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The Bee-zee Girl

November 12, 2007

I am so, so sorrry for the lack of updates. I've been so busy lately! I do have ideas for few posts to come up, but I've hardly had the time to work on them. I do, however, have a few videos to keep you ladies entertained until the posts get rolling again. Do expect:

- The Winter Staples
- My new haircut (front bangs)
- Going back to Homecoming
- My birthday wishlish
- Replying to emails
- And a few more.

I never get tired of watching Christian Dior's haute couture shows.

I'm starting to seriously ADORE Irina Lazareana

Though the clothes aren't all that mind blowing, it's amazing how they were able to have the show on the Great Wall of China. I heard it took 3 years to get permission to do so.

The song is growing on me, but more over I love the fashion and filming style!

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