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The Winter Staples

January 6, 2008

Forgive me for not getting this post up sooner, I've been quite productive the past month and it doesn't look like my schedule is easing up, a breather would be nice. At least I'm finally settling down at my new job, I find that working in an office now has its benefits -- I can sneak on the Internet to do a little blogging here and there. Unfortunately, it only happens for a few seconds between five minute intervals. 

Enough of my pity rants, lately, I've been drawing my inspiration from street style. You know, Nicole just isn't working her thing anymore (I still have hope post-pregnancy P.S. CONGRATS ON THE BABY GIRL!) , Lindsay wears that unholy tights + boots+ and sweater combination every shot I see of her, Mischa is facing jail time, and Bilson just isn't on the streets anymore. 

I know that technically winter is over in terms of fashion, but it's still chilly and it looks like it's staying that way for a while. While you shouldn't waste your money stocking up on these items (being that winter will end in a month or so), you should heavily consider sporting these chic staples.

Click the steal, spend, and spoil buttons to direct you to more information or hover over the buttons for prices.

Besides it's conventional use of keeping your dear neck warm, bundling up a scarf can make your drab outfit a notch chicer. I especially love the look of a thick scarf over a blazer -- very Balenciaga F/W 2007. Ethnic scarves are totally in right now, but I feel as though their 15 minutes of fame is over; it's all about keeping it classic.

I'm not too crazy about the beret phase, but I have to admit, some people can really pull it off. To me, if I hardly notice that you're wearing a beret, then you've pulled it off well. Nicole's way is mediocre, I'm not head over heels. However, I'm guilty of sporting a creme woven beret and liking it.


I've honestly found a new infatuation with high, chunky, towering, platform heels. The more architectural the silhouette, the hardest I lust . I first fell in love with chunky shoes when I saw it overpower Rachel Bilson's petite frame in Teen Vogue. But now, it's gaining my utmost respect. Not only am I a die-heart fan of platforms, but I get weak to the knees seeing it paired up with tights. It's time to take my infatuation to another level and upgrade to high knee socks. To the right is a pair of high-knee socks from Topshop who also carry more varieties; I'm loving the grey hue and ribs especially on Sarah Jessica Parker on the set of Sex and the City the movie!


I love how chic the oversized clutch is. Personally, I don't find it practical since I carry my entire life on my shoulders and clutching just doesn't cut it for me. However, when I see pictures of other people carrying oversized clutches, it almost makes it worth it to try it, despite the fact that I'll be suffering and frustrated all day being that my hands aren't free. 


I'm anti fur, so it's a shame that I absolutely covet the fluffy frame paired with tights. Luckily for us (and animals), the coats I picked out are faux. Pulling off this look can be a little difficult because fur coats are quite large in size. Everything else must show a simple, miniscule frame -- tights, skinny jeans. I personally love the look of fur coats paired with a waist belt, it gives the silhouette a more structured, clean cut. 


Mens wear has been loitering the scene for a while: oxford shoes, vest, and blazers. While the others are still quite popular, I personally feel as though blazers are hitting its prime. You shouldn't wear too many men inspired wear in one outfit for it'll look as though you're trying too hard. But maybe it's the fact that I am required to dress a little more business like and it encouraged my lust for blazers. Or maybe it's the blunt fact that structured, boxy jackets look fantastic over anything loose and grungy. A perfect combination if you ask me, take notes from Natasha -- gorgeous!

That's all for the winter necessities, unfortunately for me and lucky for you, the spring staples is coming soon. I've officially gone through an entire year; I remember my first 'The Spring Staples'! Can you believe it? Come February, I've had That's Chic for an entire YEAR. I haven't even hit 100 posts yet! What should I do my my 1 year anniversary? 

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14 responses:

  1. I love the scarves! I kind of feel like blazers are making a comeback right now... they were really popular a couple of years ago, but I love the more menswear versions out now, and the schoolboy vibe.

  2. Heather, I love the schoolboy vibe as well. A simple dead straight hairstyle with no bangs, or any kind of short bob would look so good with that theme.

  3. I like the xxl-clutches the scarves
    and the blazers, great blog between

  4. I'm glad the blazer is making a comeback! I'm already looking forward to warmer weather and being able to wear my black corduroy and marine blue blazer again. Scarves are a big must for me as well.

  5. All lovely!
    I love the oversized clutch, but I agree with you- so unpractical.
    The blazers are all fab, one of my favorite trends.

  6. blazers are so cool but I think I'll pass, the fit has to be perfect for it to look good, and that's a challenge. I'm realllyyy coveting high knee socks as well, but I havent figured out a fashionable way to sport them and keep my ass warm at the same time! Btw congrats on your first year! For your anniversary I wish you would do a bunch of wearing todays at the same time, it could be your favorite outfits you wore through the winter.

  7. That's where you're wrong, Alis. They can be fit loosely so that they look boyish, which can work quite nicely :)

  8. I love love love the oversized clutches...I simply can't get enough of them..they look so incredibly chic !

    I adored this post, and I really like your blog <3 Would you like to exchange links?

  9. Very pleased to have come across your blog, it's total unashamed eye candy!

    The winter staples that I love most are the fur coat (I've been wearing mine for warmth as much as for vanity purposes!) and the oversize clutch.

    but then theres the tux..

  10. Ah, your blog is so Fashionably refreshing. ;]

    I agree with every item you have posted. Well, except the beret because I've tried it and it doesn't work, for me.

    The oversized clutch just gives me a Sex and The City vibe. I love it. ;]

  11. that asos clutch is amazing!!!
    and i want to check out that f21 blazer in person, the quality is usu hit/miss.

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