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The Spring Break

March 20, 2008

Thank god midterms are over! And thank god I can finally clean my room, surf the web, and hang out with friends without the guilt of homework overwhelming my mind. Throughout sporadic moments of studying, I tend to daze off into the abyss of what the internet has to offer. Namely, I venture towards pages that are more aesthetically pleasing to the eyes: editorials, older fashion shows, and even model lifestyle. But how great is it when you stumble upon a photographer that depicts all of your favorite aspects into a collaboration of photographs? Pretty amazing if you ask me.

As I explained many posts back (The Closet Tour), if my closet is discombobulated, unfortunately, so are my thoughts. Don't ask me how, but my closet is a lot messier now than they are in these pictures. Who knows, I might get another closet post since my closet is getting a slight makeover.

This is more of a stalling post; I am working on the Spring Staples right now. And on top of that, I'm party planning for a masked party. Shall be a blast.

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13 responses:

  1. I just love your blog! It was one of the first fashion blogs I stumbled upon, and it is still one of my favorites. I have created a blog of my own, and I hope you can take a look!

    Love your outfits and congratulations on your previous 100th post!

  2. Anonymous

    great pictures, I've always love Paolo's work

  3. Thank you for finding a new photographer for me to adore.I love all of those ,does he have a website?

    By the way I love your style ,very cute.

  4. I think there's a lot of us in the same situation... midterms suck, and I'm not even done yet!
    I loved the post, specially the picture of the row of models beneath the sunlight.


  5. Omg your blog is fricking amazing!
    Where do you find these fab photos?!!

  6. Ooh great blog!!

    I love this post, the pictures are sooo beautiful.

    And I love this song too!!

  7. I'm looking forward to this Spring Staples post :)

  8. Emily

    I just found your blog and I'M IN LOVE WITH IT :)

    I'm strongly considering blogging, but I'm not sure. I'll either spend all of my time on it or spend none of my time on it.

  9. awesome!
    I love your blog and I linked it on mine =D

  10. a Gripping Universe, a delicate and subtle mix of "Burlesque" and evanescent "Néo-Romanticism" . . .

    Cordially, Antoine

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