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February 27, 2008

When Chanel Resort 2007 came out with the gladiators boots, I initially was repulsed as I thought to myself, "too tacky, too much". Then Mary-Kate was seen wearing them and offered me new perspective; I still thought it was too much. The extreme gladiator sandals have been mentioned in blogs for a while now, but more-so recently. Inevitably, it started to grow on me.

I forgot whose blog it was (feel free to comment so I can mention you), but she had a link up on Ebay for these gladiator boots. I thought about buying it on the spot, but instead I lurked around the Ebay pages for a few weeks while I thought of what would look good with it.

I caved in.

Romper: Urban Outfitters (it's getting HOT in California)
Shoes: Ebay

What do you think? I got a lot of positive and negative comments that day, and plenty of stares or double-takes.

And a little side story, when I say negative comments, I mean, negative comments. After school, I stopped by my friend's house, and there were about four people over. The second I walked through the door, all eyes were on my feet, then a huge uproar of laughter. As a result, it completely dampened my confidence in these boots (I feel weird calling them boots). But once I got home, I looked at the pictures of Chanel Resort and Mary-Kate; only then, I started to consider buying matching white ones.

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53 responses:

  1. to be honest, i'm not really digging them!

  2. Anonymous

    I think they're cool, and you certainly paired them well with short shorts. You could always wear them under jeans if you wanted a more subtle look.

  3. I say, they look fabulous. (So do you, btw!)
    They're such an amazing statement, and you really pulled them off.
    And about people... never mind them. Who said regular people understand deep fashion dares? Exactly. I know people can bring you down, but seriously, you look amazing. Keep it up!!


  4. Anonymous

    A bit much for my personal taste, but I think you pull them off really well!

  5. their amazing! who makes them?/ how much were they?

  6. they are wonderful. i ordered a pair in black myself. just waiting for them to arrive in the mail. i love how you paired them with shorts. i'm expecting a lot of those negative comments when i wear mine out.

  7. I personally think that if you have the right outfit...which you do and the right legs which again you do it works.

    I love on you, but would hate on me.

    Kudos for your bravery and surviving the comments.

  8. Love em!

    I think all of the haters are just jealous that they can't rock them the way that you do.

  9. they're far too much for me, but I can reallyh see myself going in the same way as you and wanting a pair, as they do look pretty good on you. However, I've never been able to pull off the romper, let alone a risk like those.
    so we'll see
    but you look great

  10. I think they look good! I like how you paired them with the romper to give it a "safari chic" look...and i'm quite jealous of how hot its getting in California cuz its NOT like that in NC!

  11. Anonymous

    personally i love the shoes i think it may look better with a above the knee black dress like how mary kate wore it.

  12. personally, i like lower/ankle versions much better, but you really pull them off. i don't think i could.

  13. I love them!! I definitely don't think it's a look that everyone can work, but if you've got the attitude and confidence, then go for it! Again, I have to say, I love them!

  14. I love them. They look great on you. They do make a bold statement and bold statements are always going to have detractors. Be confident when you wear them the next time and remember all the people who love them. :)

  15. Ah, the first time I saw a picture of them, I was like.. wow what are these people thinking?

    There was a page in one of my usual magazines on them and all the celebreties wearing them but it still didn't make me like them..
    I guess I'm a little more ok with them, but meh.. if they weren't so high up I might like them better?
    I don't know..
    just not my style.

  16. shape-wise i think they look great with the romper. the only thing I can say is, maybe if the romper was a darker color, the boots would blend in more (not stand out as the only very black thing). still looks good though. I don't suppose you got negative comments from fashion-forward ppl: think of the negative commenters as gladiator-boot virgins who never had a chance of these growing on them. don'T worry about what they're saying, you look just great in them. besides, our age is probably the only age a person can pull-off such daring items, so we might as well have the most fun of it now, while we can.
    ps: pretty girls can pull off anything...

  17. I love it!

    It's effortless-ly cool :), the sandals are ohmygod, so beautiful. Sorry about the negative feedback you got, but don't worry those guys don't know anything about fashion ;), you look adorable

  18. Anonymous

    i don't love them, but if you wanna rock it, you need to have confidence. no doubting their chicness allowed! people will then think you look stupid and uncomfortable instead of unique and fashion forward.

    that said, they look better on you than on me. i'm swedish so my legs are really pale. and i'm pretty scrawny so the shape wouldn't even hold up hhahaha.

  19. i wasn't really a fan of tall gladiator sandles, and i didn't like them on mk either. but you look so good in them i'm starting to wonder if i should get a pair...

  20. Thanks for all the lovely comments. It definitely made my day!

    Here's the Ebay link to the shoes for anyone who is interested:

  21. hmm, I have conflicting views on them.They're a bit on the avante garde side which makes me happy ,but I think wearing a sandal and having the leather go up to my knees would feel awkward.

    But I'll go with the more positive side and say I like them.

  22. Anonymous

    Wow! You look very nice in them! I think you look great, keep on wearing them. You make me want to order a pair for myself.

  23. I HATE when someone can totally ruin your mood about your outfit with one comment! Usually I end up sulking around the rest of the day feeling ridiculous, and then going home and realizing that I actually do think I look good. And by the way...those look AWESOME. I'm completely jealous! It snowed here today so they won't be an option for a while here...

  24. it may look unusual at first, but that's what makes it so be perfectly honest, i like them, but i would prolly never wear them myself. you're right on one thing, i think it's too much.

    but fashion has always been about taking risks...and that alone my dear, makes a true fashionista.

  25. Well, that's a good compatibility we have, then.
    I'm flattered such a chic gorgeous lady would go to coffee with me. I might go to Cali someday sometime and we'll have that coffee in Rodeo.


  26. Anonymous

    i don't think the boots are too bad, but it's what you paired them with that makes them seem kind of awkward. mary-kate looks great in those cuz she wears so much other stuff with the outfit - shawl, hair accessories, big purse, etc and they're all in darker colors, so the boots are toned down.
    just my two cents.

  27. i know what you mean about feeling odd calling them boots, hah, they seem like rather elongated sandals in my mind, but nevertheless, they're amazing, regardless of what people might say.

    also, i'm terribly jealous of anyone that can get away with shorts and sandals right now.. it snowed last night here.

    also, this blog is love. consider me wooed.

  28. Anonymous

    cute, but not with the outfit :s

  29. The reactions are normal. People are like that when they see something "different" and immediately categorize it as "odd". I love the gladiators and wouldn't have a slight problem wearing them. The people around me (around us) are the ones who have a problem with them. But plain janes never became fashionistas. Fashion is a risk and it's when you stand out that people take notice and decide whether to applaud you or put you down. But really, eventually risk-takers get the last laugh.=) Just look at Coco Chanel and the great fashionistas who lived, but were once laughed at. Drop me a line sometime. Oh and please do link me too.

    Love lots,


  30. Whew! That was a long comment.=P

    Seriously, I applaud you for wearing that!=)

  31. haha I adore that song your currently "listening to" it's such a great one!

    I love the gladiator sandals don't care what anyone says if i saw you on the street i'd be thinking... how chic!

  32. You pulled it off though I'm not really a fan of those shoes. Love the shorts by the way

  33. I love them. Cheers to you for pulling off the look! I like the romper as well. I'm sure someone will see you and get inspired!

  34. have them on my to watch list for over 4 months now... so get your split perspective... the pic you tool rerally shows them off nicely... no hesitations... style-free ppl will always be around... ;o))
    just linked you with my site... would be cool if you'd do so too with
    thx for sharing
    greets from vienna

  35. Anonymous

    Those are FAB, and you certainly pulled them off!! :D I'm about to order them myself, though they look somewhat uncomfortable??

  36. THESE ARE AMAZING. Don't listen to the negative comments they seriously look sooooooo great! Love them

  37. I DO love it! Especially with the romper (which I undeniably lust for right now). You have a wonderful style!!! Don't let yourself be dragged down by mean comments or laughter. I mean, there are people who get it, and people who don't. That's how the cookie crumbles. Nonetheless, wear 'em. Wear 'em fierce!!

  38. Did you see the tan ones on ebay? LOVE.

  39. Very fun, I've been eyeing similar pairs for a while on eBay too but haven't caved mostly cause I think the boyfriend will balk. I'd probably just be lazy and go the denim shorts route. I have an unhealthy addiction to denim shorts, it must be my inner Britney.

  40. they are amazing so amazing so amazing
    i have the nude version they are my favoriteeeee

  41. Ashley

    I wish I could own atleast a couple items that you own. What do you do to afford this awesome fashion items?

  42. You really lucked out with those sandals from eBay! I'm not a big fan, but at least you look good! :)

  43. chris

    i have a love/hate relationship with those shoes. i've been eyeing them on ebay as well. you pull them off though.

    anon 1:10- but what would be the point of wearing those under jeans? might as well buy a pair of normal gladiators then!

  44. Anonymous

    A bit too much for ME, but they look great on you, really! If I saw someone like you wearing that oufit, honestly, I'd think cool!

    I love your style and really enjoy reading your posts!

  45. i really really adore them. i would get a pair if i could find them anywhere!

  46. Wow.. Looking gorgeous!! Gladiator sandals with mini dresses, short shorts, and capris look fabulous. Got a pair of gladiator sandals from Endless.

  47. uhhh to be honest the naysayers have no taste - you looked amazing. Good idea, and the sandals are awesome!

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