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The Parties We Never Heard Of

September 27, 2007

It's almost been two weeks! I know, that's probably the longest I've gone without blogging. Can you guess why? Well, I made the mistake of thinking I can handle 16 units. Yeah, a full 16. All I have to say is, thanks to my readers who stay faithful -- and those who nag at me. It definitely gives me the motivation to try to fit blogging into my hectic, fabulous life. On a side note, I can't believe I've had my Macbook for 2 weeks already. Have I told you I'm in love?

Well, I have been able to online browse stores here and there and pick up some pictures for two upcoming posts that I'm sure you'll love. I mean, it's FALL! Fall is my absolute favorite season, and hopefully, I'll get up my fall staples soon. Meanwhile, aside from doing school work, keeping the boyfriend happy, and partying away the days with my friends before they leave for college, here's what I wore to a recent 'dress-to-impress' party. I'd show pictures, but being a belligerent drunk is not attractive. Well maybe in a slight Cory Kennedy way.

  • Dress: H&M (on sale ladies)
  • Belt: A random sash I've had
  • Shoes: Carlos by Carlos Santana

Fall in love with my shoes, I know I did. Actually, I just remembered. At the party, I didn't wear the sash around my waist because I forgot it at home. Long story. So, it was a huge trapeze dress at the party, but you know what? I still worked it.

Anyway, I'm so sorry about the lack of posts, don't lose faith! Love you guys. Love my life even more.

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10 responses:

  1. Carlos Santana designs women's clothes? Since when?

  2. alis

    i bet u stole the show, gorgeous dress.. ahh college life.. i miss it a lot..

  3. jan

    wow, the combination looks gorgeous, show us pictures of you in the outfit, bet it looked fab! :)

  4. Anonymous

    i could never pull it my mom never lets me wear heels. maybe it's because i'm 5'6.5" and she's only 5'5"

    and thanks for posting again! i was about to lose hope!

  5. It's all about "owning" your look!

  6. glad to see you back:) that dress is lovely!


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