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The Lazy Sunday

March 16, 2008

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend; I somehow ended up in a stripper bar Saturday night -- just felt like I had to throw that in. Don't worry though, I was a mere observer. Here's a lazy post for a lazy day.

What I wore to a Sunday brunch with my parents:

Depending on the look I'm going for, I love tucking my shirt in. It gives a more polished look and lengthens the legs. I'm only 5'5, so I don't exactly have mile long legs, but the extra 5 inches and accenting the waist line help give a long, lean look.

I mean, see the difference? Tip of the day: try tucking your shirt in sometimes. Maybe it's the stance, because I look so stumpy in this picture and so tall in the other!
  • Shirt: Hanes
  • Jeans: Ksubi in Squawk
  • Ring: Lenora Dame
  • Shoes: Nine West
  • Purse: Betsey Johnson

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38 responses:

  1. Anonymous

    Im in love with your purse:)!

  2. you've made me a believer

    love the outfit
    love the jeans
    and most def
    am feeling the shoes

    stay chic ;]

  3. sillysara495

    adorable outfit!!! I usually am not a fan of the tucked in shirt, but you definitely succeeded in making it look very chic!

  4. Anonymous

    i love your shoes and purse! you have a great style.
    good blog!

  5. I love how a tucked in shirt looks, but since I have a long torso, I can only tuck when I have high-waisted pants on.

    p.s. you're shoes are really cute!

  6. Anonymous

    you're such a skinny mini! how much do you weigh?

  7. Actually, I think it looks better not tucked in... all the extra fabric in your shirt stands out and throws the look off...but i do love the simple chicness of the outfit and the Betsey purse

  8. Liah

    Is that the best you can do Rachel? The shirt looks extra sloppy and doesn't go well with your entire outfit --- you could've chosen a cuter shirt from Charlotte Russe or sumthin'.

  9. cute cute shoes. not sure how i feel about tucking in shirts on myself, but it looks alright on you.

  10. Awesome shoes! Shirts nearly always look better tucked in, I think.

  11. Anonymous

    I think you look fabulous... and you are such a skinny mini - but in a good way! =)

  12. Oh my!
    The difference is incredible!
    I love your purse =]

  13. you do tshirt and jeans insanely well

  14. Anonymous

    you look darling! are the nine west shoes, are the at all comfortable? i've always bought shoes from there, worn them once and then donated them to goodwill because they killed my feet!

  15. Tucked in does look great indeed, but you don't look stumpy in the 2nd pic at all! Maybe if it was a V-neck the loose fit of the T would actually have an elongating effect? the ring - wicked: love it!

    Btw Raych, I have a question. We haven't got American Apparel over here, and my aunt is coming from the U.S. so I am thinking about ordering some basic stuff. Would you do a post on your american apparel favorites? That would give me a lot of ideas. I'm particularly confused about dresses!

    ps: do u have the interlock mini skirt? the "what size to order" dilemma is killing me! and did u ever try on the skort thingies, are they really like the mini skirt but safer?


  16. Spectacular shoes! The entire outfit is so simple and chic.
    I discovered your blog one minute ago and I'm enjoying it :-)

  17. I love love LOVE those shoes!

  18. It looks so much more polished tucked in, and the bag is fabulous!

  19. Anonymous

    good thing you picked the cute orange and white shoes over the black ones.


  20. yes, this is a look i love too.
    especially with my most loyal white simple tee.
    and killer heels really finishes it off.

    so the first outfit wins for me, clearly!

  21. I love the look, nice outfit :) I would tuck the shirt

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  23. You're the perfect girl.


  24. i love the tucked in look. i tried it some time last year after a hiatus of close to eight years. i have pics on my own site :)

    anyhows, love your blog and am adding it to my blog roll

  25. Anonymous

    think about getting your jeans hemmed. all that extra fabric just makes you look shorter and unkempt.

  26. Erm, I want to steal your shoes. As a 5'1" girl definitely agree with setting a high-waist to give the illusion of length.

  27. love the bag!!
    i also really adore the shoes, tuck in the shirt you lok fab with it tucked in!

  28. Anonymous

    Love that is perfect!

  29. Haughty Casualness with a subtly sulfurous vibe, especially with these "fetish" Peep-toe Heels !!!

    Cordially, Antoine

  30. I have those jeans.
    Love your style, love your blog.

  31. Love your outfit!
    The purse and the shoes are very cute

  32. Sarah

    Hi! I have to say I'm infatuated with your bag. I saw it in your blog a little while ago and I just have to know what the name of it is. Betsey Johnson "______". I can't find it anywhere!

    It's absolutely stunning.
    Love the shoes too. :)

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