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The Recumbent Days

October 14, 2007

My oh my, have I been lethargic. I have been working on two posts here and there. They'll eventually be put up. Meanwhile, I guess I'm just gonna update via wearing todays' since I'm feeling a little mundane. School will do that to you. And because I can't update as often as you like, I added a new feature to the right. It's a way to keep you posted on what I'm currently doing while I'm not blogging. I'll update that at least once every two days since it takes like a second to do. As you can see, I've been loving high-waisted everything! I recently invested in a black high-wasted skirt from Club Monaco, loves it!

Tank: Old Navy
Skirt: Club Monaco
Shoes: Marc Jacobs

Alright, it wasn't as high-waisted as I wanted it to be, so I had to safety pin the back, at least for the picture. Tomorrow, I'm gonna drop it off at the tailor to have it fixed. So far, I'm loving it. I might at well stop by American Apparel while I'm at it and by the bandage skirt. Meanwhile, this procrastination as gone too far, back to Marine Science then Knott's Scary Farm!

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13 responses:

  1. Anonymous

    love the outfit..very simple and audrey hepburn chic.

  2. the high waisted skirt is very flattering on you! great idea to take it to the tailor as well!


  3. melanie

    how do you stay so tan in winter? well, i love the look on you and I can't wait to read more wearing todays. you're one of the best dressed bloggers in my opinion.

  4. Anonymous

    melanie - one word: callifornia.

  5. my how i love this blog! love you combine fashion with personal. that tea peppermint with honey sounds so yummy. i really want to try cranberry tea right now.eeee tea craving.hmmm wierd.
    ps. check out my new post.

  6. love the skirt, looking for a plain black pencil skirt as well, i tried some at express and bebe but can't seem to find the perfect fit... too bad we don't have club monaco in sacramento..

  7. Anonymous

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