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The Shimmy Shimmy Turnaround

January 25, 2008

Around 2AM: I'll be damned. All this Vicodin has boosted my creativity with the drive to blog further along the field. Well, my dear readers, I have been slightly M.I.A. due to the fact that I underwent surgery to remove my wisdom teeth. Not only that, but I have a terrible cold that is possibly turning into Bronchitis. Anyhoo, I've been in bed resting all week watching nothing but Family Guy and Audrey Hepburn movies (Only Breakfast at Tiffany's and Funny Face on repeat), and I feel as though I've embraced Audrey and Stewie's beings. I reckon non of this will make sense to you nor me (when I do knock some sense into myself) but baaaaare with me...... I find myself to be in a very peculiar mood, and I can't put my finger on it. But as I'm wording out my post to my fingers, I find myself speaking in a combination of Audrey and Stewie. Oh, this must be overwhelming to you as it is for me. Really, I have no way to introduce what I am here to blog about rather than to just blurb it out: Haute Couture S/S 08.

In the morning: I'm back to my normal thinking status, but I was quite drugged last night: Nyquil, antibiotics, Vicodin and cough syrup. Anyway, I'm leaving the first paragraph untouched; I find it quite funny since I really did spend all night talking and acting like a hybrid of Audrey and Stewie. Once again, I apologize for not getting this up sooner.

Jean Paul Gaultier

I enjoy the theme of the designs as it feels as though I'm being whisked away into the magical world of Arial and her artesian kingdom. The wet hair and fancy umbrellas are quite enchanting and the line tells a story. In a way, I feel a little proud that Jean Paul drew some inspirations from East Asia. What I like most about this collection is while everyone else has a bold view, he went soft and ethereal.


Riccardo Tisci amazes me with his talent towards ruffles once again, but this is nothing I've never seen from him. In fact, much of his collection this season is similar to his earlier work. No matter -- it's not wrong for a designer to have his or her signature piece. But much of this is redundant, sure it's aesthetically pleasurable, but haute couture should inspiring and engaging, rather just a repetitious of something I have already seen.

Christian Dior

I always look forward to Christian Dior haute couture as it is always something so bold and charmingly enchanting. I see haute couture as more of a theatrical display of fashion the way Galliano. Tacky, his collection? Sure. But a wonder to watch and see art grace upon a familiar model? Absolutely. And may I say that the pink dress is absolutely divine! And the shoes are heaven.


As usual, Chanel strikes the viewer with a collaboration of elegance and a higher social well being. The collection is typical Chanel, but what more can we expect? How far can Chanel step out of the box without seeming to break its guides? I reckon it's a gorgeous collection, just not risky enough for haute couture.


By far my favorite collection this season and with much remorse to say, the end of an era. I found it rather difficult to decide which look I should feature as I am attracted to each and everyone one of them! And his decadent sea of red dresses finale? Brilliant. It's the perfect ending for his career and I'm sure Facchinetti is aware of the fact she has big shoes to fill.

Christian Lacroix

The circus is certainly partying at Lacroix's. I personally don't like this collection; tacky borderlines this collection a little too much for my eyes to enjoy it. Granted, this IS haute couture, but a little tweaking could have potentially made this a much better collection. Many of you know I love color, and it kind of works here. Had it been a little less voluminous and less fur, it would have been better.

What was your favorite collection? And who's ready-to-wear collection are you looking forward to most?

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13 responses:

  1. Oh, no! Feel better! I've had acute bronchitist and It sucks! If you're not taking medicine already, take Delsym for cough. Tastes yummy and it works!

    My favorite Haute Couture is Christian Dior, because it always takes me to another place of pure fantasy. I love it. I can't wait to see Giambattista Valli's RTW.

  2. despite the lack of creativity i love Chanel's collection, Dior is also a favorite.

  3. What would your ideal 'dress for success' outfit be? I love your insight!

  4. I love the way you put this post together, it all looks AAmazing!

  5. aww, I hope you are feeling better! I remember after getting my wisdom teeth pulled out I thought it was so cool that I couldn't feel anything in my mouth. But then the numbing wore off and it hurt like heck. But its all for a good cause right right? Lol
    I loved oogling at the haute couture shows. So far my favorites have been gaultier and dior.

  6. i love all the collections, they were all amazing and so original. I espexially liked Jean Paul Gaultier. His mermaid-like theme was brilliant. great post!

  7. Thanks everyone for the get well wishes. The swelling has gone down tremendously and my cold is slowly leaving my system.

    Julie: Is there anything specific you had in mind for "dress for success"? An interview? A regular business day job? It's a fabulous post idea and I have already gotten started!

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