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The 100th Post

March 11, 2008

I must say, Theodore and I had a blast making this video! Who knows, we might end up doing this every season. It took us about two hours to record, half a day for me to edit, and another half a day to get this post up.

From watching this video numerous of times, I’ve come to the conclusion that my compulsiveness of touching my hair and saying ‘like’ and ‘I mean’ uncontrollably is extremely embarrassing; it’s a nervous habit that's hard to shake. I don't sound superciliously in person as I do in the video, for that I apologize. And I really put this disclaimer up because I wanted to filter the "dumb ditz" or "valley girl" comments.

Without further ado:

After video editing this, I realized that I didn’t answer very many questions. In fact, it's mostly Ted and I messing around – entertaining to the say least. So, here are some more answers:

Lately, I’ve been checking out a lot of Rumi’s Fashion Toast. I love her outfits! But before I discovered Rumi, I’d constantly check up on for trends discussion, model street wear, and runway looks. Not to mention the very obvious, the one and only, The Sartorialist.

Every thing I know on the computer is self taught. When I was much younger, I used to be interested in computer graphics design but grew out of it very quickly. So through that, I carried my graphic design skill to this blog.

I use Jasc Paintshop Pro 7. I know there are probably 13 different versions of Jasc Paintshop, but I keep it old school. I use very simple tools to make the collages, so programs such as Adobe Photoshop can easily handle the tasks, if not better than my program.

The main reason I don’t usually answer this question is because,
  1. Explaining the process is much too long, especially when the question gets asked about once a week.
  2. I don’t want every other blog to have the same image features as me. It’s one of the only things that keep my blog unique in my opinion.

But for the sake of my 100th post, and the fact that I owe it to you guys, here's the gist of how I make images:

I first take an image, usually off of, and outline the edges with a cutting tool. Since I have about six images for each collection and an average of five collections per post, I don't want to sit and precisely cut out 30 images. Therefore, I do the magazine cutout style; it saves times and still looks good.

After I cut out each picture, I paste it onto a blank canvas. From there on, I keep adding and stacking the pictures atop one another. Once I have the girls in an order that flows well, I add accents: drop shadows, words, etc.

To begin with, I ask myself a few questions.
  1. Is this trend worthy enough to post?
  2. How can I lay it out and interpret my thoughts into these pictures
  3. Are the pictures easily attainable? 
  4. Will websites with all budgets have the pictures I want?
Once figured out, I start my search by going through each website for different items in different ranges. Like this Philip Lim dress, this would obviously be labeled with a 'spoil'. I then have to pick 3 more images that meet these criteria:
  1. Does the image have a white backdrop? Otherwise, the collage would look sloppy.
  2. Does it fit the price range I'm looking for? How about the trend?
  3. Have I used this website too much?
  4. What's a good example to use? Runway? Celeb? Socialite?
Yeah, it's a lengthy processes, which is why I'm dreading the Spring Staples that I have to post soon. By the way, for newer readers, if you have no idea what I'm talking about, every season I post the 5-7 must-haves for the current season. Here's last seasons: The Winter Staples.

First I grab the first picture I want to use and paste it onto a template of a notebook. I resize the picture accordingly to the fit of the images -- it's like a puzzle. Then, I paste in other pictures add words and voilá! Your season staples.

First I grab an image I want. Any image, usually an editorial. I select the typing tool, and there are option on the bottom (sorry it's not clear); I select "selection". By selecting that, it makes a selection around the image I want, with the letter I want.

If you look in the black box I outlined, you can kind of make out the selection outline of the letter T, that means that I can copy it.

Then I paste it into a blank canvas. Rinse, lather, repeat.

Aren't we all quick to judge based solely on appearance? Well, I work -- a lot. Most of the stuff I buy are either on sale or just inexpensive. I almost NEVER buy anything full price, with the exception of American Apparel since their popular cuts never go on sale. The only thing I splurge on are purses and jeans, you know, once every blue moon. I pay for half of my schooling, and since I've been picking extra bucks up lately at the new job, I decided to relieve my mom of my phone bills. I have my responsibilities outside of my blogging life; the last thing I want to be labeled is a dead weight daughter who benefits from my parent's wealth.

I hope that answers a lot of questions! If I didn't get to your question here or in the video, it's probably because I plan on posting about it later! I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. Ted wants to read his comments, so say sexy things to him.

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44 responses:

  1. Danica

    You guys are HILARIOUS! not that you aren't funny and great normally, but you are so much fun "in person" as well. Love it!

  2. Anonymous

    Definitely a memorable post. Love your blog...when I "discovered" it, I read ALL the posts! Much love to you and your awesome outfit...and you have to keep on blogging.
    And isn't Rumi (from Fashion Toast) just amazing?!

  3. you two the are the cutest things ever! please make more video posts! :)

  4. Anonymous

    I loved this post! It's weird, I feel like after reading your blog since your first few posts, and now seeing you on video, you are a friend or something. I'm not trying to be stalkerish, because obviously if I you saw me on the street, you would not recognize me at all (except you would think to yourself, who is that fabulous girl? :P). I love the video concept, I think you should begin doing it more often. How about wearing todays on video? That would be awesome, because we would see the entire outfit and how it moves.

    P.S. I love your California style. I would love to dress like that and be all tan and have the beachy hair, but alas I live in the uptight upper east side where that looks bizarre to people.

    P.P.S. I definitely respect you more knowing that you work enough to pay your phone bill and most of your clothes.

    P.P.P.S. I know you and that guy are "best friends" but you guys are so cute together! I just can't tell if he's gay or not (sorry Ted if you're straight lol).

  5. Aww, happy 100th post! I love your site and I'm happy for you. Most bloggers don't last this long so props to you :)

    Much <3
    Briana of College Fashion .Net

  6. xoxo

    LOVED the video blog haha
    you two are hilarious =D

    i've got a quick question that maybe you can save for your next video blog. i love american apparel but i've always been iffy about buying online (and paying all that extra S+H, ugh.) i was wondering if you buy it from the website or is there some mysterious AA store in irvine that i have yet to discover?

    ted, hi sexy ;P

  7. Chic !!!

    Hi from Paris !
    Your blog is great !
    Are you interested in Fashion ?
    Have a look at :
    I would be glad to have your point of view …

    Many Thankx

  8. Ted! this is for you

    DAYUM BOI you so fine ;)
    btw I love the glasses where did u get them? I want them! I've been looking EVERYWHERE for glasses like that *sigh*

    I loved your video it was hilarious and I def think it's brave of you to do a video post I dont think I ever will I'm too chicken!

    Rumi is an inspiration I've been lurking around her blog since before she posted regularly and there were almost no readers. I'm ALWAYS on tfs too and bravo on the graphics! I dont know if this is the case but whatever i've learned is because i was a TOTAL computer geek in middle school... yea pretty sad

    btw you're like the ONLY person i know that uses jasc PSP everyone uses adobe photoshop and when i tell them how to do things they have no clue what i'm talking about because i'm a total jasc girl!

    p.s. i saw someone said hunington beach... do u live in the OC my boyfriends parents live in Newport Beach! that would be quite a small world!

    p.p.s. keep blogging I LOVE IT!

  9. Joanna Ng

    Hey! Awesome video post!
    You're so lucky that it's actually warm in Cali.
    I'm from New York City and it's cold.
    I go to school upstate and it's even colder.
    I absolutely cannot wait til the weather gets warmer cos wearing my winter jacket is depressing :(
    I love that purple AA top!

    P.S. Ted, awesome glasses!

  10. Debbie

    Hey. Love the video and how you both have a.d.d. and it was more of an interesting fun blogging video than answering questions. lol but it's okay because that was entertaining. You both should just do video blogs because they are so fun. I absolutely love american apparel and your blog is awesome.

    p.s. ted is such a sexy beast. You should have him blog on your site more often. he is so funny! he is like your male version and he has style! is he single?

  11. Ted wants to keep his character a mystery and rather have me answer all the questions.

    Plus he "never reads my blog", but I know he regulates here often. That's how he found my birthday present.

    Xoxo - I normally go to the one in Santa Ana, or if I'm in the area, Huntington Beach.

    Here are the store locations. The Santa Ana one is pretty small, so I would call ahead of time to see if they have the item you want in stock.

    Anonymous #2 - Ted and I would never date; it's almost incest. And I'd love to make more videos, but it takes out the anticipation. Also, if you ever see me on the streets, say hi! It'll be fate if it ever happens since we live opposite of one another.

    Jillian - I was (still am) a closet computer geek. *Snort* Those glasses are actually mine, in fact, all the props were.I got them from Urban Outfitters. And yes, Ted and I live in Orange County, 15 minutes away from Newport.

    Debbie - It's partially why Ted and I get along so well; we're so alike in so many ways. He completes me. I like crunchy fries, and he likes soggy ones. I like orange and yellow sour patches, and he likes green and red. Nuff' said. Oh and he's single, and he just IMed me (and I'm ignoring him again)

    Ted: Debbie wants me
    Me: Don't lie to yourself
    Ted: She said it
    Me: Dope

    Story of our relationship.

  12. well i hope i bump into you this summer i'll be in newport for most of july this summer haha

    kind of odd.... because i haunt met his parents yet! AHH! not til may i'm so nervous!!!

    i LOVE the glasses!!! and i'm still a computer geek (i just like to pretend i'm cool now)

  13. cute post. i love how the masks kept changing randomly!

  14. I was cracking up. I love you guys. Ted, will you marry me, Rachel, if Ted and I don't work out, will you marry me?

    LOL. I love your blog.

  15. mimi

    i love your blog and your video was great, your soo gorgeous and you seem to have such a great personality! i was wondering where your white top is from? the purples one AA right? make sure you do more videos soon! x

  16. My eyes were completely glued to this video, your friend was so funny! And well gave great advice. And its so tru what you said about you should do it if you luv it...nbot getting discouraged.This post was one of the best posts I have come across by far. Not just on this blog but out of all the blogs I look at this is one of my favorite posts for sure!

  17. Hey its me again! Can I just say that I love that song from the music video you put up on your blog. "This Providence" is awesome!

  18. hey since you are such an american apparel fan you might be interested in a 15% off coupon for them I have on my blog! Check it out. It's also free shipping for orders over $50 ;)

  19. That was rather interesting!! :) I blog too much as well. None of my friends ever read my blog, or I don't think so. Oh welll...

  20. "blogging comes first, there's no such thing as friendship"

    oh how this made me laugh!

    what a fantastic video; I guess it was a lengthy process in all, but seriously, you should make more of these; would make your blog totally unique.

    and you and Ted make a great team.. do it! ha.

    ps, so jealous of the lovely cali's rained here in england, no joke.

  21. oh and to answer your question i'll be in cali sometime in june or july! i'm so excited... u know i havnt even met his parents yet though... not til may when he graduates i'm super SUPER nervous!

  22. Your blog is a dream to read!! So lovin it and linkin you! Found you on Thefashionspot.

  23. Ah, you're adorably cute! I've just come across your blog, congratz to your 100th post! I'm already in love with it. So you're Vietnamese, too? High five!

  24. i watched this entire video and was literally laughing out loud. what a great idea! you two are hillarious & your photo editing tutorial was awesome.

    happy 100th post!!


    p.s. ted will definitely be reading the blog more now that he knows he's developed some groupies! (hi ted ;) )

  25. aww man, I was looking forward to watching a video, but it seems its unavailable? anyway, I like the fonts on your site and the overall layout, very simple, but pretty

  26. hehe cool I got both my questions answered :) I'm hooked on Rumi's FashionToast as well:)
    video was totally cute :)

  27. LOVE this video, you are just as ADD and valley girl as I am. I didn't even grow up in a valley yet I am afflicted (quite strongly)! I have to compensate by utilizing large obnoxious words to confuse people into not knowing whether or not I'm a genius or an Asian Tiffany.

    Oh and can I just say that I'm probably extremely fashion don't-worthy because I've worn my magenta AA lame bra thing to the beach like three times in the past month? I don't know why I'm admitting that, I really didn't have to.

    Anyway, hilarious video, Ted layers and print-mixes more bravely than all the males I have ever known, I think. Too bad I moved to the cold( north before we could meet up! Ooh and I never knew how to make lettering out of photos, so thanks :)

  28. Ooh and sorry to double-comment, but thank you/commenters for the shoutout and love! <3

  29. Anonymous

    You guys are too cute. I really liked the video.

  30. OMG, you guys are totally cute! I love it so much! :)

  31. Anonymous

    Such a delightful discovery of yr blog Raych and Ted! And thank you for being so generous with yr computer tech know-hows on yr blogging milestone achievement. Yr video was fun and very natural and definitely original. Think it made a 'real' connection with yr readers. Will keep checking in for more fun reads.

  32. hi ted, youre sexy. sweet blog, you guys were very entertaining.

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