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The Milan Fashion Week F/W0809

February 24, 2008

Milan and Paris, unsurprisingly, are my favorite locations for fashion week; it's definitely like the Super Bowl of fashion. I also prefer F/W Ready to Wear to S/S Ready to Wear, so you can imagine my enthusiasm.

Rather than breaking up Milan's fashion week into separate parts, I realize that it'll be more overwhelming (in a good way) to splash into this crazed world of fashion all at once. Care to join?

For the most part, I like how this is styled in terms of mixing color and fabrics. The collection stays true to expectancy, nothing new yet nothing old, and for that Consuelo gets kudos for great consistency. I also think the pieces will look extraordinary individually. I hate saying anything bad about Marni because it's one of my favorite labels; I do love the variation of fabric and colors and how cohesive the collection is, but is it a little too Prada inspired?

You know, with the exception of the random, high ski beanies, I actually like this collection, even though its repetition at best. This to me screams fall/winter with the gorgeous autumn colors and if you check out the details via, you'll come face to face with exquisite accessories ranging from spiky bracelets to towering patent platforms. What really took the collection home for me and saved it, were the feather dresses; I'd love to get my hands on one. I also like the how Christopher tried to modernize the classic soul of Burberry with play of embellishments. 

This is probably one of my favorite collections in Milan -- a stunning, cohesive yet diverse collection. I can't even begin to call out my favorite pieces for I'm almost speechless. I love the creative neckline of Agyness's coat and the oh-so elegant dress on Lily is to die for! The collection had a few dresses that would suit S/S more (like the one-shoulder pink dress), aside from being the black sheep, I would love to see similar dresses in the S/S09 collection. I didn't realize that my picks were siding towards the brighter parts of her collection, but the darker pieces are equally gorgeous. Did I mention how fierce the shoes are?! I love it! I miss the long, flowy hair and I hope to see that next time. Oh, and more brownie points: Daria opened and closed the show. Leave it to Versace to save fashion week.

I didn't like this collection at all at first, of course, things always find a way to grow on me. Prada has this way of provoking everyone's attention -- whether you love it or hate it. Surely enough, the collection is heavy on the eyes and the epitome grandma chic, which appeals to certain people, but certainly not everyone. But what I love about Prada is that it's constantly redefining standards, blending in fashion and art. So while I don't like this collection in a practical view, I can say that I'm head over heels for it in an art exhibition way. 

When the pictures started flowing in for Missoni, I was pretty shocked to see the lack of an overwhelming use of bright patterns. I normally don't care for Missoni, but maybe it's the fact that she went in a completely different direction, or maybe it's the fact that the collection has this a la Marni feel to it. But I love how Angela still keeps true to her roots with bright saturated colors that still work perfectly together. And may I say that I love Tanya's pink/orange outfit and Lily's dress.

Now looking at this, I don't like it as much as I did before. I particularly like Mariacarla's dress that display great movement, prints, and (usually despised) ruffles. There's some good variety along with some strange, odd pieces. Maybe I like how she channeled Viktor & Rolf in terms of inspired men's wear or Balenciaga's coats. Maybe not, now that I'm slowly losing appeal as I talk about it. 

Milan was either a hit or miss for me this season, at least there's Paris is starting! What was your favorite show in Milan? What disappointed you? Who are you looking forward to see in Paris?

I'm almost afraid to blog about Paris FW because these take a while to do, and I have my mind set on blogging about: Dior, Westwood, Comme Des Garçons, Lacroix, McQueen, Chanel, Chloé, Lavin (!) and Miu Miu. Can't wait.

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21 responses:

  1. Great post! This might seem like kind of a dumb question, but how do you put all those runway looks together on a plain white background? I haven't been able to figure it out, and it looks so much nicer than a bunch of crammed0together looks.

  2. the versace collection is stunning! I was also wondering how you do all of the photo collages: they're fantastic!

  3. p.s. do you think we could trade links?
    thanks :)

  4. I'm usually not a Versace fan but I LOVE LOVE LOVE this collection!

  5. I've been reading your blog for awhile now and felt it was finally time to comment. I really love your posts and am so happy when you get around to updating because your posts are always so enjoyable. I agree that Milan and Paris are the best weeks, and am so excited for paris to start. and looking at Lanvin's pre-fall i think we're in for a huge treat!

  6. My favourites were definitely Burberry and Missoni!
    Great post! :)


  7. I really loved Versace this season, although I'm usually not really a fan of Donatella's. Too glam, too offensively sexy.
    Etro was great too, as well as Byblos and Gucci (although I was a bit undecided at first, but now I love it).
    I can't tell you how excited I am for Paris! Balmain yesterday was so amazing already.

  8. Anonymous

    Your posts look amazing! I have no idea how much work it takes, but I wanted to let you know that the results are phenomenal!

  9. woeful student

    great post, spot on commentary, albeit a little late :)

    i feel like an expert on the fw collections because for my spanish class we were told last week really briefly that we would be making magazines, so over the weekend i got too excited and made the whole thing, complete with agyness on the cover in oscar de la renta! it was entirely in spanish with only hispanic designers and it was utterly fabulous. i mapped out the trends and offered affordable alternative solutions by means of accessories and such... so i thought i was ahead of the game and about to get an A+ when today i'm told that the project has been called off!

    haha at least i have the makings of a great spanish fashion mag...

  10. Fashioncorecaster - Thanks, and it's great to hear from the quiet ones. And Paris is never boring... although, Dior makes me want to blog about it sooner.

    Woeful Student - That's terrible! You poor thing. If it's as good as you say it is (which I'm sure it is), I would submit some scans to a Spanish speaking blog and hopefully get it published! Miss a la Playa is an awesome Spanish blog! (Her link is in my blogroll to the right) That way, all your work doesn't go totally unnoticed (:

  11. Anonymous

    I like your taste in music, kitsune maison is awesome!

    I also want to know how you make your banner and all the images in your website, i love it. and I can't wait to hear your report on paris!!

  12. A good pics!

    I like them all ,especially burberry and Marni.

  13. Nothing overly spectacular but I do like each of the collections for their individual shining quality.

  14. Love the post. Please plase post about Paris Fashion Week. The French have got it going on.

  15. I loved all the collections you posted about. Milan Fashion Week has been my favorite so far, alot of wearable pieces that would transfer well to RTW :)


  16. love your graphics....
    nice post!

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