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The Weary Days of Skinny Jeans

November 16, 2007

"First off, I love your blog! I know you're a busy girl but I wish you can update some more. I need some fashion advice, feel free to post this on your blog by the way, I know that the skinny jeans are probably the most casual and easy choice but I'm so tired of this route. Not to mention everyone at my school is wearing skinny jeans. I'm a senior in highschool right now and I can't wear high waisted jeans without heels because it's so unflattering on me. I want something super casual and nothing too office-like. Any tips or advice? Thanks!

- Fabulously Distraught"

Fabulously Distraught, I went through the same phase. In my senior year of highschool, the only thing I felt comfortable in were a pair of dark skinnies. They always made my legs look so defined and my outfit instantly chic, but I grew tired of predictability. Don't get me wrong, I still love a good pair of dark skinny jeans, but it was time to move on and learn how to mix match my clothing.

I needed to draw inspiration, and Teen Vogue and Nylon weren't doing the trick. Love the way they put together outfits, but I felt as though I would never be able to pull of their casualty as well as the models do. I eventually found inspiration on Net-A-Porter through their stylishly dressed mannequins. Don't believe me? Take a look at the different outfits to replace your overplayed skinny jeans.

My first step out of my comfort zone wasn't a far step at all. I made sure I was still comfortable with my skinny substitutes by picking out a different type of jean style. If you have long legs, I'd definitely invest in a pair of light washed, high-waisted jeans. Here, you can still keep a skinny leg (otherwise, it would look too much like mama jeans) but still refresh your look and they look good with flats. Another type of pair you can go for are cropped jeans. They're super casual and has a fresher look than the dark skinny jeans. Though, I don't have a picture of it up, try on a few flared jeans and pair them with flats. Trés adorable.

Recycle your summer dresses by covering up with a long coat or cardigan. Considering the fact that I live in California, this is perfect for the weather! I'm not worried about getting too cold or warm. If you live in a colder environment, pull over a cute dress, add a white or black coat, and throw on tights to keep your legs warm. Either way, it's a great alternative to skinny jeans.

Don't forget about those shorts laying around in your closet and don't be afraid to pair them with tights (gotta love the tights) to add that Fall aspect. I prefer my top tucked into my shorts, but it really depends on the length of the shorts. I don't recommend wearing short shorts with tights; not very fall, and it can be a little tacky. Instead, get nice cuffed shorts and pair it with a flowy blouse for a great instant casual, chic look.

If you're into super casualness, a skirt might be a little much for school, but if dressed properly, it can be done. There's nothing better than grabbing a high-waisted skirt and pairing it with a t-shirt or tanktop. If you're feeling as though the look is a little too much for school, throw over a huge, knit cardigan to instantly casual your look.

Last but not least, probably the easiest casual look, is the long tunic. Though I'm not quite fond of leggings when one can opt for tights, I have to admit that leggings are a super casual look. In a way, they can look chic if worn properly, such as pairing it with a tunic! Don't just rely on a simple tunic and leggings to do the work, you still have to accessorize. Wear a belt to add shape or a long cardigan if you're still cold!

All of these looks can be easily paired with a cute pair of flats or boots. Take a look at your closet and imagine the possibilities and mix matching goodness! Then invest on simple necessities, like tights and a coat. Good luck on your shopping and do drop by to tell us how your shopping went. Hopefully, this time, you can sign off as Fabulously Chic.

Image Credit: Net-A-Porter

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21 responses:

  1. love the casual shorts look but i'm not sure if i can pull it off!

  2. love this post. I absolutely agree with you on wearing flare jeans with flats. It's the way to go!Anyway, I was actually going to ask if it's OK if I link you?

  3. froydis

    i love the shorts! i have only jean shorts in my closet so if you could suggest some places to get shorts like you showed here that aren't too expensive please let me know!
    glad you're back and posting!

  4. Theresa - You're absolutely more than welcome to link!
    Froydis - Forever 21 is the way to go. They have really cute shorts if you look hard enough.


  5. I haven't talked to you in a while, so I wanted to stop by and say hi, but this post is totally me.

    I love my skinnies (of all colors), but I do tend to wear them too often. I try to switch it up and go with the dress and sweater or the dress and leggings options sometimes. I'm always too cold to wear shorts and usually too cold to wear skirts, but I do try to throw on a cute skirt every now and then. If I was gonna wear shorts though, I'd totally do it your way (we all need a good pair of cuffed shorts!)

    Anyway, back to the point...HI!

  6. Anonymous

    where do you recommend buying a pair of high waisted jeans (that aren't too expensive)? i want to try them out, possibly in a light wash flare and dark wash skinny (gasp!, but honestly darker washes look best in skinny styles). i probably wouldn't be that comfortable but i imagine i would get used to it after wearing it with a tucked in tank with a long cardigan or something. no one at my school wears high waisted jeans so i would be unique. yay.


  8. Fabulously Chic

    Wow, thanks for posting that! I totally forgot I sent you that email. Everything I wanted to know was answered in that post. Oh, this is Fabulously Distraught btw. The only thing I find hard to wear is the skirt. other than that, thanks so much! I was wondering, what are you views on those like knitted tights? It's pretty cold in chicago so I want tights that I can keep warm in. Thanks soo much once again, great post!

  9. Anonymous

    ayo, answer my question!

  10. Anonymous - The best answer I can give you is a local vintage shop or a thrift store. Those are pretty much the best place to find hipster clothing. Don't give up if you don't find anything, try, try again. There will always be that golden find (: And if all else fails, I'm sure Urban Outfitters will have good high-waisted jeans for maybe $40-$60. Hope that helps, if you have more questions, feel free to email me. You'll get a quicker response that way.

    Fabulously Chic - You're absolutely welcome. I figured your question was a universal thought. Well, I love the knitted tight look. Try Teen Vogue or more Net-A-Porter for some pictures! They have good ones.

  11. Hi! I haven't dropped by in a while either. Hope all is going well. I love your post, it has given me some ideas for my boutique! I just redesigned it too! You have to check it out some time. I also wanted to see how the cloudy yoke dress worked out for you.

    To answer Anonymous's question, we have some high waisted skinny jeans on our online boutique for 40-50 bux. You might want to take a look, sizes are going out quickly.
    Good luck!

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