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The Life of a Chic Geek

September 7, 2007

So, you can only guess where I am updating from... my new Macbook! You'll have to bear with my posts though, apparently it doesn't appear the same as it does on Windows. Don't fret though, I'll still have my ground breaking posts, only without all the exciting parts to it. Don't worry, I'll figure it out eventually. Hopefully, I can still do my neat collages. I absolutely love this Macbook, but I am kind of missing my HP.

Moving on, we have our last but not least, the ever so cliched geek. However, this girl is not like any other bookworm, she's also a fashion worm. Despite her hard work in school, she makes sure she looks good doing it. Hence, her love for materialistic brands. So let's start taking a look in her backpack.

Backpack: Louis Vuitton - What's not to love about this backpack? It's incredibly chic and it will turn heads. I'm not exactly a strong believer in monogramed Louis Vuitton items (I just think they're a tad overrated) but I wouldn't mind carrying around a backpack. It's fabulous!

Flashdrive: Mimoco - Every computer geek needs a flashdrive to carry all over their files, right? But this girl won't make do with a simple, bland USB drive that probably every other person has. No, she's major and must go the extra distance. The way this flashdrive works, is that the head comes off and underneath is the USB port. I must say, this is freaking adorable and it comes in Starwars characters too. (;

Folder: Fredflare - You have to admit, these designs are to die for. I mean, it's perfect to stay organized. It even has tabs on top to keep track of what exactly you're keeping in those folders and you'll look chic doing it. They come in a pack of 12, but if you prefer to just hold onto a few folders in your *ahem* Louis Vuitton backpack, you're still on your way to geek chic.

Calculator: Target - I know it's not much. I know it doesn't completely define geek chic. But think about it: you're sitting in your calculus class and you pull out your dull, dreary calculator that you've had for quite some time now. The girl next to you reaches into her Louis Vuitton backpack and pulls out a pink calculator (also comes pink for the graphing calculator) and you just kinda stare in jealous hatred. Be that girl. Invest in a pink calculator.

Pencilcase: Kate Spade - Alright, aside from all the other materialistic items this girl has, she has to have another. So with her pink calculator out and her backpack modestly stored away, she pulls out a pencil from her Kate Spade pencil case. Hate, much?

Perfume: Marc Jacobs - Okay, this perfume has been getting a lot of publicity lately, and I never understood why. I mean, how great can a daisy smell, right? Apparently, daisies don't even produce a scent; but everything is possible in the world of Marc Jacobs. So, I went to a Bloomingdales, and I tried on a few spritz. I have to say, I love it. It's delicate, smells clean, and it stayed on all day for me. If I still didn't have a full bottle of Vera Wang left, I'd buy this in a heartbeat!

Eyeglasses: Chanel - Yet another reason to hate this girl, she wears Chanel prescription glasses! But what geek chic outfit would be complete without a pair? My thoughts exactly. You just have to go the extra distance and go all out: Chanel.

Now that I'm through with that, and I hope the spacing is fine because it's seriously a lot harder to blog on a Mac. Some of the options aren't available for Safari. Le sigh. Here's the geek chic outfit. It was a little bit harder to conjure up, but I did have some inspiration.

Jeans: 18th Amendment - This brand of jeans seriously came out of no where! They've grown quite a bit since I've heard of them via Nylon magazine. I'm not a huge fan of this wash, however, I do think that this cut goes perfectly with this geek chic outfit. I mean, it's skinny and highwaisted, but it it's flattering... and that's hard to accomplish while tailoring jeans.

Oxford Shirt: JCrew - I love this top! It looks like it fits like a glove on just about anyone. To achieve this geek chic look, tuck this into your high-waisted jeans and leave the top few buttons unbuttoned for some nice, classy cleavage. I also prefer 3/4 sleeves over full sleeves. Something about it just seems more effortlessly chic to me.

Watch: Fred Flare - Of course, we have the watch. This is the ground breaking accessory (aside from the dorky glasses) that completes the look. I love these watches by Andy Warhol. They're funky, eclectic, and somewhat useful. I mean, if you can read time with the minute hand and such.

Shoes: Converse - While you're trying to piece this outfit in your head, I bet you just can't help but to smirk seeing these high-tops on this collage. But you have to admit, they do reek that geek-esque feel. Leave the shoes careless and rugged to counter the clean cut shirt. Totally geek chic.

Necklace: Forever 21 - Because this outfit can come off a little tomboyish, you would want to add a long necklace with a girly pendent for detail. I love this necklace because it's simple and it does what it is made up to do: secretly spice up a simple outfit.

Of course you can go many different ways with this look. This ensemble just happens to be the most school appropriate. If you're going for the office environment, make sure you go for something more proper. You can easily achieve this look with a nice pair of dark, wide legged jeans and tall pointy heels. Catch my drift?

That's all for these four schoolgirls. And because I'm feeling so inspired and chic being on my new Macbook, I might even do a 5th one. You know me, I always save the best for last. Until then, I'm excited to start blogging about Fall. I'm getting incredibly bored of Summer, plus, Fall is my favorite season to dress up! What's your favorite season?

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15 responses:

  1. alis

    love it! those folders are lovely..
    however, i'm definitely the "pep committer" type, because of the miu miu bag, big fat ring and ice-cream pens and all the pink! and because i really was that type in college :P oh but you missed out something; my notebooks are always by "morning glory" or "mookeuk"; any other cute korean brand with lotsa colors and blue bears will do as well! oh and unwritten fashion rule: you do not wear heels to school.. it would be "trying too hard"..

  2. lisa

    Love the Andy Warhol watch!

    BTW, Marc Jacobs named the new fragrance for Daisy Buchanan, his favorite female character in literature. I also love The Great Gatsby, so now I have something in common with the guru!!

  3. love the post... I have a mac!! Its awesome... and im geeky glam all the way

  4. Ha ha! Love the cute flash drive.

  5. i love all of the things in the backpack- the pencil case and folders are fabulous.

    and about the macbook- my dad has one and i post on it all the time, just download mozilla firefox and it will appear the same as your windows. im a geek, too.... =]

  6. haha sadly enough I think I indetify most with this girl lol

  7. i love this post..very imaginative!
    p.s.check out me blog sometime!

  8. hey girl if you didnt already find out download firefox browser...and look at for blog and mac tips, or better yet stop at your local apple store they love to help..and bring the mac with you..

  9. I'm on a Mac, but I use Firefox instead of Safari. It's much better in my opinion. Try it!

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