extra time on my hands), and a refreshed eager to start working again. That, my friends, comes within the glory of Spring Break. But I do apologize for my slight absence, I was getting a little burned out with school, work, blogging, keeping up with friends, and another "job" I recently employed to. I'll speak more of it when it's in paper.

Spring, it comes right after Winter; Winter is my favorite season in general. I find it really difficult for me to break out of the all black outfits in time for Spring, but really, isn't Spring dressing just a way to prepare for Summer? Because the transition from Winter to Spring is quite drastic in style, there is so much more to absorb and more styles to explore. Therefore, I'm splitting this post two ways. Don't worry, I won't be posting up 12 staples or anything, but I'll be experimenting a little with layout and content for part two.

Without further ado, the season staples.

Don't forget to click the buttons to transfer you to the website I got it from.

Chunky platforms captured my interest last fall. However with the style becoming more accessible to the public, it fills the market with more diverse choices from avant-garde heels to architectural wedges. I like to believe that Mary-Kate launched the style to a more mainstream view. Sure, one can argue that there have been other fashion editors, muses, socialites, that have sported the bad boys before the Olsen's can even walk in heels. Too bad we're all slightly guilty of loving Ashley or Mary-Kate's outfit from one time to another. The other girl pictured is from The Sartorialist, and though her Marni's aren't wedges, the strappy platform heel is also a must-have for Spring, and isn't her pop or bright blue just brilliant?

How to wear for spring: Pair the chunky wedges with a loose tunic dress that hangs well to balance the outfit, and consider a shorter hem to shows off your legs. Or, pair with cuffed light washed jeans to show off the fabulous shoes.

I've always been a fan of the trench coat as it handles versatility very well by offering different (yet similar) looks for all the seasons: khaki for fall, black for winter, or a bold color for spring. I absolutely love Julia Roitfeld's style. She just goes to show that classic beauty goes a very long way. On the same note, the trench coat is a great way to incorporate this season's safari look without worrying about the jacket becoming outdated.

How to wear for Spring: Too keep the look fresh and spring-esque, add a bold pop of color: whether it's the statement color itself or just an accent. For example, transform your fall trench by wearing a bright orange dress underneath along with some platform wedges or go another route and wear a bright orange trench. Also, you can try rolling the sleeves up 3/4 of the way (or how far you can get it without it looking bulky) to freshen a heavy look.

I'm sure we're all growing tired of resorting to our dark washed skinny jeans, I know I am. So to brighten up a dark look for spring, invest in a pair of light washed jeans. To keep the jeans from looking a little passe, try cuffing your light washes at the bottom just enough to show off a little ankle. I know my next investment I make for spring will be a pair of vintage Levi's at the perfect low-waist boy cut, with a touch of natural distress. And on a slight side note, let's start style watching Kate Lanphear, senior fashion editor at US Elle, she is fabulous!

How to wear for Spring: Cuffed at the bottom, you can pair this with some towering heels along with a geeky t-shirt found at a secondhand store: meet chic geek and ultra fabulous heels. Or you can show off your gladiator sandals and play it with some masculine elements the same way Kate L. displays.

Lately, the loose tank and t-shirt have been regulating my daily outfits; they undeniably go with everything! With the weather warming up just a tad, it's hard for our bodies to accommodate with the sudden change in temperature. So going straight to the tank would seem like the best bet. Ignore the examples I chose. I had originally chose an oversized tee, but chose the tanktop instead. Here's some inspiration: (1)(2)(3). Even though tanks are a very simple concept, they are definitely worth the investment. 

How to wear for Spring: What can't you wear with a tank top? It's the most basic of basics. Pair it with a high-waisted pouffy skirt, or over a pencil skirt. Wear it with your newly distressed vintage Levis or with your cut-off shorts. Either way, it's a great staple to have when you're on the go.

The high waisted skirt made a huge commotion in Fall -- it was everywhere. From the looks of it, it doesn't seem like the trend is wearing off any time soon. With the whole body-con movement, the tighter (it seems) the better. Again, it's another great alternative to your skinny jeans, not to mention, looks great with about any shoe from a sneaker to heels.

How to wear for Spring: To transform your black skirt into something that is a little more Spring friendly, by either wearing a loose floral-printed tunic, or switch it up to a bright color such as white or yellow. I especially love the oversized t-shirt paired with a body-con skirt, the balance and dimensions are wonderful!

Nothing screams spring quite like a fresh batch of floral-printed dresses. From flirty silhouettes to cap sleeves it’s no wonder that the romantic vibe is such a great fit for the perfect spring dress. With an abundance of color and busy prints, a floral dress certainly takes the bold statement in your outfit. So keep the accessories to a minimum as it will not do the dress any justice and pair it with a simple shoe. I can also thank Nicolas Ghesquiere for infatuating me with the very scissor-sharp structural dress finished with floral.

How to wear for Spring: Wear a simple white or creme shoe. Not much is needed while wearing bold prints. For chillier nights, add a cardigan and a belt tied to the waist line. If you're just going for a spruce of the outfit, throw on a denim vest.

I'll most likely post up Spring themes next week and maybe a few Wearing Today's. Albeit, Ted sat on my digital camera, so we need to get that fix. No worries, I have an older one I can use.


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29 responses:

  1. Recently discovered your blog and love it. The trench coat, chunky wedges and high waisted flared denim are already part of my every day uniform, accessorized with tons of necklaces and bracelets ...

  2. emily

    love your blog, love the spring staples, can't wait to see the rest!!!!

  3. Very informative post with great options!

  4. Fabulous post!!
    I quite liked your how-to guide for spring, specially the skirts and the chunky platforms.
    Keep it up! :)


  5. i really want a nice floral dress

  6. Great staples, some of these items were already on my to buy list (light wash jeans, oversized tank, bandage skirt and floral dress), but I still didn't find the perfect ones...

  7. Great post!
    your blog is very to watch it :)

  8. Great blog! Keep it up,

  9. Awesome! I love all of the trends you highlighted xP

  10. lovely must haves. i'd want to add tribal prints & gladiator sandals, yes a bit "trendy" but fun for summer nonetheless.

    love the idea of bring back acid washed jeans, i think they're due for a comeback as long as not paired with tacky 80s neon :)

  11. Well done, very inspiring! Your tips and writing are superb! Cheers!

  12. Anonymous

    stop apologizing every time you don't post in awhile! it's unnecessary, we're just thankful when you DO post :)

  13. great spring staples-looking forward to pt.2-which i assume there is since this is pt 1?

  14. Anonymous

    ahhh i love your blog sooo much. but i recently stumbled upon your writes for Gotham Magazine. your the shit girl.

  15. with a couple of exceptions, you've pretty much summed up my spring wardrobe!

    the highwaists, esp when they're a little baggy arsed are perfect! and they really shouldn't be..

  16. great post! makes me want to go shopping sooo badly! I love your blog

  17. Lovely post! The best of them all is, perhaps, the bandage skirt - love the looks!

  18. hey girl, first i gotta say ur blog is so cute! youre one of my daily go-to blogs...

    also i noticed that youre looking for a shelf for your shoes. im not sure what kinda shelf youre looking for, but i own a furniture store in LA and may have what you want. take a look:

    its worth a shot, and if u end up liking something, ill totally hook you up!

  19. Anonymous

    hey i was wondering what were the names of the last two songs you played on your blog? :)

  20. Anonymous

    does anyone have any idea where to get the shoes that freja is wearing in picture no. 3 of the oversize tank? i love them even though they look like regular sneakers!

  21. great post! looks like the only thing I'm missing is the light wash jeans now. oh and I can never get enough of the other stuff :P

  22. Mmmm chunky shoes. I'm on the lookout for some skinny lightwash jeans though I have a couple of wide legs I've been wanting to test drive too.

    I miss your posts!!

  23. Ah! I have those shoes from Target! Hahha, I totally love them!

  24. a dream come true indeed. awesome post! link up?

  25. okay i was about to comment on your kick ass blog entry until....

    tell me more!

  26. Yay! I wear my bandage skirt everywhere. im undecided about the chunky the blog

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