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The One Year Anniversary

February 8, 2008

This virtual world of fashion is taking its way by storm. Easily, we are all connected through a simple click of the mouse and transported to different worlds of fashion. Readers and bloggers unite in a once small community, but now is becoming a main source available at your fingertips. This my friends, is the world of fashion blogging.

One year ago, January 30, 2007, I established this blog with no direction. I received my first comment, really not knowing how that person directed themselves to That's Chic, then realized the commitment I made to continuously update this blog. I was excited to nurture That's Chic and watch it grow.

Though I sometimes neglect blogging, I'm constantly looking for inspiration -- a drive. I see my blog as a journal, particularly kept of ideas and graphic art. At times, I go back and acknowledge the progression I made and watch my personal ideas formulate and build onto another. I observe the transitions and changes I slightly fixate - ones that are ever so slight, you wouldn't notice it until a few end products after.

It all seems so nostalgic; many of you watched me grow up through this small peephole I drilled. And as many of you mentioned in my previous post, you watched me grow not only as a person but fashionably as well. Everyday I learn more and more about this industry and become more and more inspired to maintain a healthy blog. I never expected That's Chic to be where it is right now. Like I said, it was a journal kept to keep ideas, rather than resorting to useless twelfth-tier magazine stacks with jots of notes and post-its stuck in between.

Another thing, behind the scenes of That's Chic, each post is its own entity -- each loosely connected to personal memories at the time written. Indeed, these posts conjure a narrative awash of fashion, but reading through them, I am also inclined to remember the tears of a breakup, a glee through a hard day's work paid off, or even something as simple as an unexpected thank you to inspired a post.

Ultimately, I want to thank my readers whom stuck with me throughout. To me, this is more than a fashion blog, this is my work conjured up into a public display of idealized inspiration and a product of a little will power.

As a result, a few of my favorite inspirations that keeps me going:

As a rule of thumb, a woman never reveals her age. However, if you're Carine Roitfeld, I wouldn't be surprised if she broadcasted her age across the universe; after all, she looks amazing for someone of 50. Though she can appear tired at times, I find her eyes, framed by heavy brows and a fierce hairline, striking! Her legs are also looking fabulous. Regarding past her physical aspects, it is frank that more than half of her outfits seem unachievable, but she pulls it off without a doubt. The picture is a bit hidden in the collage, but there is something about the way Carine wears a botched up trench skirt with that effortless grey sweater that screams casual chic. And don't get me started on the yellow skirt; I always appreciate a woman who takes fashion risks. And what I'd give to go through her shoe collection.

Damn i-D for being hard to find and expensive when found. The pages are full of overwhelming eye candy and inspiration. What's funny is, I didn't even realize that every cover had the exact same eye covered until pretty recently -- I'm fairly oblivious to these types of observations. I love the creativeness of each issue, it's like Nylon magazine taken to the next step, but I don't mind resorting to cheaper magazines: Nylon, Teen Vogue, and RIP Jane.

I personally think fashion models have the best street style. Aside from other mentionable chic models, I really like Natasha. Whether it's on the runway, editorial, or in her own time, she works her natural beauty. I love her casual chicness with that touch of grunge and the seldom sophistication.

And of course, there’s The Cobrasnake. I can’t help but to enamor each picture as it captures youthful exuberance, complete freedom, the perfect moment, utter happiness. I don't know whether it's the signature brightness juxtaposed against the dark, urban party scenes, or the actual 'it girls' themselves that gives Mark's photos such flavor. Either way, he is doing his job -- well. It's a constant reminder that I'm still young (especially now that I drown myself with school work and work projects) and I need to celebrate my youth and remain giddy with recklessness complimented by a sense of independence.

Lastly, I bundled up a few of my favorite blogging projects and ‘wearing today's as a small aide-mémoire to remind myself to continue and grow regardless of any obstacles in my way -- speaking of course in a general matter of a possible epiphany. I can continue to gradually build upon ideas and always make it better than the last. Oh, the Seasonal Staples that I dread doing for it take forever to do, but the result is worth it. And the "Accessories of a _____" that I had fun doing but haven't gotten around to making more. There's also the Editorial Calendar that I hold onto with pride. For the Wearing Todays, I chose the bottom right because it is pretty much my every day wear, unless I am working. And I chose another from quite a while ago because of the color palette and it was buried under the archives and I wanted to resurrect it.

This post was actually very refreshing and I regret not getting to it sooner. As I said earlier many times before, I originally wanted to broadcast a live video post, but it didn't work out and I'm glad! I started to feel the butterflies as I realized more and more how camera-shy I would be. I thought long and hard of the direction I wanted to go with this post, and I am pleased with the results. Also, being that I am so refreshed, I am conjuring a lot of ideas for future posts. I suppose that's the outcome of staring at four inspirations for 3 hours as I finish up this post.

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32 responses:

  1. I LOVE your blog.
    Your writing and ideas for the posts are so amazingly fresh and enjoyable! It's really a pleasure to find someone out there with such taste willing to share everything you have inside.
    Keep it up!


    PS. Did I mention I LOVE your blog?

  2. PS2. I absolutely enjoyed the previous entry!!!!!!!!!!


  3. carine and poly are some of the best

  4. This post was so fun to read, great collages too! We share a few of the same inspirations.

  5. melanie

    After the last post episode, it's nice to see you redeem yourself.

  6. a reader from Hawaii

    Your blog is truly an inspiration for this small town island girl. Congratulations! :o)

  7. Hippie gal

    those collages are amazing, i love yor blog! keep up the good work. your blog never fails to distract me from my studies. i love you silly.

  8. Congrats! I never knew how much work a blog took until I started my own, and now I appreciate you even more for coming up with posts that keep us coming back here everyday for more. Your blog matches your style, happy anniversary!

  9. Anonymous

    that was...underwhelming, to say the least.

  10. Happy Anniversary!!

    I never heard of i-D. Now I must scope it out!

  11. Anonymous

    I think you are a great writer and am glad to read your newest post… especially after the disaster of the last heated debates in comments column. I do feel bad commenting anonymously (my foreign blog ID won’ work!) but bare with me.
    You are so brave and I respect you so much :-) Keep it up!!

  12. Carine Roitfeld= style icon!
    She embodies and lives style.

  13. Love Cobrasnake as well!! And your blog is amazing, very interesting posts. Linking you ;)

  14. congrats on one year and you've been tagged

  15. Lily

    Those collages are great! I've read your blog for almost a year now and I look forward to every post! Your blog helps to guide me in the right fashio direction!

    Love Ya,

    P.S. Do you have any suggestions for a budding fashionista on how to start building a fashion-forward wardrobe? Any staples?

  16. lily

    P.P.S. I was also wondering where you learned how to make those clickable collages. I think they are so cool && I would love to learn how to make them! Thanks

  17. Anonymous

    thanks for a great year of blogging!
    any chance for the spring staples any time soon? i think that might be my favorite part of this blog!
    keep up the good work!

  18. your collages are amazing !i especially love the outcome ..

  19. happy anniversary!
    great collages!

  20. happy anniversary!
    natasha and carine really are amazing (and so is your blog).

  21. yea i guess ID is amazing but so is Dazed and Confused and more recent Wound magazine

  22. Anonymous

    yaay!! happy anniversary!

    maybe in celebration you and teddy should do another video blog! haha!! you guys are so entertaining/ funny to watch!

  23. I LOVE i-D too, it's just so amazing I want to make a shrine to each copy... also, Carine is a massive inspiration to me and Natasha Poly is just such a good model - she is so versatile...

  24. Awww I am sad I wasn't around for this. I discovered your blog last summer, but it, along with only two other fashion blogs, is one of my favorite online reads! Congrats on what, like a year and a half (plus some?). We appreciate you, Raych. Your blog keeps getting better and better, I love how picture heavy it is, I love your wearing today and I think your ebay auctions are great. I also like how you focus more on editorials from magazines than celebrities. As a photographer, I really enjoy them.

    Thanks for everything :]


  25. get i-D magazine at standard issue at the lab!

  26. Wow, What an exhilarating post! I'm glad to have lucked up and found your blog, I'm addicted now! Thank you for the inspiration as I begin the journey of my own fashion blog and identity.

    ~Smooches, MissQ

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