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The Accessories of Post-Cupid

February 17, 2008

Happy Belated Valentines Day! I hope you all had a fabulous holiday. Personally, I think it's overrated; but don't mind it, it could the bitterness talking. My philosophy is: why wait for a certain labeled day in a year to stress out about dinner reservations and picking out the perfect gift when it could be done any day of the year?! It's certainly a lot more romantic that way anyway.

I started to miss the reoccurring "Accessories of a _______" posts, so I really want to bring those back into the blog, starting with this late Valentine's Day one. If you want to check out my older ones, they should be under the August 2007 archive.

Clutch: Bottega Veneta - I've never been a huge fan of patent, especially when it screams ultra glossy. But this clutch justifies my view of patents with overtone of snakeskin texture -- a gorgeous clutch, really. It's the perfect size for both night and day and fits all the basic necessities.

Kit: Ho on the Go - How clever and comical is this idea? In this kit comes a thong, condoms, toothbrush/paste, and towelettes. It's totally promiscuous, but we live in a world where one night stands are glamorized. And to add insult to injury, I think hoes know how to pack their own night, but just in case (!), this kit comes in handy.

Lip Balm: Rosebud Salve - Keeping your lips soft throughout a date is a must; no guy want to kiss chapped lips. Leave it to Rosebud Salve to save the night for you. I live by this stuff, a little goes a long way and one tin can keeps you going for a while. The best part about it is, you can use it in places other than your lips. I like to rub some into my cuticles and elbows when I feel they're getting dry, and technically, you can rub in anywhere you'd like. I just don't like feeling greasy in any way.

Mirror: Urban Outfitters - One needs a small compact mirror throughout the night to make sure makeup is in place and food is steering clear of getting stuck between the teeth. So, why not carry around a cute mirror -- one so cute, it'll have him going, 'aww'. Brownie points.

Necklace: Forever 21 - A cute necklace for a cute girl. If it were up to me, I would probably wrap this around my wrist as a bracelet rather than a necklace. Or, I would hang it in my rear view mirror, because the charm is absolutely adorable.

Perfume: Dior Addict - Normally, when I buy perfume, I ask if I can have one sample bottle to keep in my car or purse for an emergency spritz, such as a hot date. I tried this on the other day and I love how long it lingers. It has a good mixture of sandalwood, vanilla and orange blossoms and is just everything you would expect from that benchmark house of fashion.

ID Case: Urban Outfitters - Since you are carrying a clutch, there's not much room for a wallet. Really, all you need is your ID, credit card, and some cash here or there. What better way to store your needs than in a stylish, slim, tin case? But since you're on a date, you don't really need to worry about the bill much, but it's always nice to offer splitting the bill.

Cellphone: Blackjack 2 - I think just about anyone who plays around with this phone long enough will come to terms that it's an awesome phone. I've had the original Blackjack for more than a year and it's still extremely reliable, sturdy, and does its duties past its expectations. After reading reviews of the BJ2, it has even more features! The only thing about it is, it's AT&T and I'm more a Verizon fan. I wouldn't get it in red; I prefer black, but it fits in with the Valentine's Day theme well.

Wreath: Target - Purposely, this is put up for aesthetic viewing pleasure, both for the collage and your home. Nothing screams Valentine's more than heart shaped decoration.

Dress: Twelve by Twelve - If you haven't checked out Forever 21's new line, Twelve by Twelve, I highly recommend it! They have extremely chic dresses at an affordable price. I haven't checked out the quality in person, just what I have seen on the website and for the most part it seems to be a mix of Topshop and Forever 21. As for the actual date and dress, it's good to go with a basic dress that doesn't show off too much but is still sexy. Check out WhoWhatWear's take on what to wear on a hot date.

Lingerie: Elle Macpherson - I get weak at the knees when I see pretty lingerie; it has this power of making a girl feel on top of the world. Elle Macpherson has had many years of modeling and using her knowledge of the industry, the Australian model decided to launch her own lingerie line which is now the bestselling lingerie in Australia. After I watched the intro to The Devil Wears Prada, I was inspired to (slowly but surely) revamp my intimates drawer -- slowly purging the Victoria's Secret Pink wear.

Ring: Anthropologie - I've always been a fan of statement rings and I prefer gold to silver. The pink accent to this ring is just fabulous, and it brings out the fun elements of a little black dress. Not to mention, when you grab your drink, the ring will grab attention. Then as you take a sip, the attention goes from your ring to your mouth. How seductive.

Boots: Christian Louboutin - I don't know what I love more about this shoe: the color or the silhouette. I also dig the fact that the patent works for this. Knowing me, I like wearing plain outfits with a pop of color. This deep fuchsia avoids the cliché red and pink for V-day but still keeps the romantic vibe; too bad it doesn't match the lingerie.

Nailpolish: OPI (Text Me, Text You) - This color is part of OPI's E-romance collection. The color is a sheer, glittery lacquer. With a clean coat, your fingers will compliment that sparkle in your eye, yet, still keeps your hands subtle and natural. After all, you have that big, fat, cocktail ring with the spotlight; why steal it?

I feel horrible not getting this up sooner. Three days after Valentine's Day, a fabulous record! On the plus side, think of all the sales going on as stores get rid of Valentine's Day products. And really, I love V-day decorations, because within moderation, they still can be used year round.

If you want, you can request certain ideas that can follow up with collection of "The Accessories of a _______" posts. I'd love to hear what you guys can conjure up.

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23 responses:

  1. I totally agree. I would buy presents to my girl whenever I want, I don't need any excuse. And I don't like Valentine's day, it's just tacky!


    PS. The Louboutins in bright blue look amazing.

  2. my roommate has that heart decoration from target, its quite cute

  3. angry mother

    you are way too young to be wearing lingerie that sexy!

  4. I agree about V Day too. I like your picks, and I also have the Blackjack, it's a great phone.

  5. lol the ho at the go thing is hilarious. also lol@angry mother for focusing on the undies rather than that kit. this was such a cute&fun post to read. ps: Even though I never had to endure the agony of a dateless valentines, I've always hated the tackiness of that day, and the rip-off prices. me& the boyfriends anniversary is in february so we actually cancelled valentines; no cards no nothing..ha!

  6. I think I would love anything Bottega Veneta-that clutch is fab!

  7. The Ho on the Go thing is hilarious! And i wonder if angry mother realizes you're legal? hmmm...

  8. Anonymous

    hey :) so i have a macbook too and i was wondering how you put your collages together and manage to crop the pictures into the shape of the outfit? thankss!

  9. Anonymous

    well, the real question is: are you a ho on the go? because if you are, my opinion of you has gone way way way down.

  10. Anonymous #1 - I use Jasc Paintshop Pro 7 for all my collages. It's a PC application, so I have to go on my brother's computer every time I need to use it. He's never happy about getting off Counter Strike to let me play with colorful pictures. You can also use Adobe, which is compatible with Mac and has so many more features. I just like it simple and old school.

    Anonymous #2 - Let's say hypothetically I was a ho. I think I would keep my promiscuous business on the way down low for I would be insecure about my slutty ways. But to reassure everyone's worries, no, I am not a ho on the go. I only open my legs for roller-coaster rides. (:

  11. i have that rosebud salve and im equally as addicted. makes lips so soft & supple :) i treated myself to lots of chocolate this valentine's day & a new bathing suit for spring break:)


  12. Anonymous

    I LOVE your blog! It gives me such good inspiration =)

    On a different note, does anyone know what happened to Closettherapy? It seems to have been deleted =(

  13. adorable blog!

    thanks for your comment.

    who were you on ShoutFit? By the way, glad you came across my new Blog! :) see you around!

  14. I've nominated you for the Thinking Blogger Award for youк adorable blog! Check out my blog for more details ;)

  15. Everything is mega cute

    What song is this that's playing?

  16. Your blog is AMAZING. Thanks for including my kit in it!

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