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The Post With No Title

December 28, 2007

I hope everyone had a stupendous holiday! However, the partying is not over yet, in fact, it just started! Sorry I've been a little casual; it's just that work and friends have me by the neck so online time is scarce. And in the spare time I do get, I'm working out! You know, you gotta lose the holiday pounds before you step out in your scandalous dress for New Years. This workout to be exact:

I usually get people what I want for Christmas, and this year I got my brother Guitar Hero 3 for his Wii. I played that thing literally alll Christmas day while sipping on eggnog. Loves it. Edit: Before I pass out from my night out, I took a few quick pictures of my Christmas presents.

Click each item to get a closer view.

- Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume set
- American Fashion
- A Million Little Pieces by James Frey
- A sweater from Hollister *
- A cute tunic from INC
- Black leather purse from Barney's NY
- Starbucks giftcards
- Vintage Christian Dior sunglasses
- A lot of money
- Sheep wool seat covers for my car **
- Juicy Couture socks
- Vintage Christian Dior sweater

* Around five ago, I have this absolute infatuation with all things Abercrombie and Hollister, my relatives haven't caught on yet that I'm not really into those brands anymore. But for the sake of wearing the sweater, I covered the logo with a cute vintage brooch -- it looks so much better now. Hah.
** As some may know, I work at Starbucks. Lately, my parents have been nagging me to get seat covers because I always manage to get coffee or chocolate stains on my seats. Hence, the ultra comfortable seats.

What was your favorite present for Christmas? And what was your favorite present that you bought someone else? I have to say my favorite present is American Fashion because my 13 year old brother bought it for me and he complained that he 'never fathomed a book could cost that much'. It was cute.

Because today is my day off, I'm gonna take the time to slowly pamper myself -- and maybe go shopping with my family. Now, where's my hot pink nailpolish?

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19 responses:

  1. ooh, lucky you, the marc jacobs daisy perfume is fabulous.
    it is one of my most prized posessions, because not only is the smell fantastic, the bottle is so gorgeous; i obsessed over it for so long.

  2. & i also wanted to let you know that your blog is one of the most aesthetically pleasing. like the border around the workout video or the advent calendar of photographs for example.


  3. LOVE your advent calendar in the prev post!!

  4. we don't celebrate christmas in istanbul, instead we have a christmasy new years, so i haven't really gotten too many presents yet. the great ones so far came from my boyfriend's mom who has amazing taste, she got me a gorgeous black coat from manoush, red leather gloves, and a red&black ferre umbrella. i also like the presents i got for myself; i raided topshop's first day of sale today and got 6 items for ridiculous prices!

  5. I love your calendar. I add you to my links. Amazing blog.

  6. I just came across your blog through the Fashion Spot and oh my, I absolutely love it! I'm so linking to you.

  7. Anonymous

    i got the solid mj daisy perfume ring and it's adorable and smells so good and even has a little sparkle, but the scent fades really fast

    you got so much stuff!

    love the sunglasses and bag.

    your lucky your parents still spoil you even though your in college, my brother is a sophomore and gets like sheets and bowls for his dorm.

  8. i adore those vintage dior sunglasses~

  9. amber at

    omg, i got that exact same book for xmas! isn't it faboo?

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  11. Anonymous

    I recently started collecting vintage sunglasses and those vintage dior's are hot hot hot!

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