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The Underwater Love

October 18, 2007

I'm sure you've heard that scent is the strongest sense tired to our memory. It's a good way to make your presence remembered, whether you're slightly brushing your arm against a hot stranger (when you're really implying that you want to caress him), or making that first outstanding impression. For me, a quick whiff of Abercrombie and Fitch (ugh.) takes me back to 2004 in the arms of my boyfriend; lavender reminds me of my mom.

When you're picking out perfume, don't be so impulsive about it. Give it a quick spritz on your arm and let your body chemistry react to it. Some perfumes will last longer on your than it does others. Just because it smells good on someone else, doesn't mean it'll have that your body will react the same way.

I picked out a few of my favorites, and I really could continue to ramble on about each perfume and it's layers of scent, but I rather not.

Miss Dior Chérie has been out for a while, but it has always been my favorite perfume. I never purchased it, but I can't help to spray it on every time I see it in a department store. Besides, that touch of strawberry sorbet really grasps it for me.

After I run out of my current bottle of Vera Wang Princess, I am definitely investing in Daisy. I love how you can't label it as sweet or musky or fruity -- it'll all the above, but done in the most brilliant way possible. Oh Marc, you are a man after my heart. Not to mention, the bottle is adorably divine.

When Vera Wang came out with this perfume last year, it was a hit. It was the first thing on my birthday wishlist, and it was the first gift I received. My boyfriend absolutely loves this on me, I have to say, my body chemistry loves Vera Wang. The pink guava blends really well into my skin and it drives my boyfriend off the edge. It'll be hard to convert to Daisy since this is my signature scent.

Gwen Stefani just came out this this perfume not too long ago. A representative at Bloomingdale's smothered me with a few samples. I've worn it our a few times and I got a lot of compliments on it. Also, I love how you can smell the pear, but it's not overwhelming -- it pairs well with the musk.

Aside from lavender, Chanel also reminds me of my mother. The perfume is so sophisticated for all ages! That, my friends, deserves a huge quantum of respect.

Those are my top 6 perfumes, and I'm sure I'm missing a few. My absolute favorite cologne is Marc Jacobs. If you have a boyfriend, buy it for him for his birthday or Christmas. I swear, when my boyfriend wears the after shave, it drives me crazy.

But not that you have an idea of what my taste in perfume is, and maybe a better understanding for your next perfume shopping spree, here's a few tips about perfume.

1. Think pulse points: wrists, neck, behind your earlobes, cleavage area. Having perfume on those areas will kind of stay on more because the hot spots keep activating it and stimulating the scent.
2. You can keep your perfume fresh by keeping it away from heat and light. Placing your perfume bottle in the fridge helps a lot too, it slows down the oxidation process.
3. Don't apply to your clothes, some perfumes can leave stains.
4. After you spray on the perfume, don't rub it around, it breaks the scent. Instead, let it slowly dry onto your skin for a most lasting impression.

So, what's your favorite perfume? What are you wearing right now? Have any perfumes in particular that you're eyeing in time for Christmas?

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15 responses:

  1. i am in love with miss dior cherie. i also love prada...mmm...

  2. Anonymous


  3. I am dying to try that new MJ daisy perfume!

  4. love the perfume dissection. I sniffed the new LAMB perfume in an elle magazine and fell in love. so that's first on my christmas list this year!<3

  5. alis

    love this post! it's good to know we have very similar tastes in perfume, i like sweet, frity scents too.. i've been using miss dior cherie but there's only a few drops left now :(

  6. Anonymous

    i had a sample of dior cherie and burberry brit and i loved them both.

    right now i am using some sort of sugary musty fragrance from anthropologie (not a huge brand). it smells really good but does not last long :(

    last christmas i got stila creme bouquet for my friend and considered not giving it to her. it's seriously orgasmic.

  7. My favorite scent has to be Omnia by Bvlgari. I put on the lotion of the same name, then spray my neck afterwards.

    I must say, it's the perfume I get the most compliments on.

    My next perfume I hope to get is of course, Daisy by Marc Jacobs, and Burberry Brit.

    Gah! I love perfume!

  8. Anonymous

    my favorite right now is Cherry Blossom from L'occitane. not only does it smell delicious, it's also very affordable! $42! it was out of stock all over the country for a while, but they have it back in stock now.

  9. Anonymous

    pretty post :)

  10. im loving the new nina ricci the one that looks like an apple...?

    i dont know whats its called but it smells lovely!

    currently though ive been wearing daisy & have put it in my xmas list.

    but i do love princess. i alsp got it last year for my birthday.


  11. I love this blog post! Makes me want to go down to South coast plaza to try on perfume! Did I also mention, you're awesome with Photoshop. Hey, let me know if the dress works out. Talk to you soon!

  12. i luv ur blog ur amazing..
    but for me i think hot givenchy is a monster i luv it i never stopped it but another one is coming my way sarah jessica parker (lovely) oh my good just smell it ull fall in love..

  13. i luv ur blog ur amazing..
    but for me i think hot givenchy is a monster i luv it i never stopped it but another one is coming my way sarah jessica parker (lovely) oh my good just smell it ull fall in love..

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