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The Front Row

December 3, 2007

If you're anyone who's anyone, you know that MK and Ashley Olsen came out with their clothing line, The Row about a year and a half ago. Here's just a quick little inspiration to start off your Monday with this video of their outfit compilation.

If you have already seen this, sorry. This is for the readers who haven't seen it, and those who never get tired of watching it -- like me!

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5 responses:

  1. kelly

    what a cute video! i love the outfits. it's so simple t4p!

  2. thanks for this, i hadn't seen it! i love ever single item on this video, they're all so simple but together they are edgy... what do you think about the leather-ish leggings(dont know what they're called)? i've seen celebrities look tacky in it, but here it looks amazing... maybe later you can do a post about them?

  3. effing OBSESSED with this video!

    have been for months.

    i dont think it will ever get old...

  4. haha, i'm obsessed with this video too! love the model, the clothes, the music and that cool feel to it. yey for those twins!

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