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The Girls in Nice Clothes

September 14, 2007

I can't believe I forgot to mention in my last post.. and the post before that. If you hadn't noticed already, I changed my blog header and site font. What do you think? Should I keep it? Or do you like That's Chic au natural?

This might start to seem cliché since it seems to be the hit of the blogs, but it's fashion week, girls! Well, it's over in New York, but we still have Paris and London to look forward to. And there is just a ton of new, fun trends I see coming up. Such as gradient colors, to sheers, to ruffles. It's ALL happening. But, to kick off my fashion lust, here's what I believe to be, my runway highlights.

3.1 Philip Lim

Look at how incredibly fashion forward and chic these outfits are! I especially adore those high waisted skirt. I can tell those will be a pretty big hit soon. I mean, Mary-Kate was seen sporting a black, leather high-waisted skirt at Conan O'Brien's domain. That means it's a legitimate cause -- a new trend in the making. We'll keep that in mind. Philip, all I can say is, gorgeous designs. Simple, runway appropriate, and definitely ready-to-wear. Loves it.

Monique Lhuillier

I seriously couldn't stop drooling in awe as I was scrolling through this show. Every dress is impeccable. Each design has it's own attitude and delicacy, it makes me sad that I no longer have prom dress shopping to look forward to. The grey dress in the middle has me speechless. Had I worn that to my senior prom, I don't know, I'm still speechless! Also, that dress to the right. Although it's not exactly wearable, it's a gorgeous design -- a work of art. We see a lot of ruffles in this collection, and the right most dress is simple a divine twist on the little black dress.

Diana von Furstenberg

What can't this woman do? The flow of these dresses are flawless! There's not too much fabric rushing around the model, yet, there's enough to make her look like she's walking on heaven. As always, the prints are just to die for. I am especially loving the 4th dress to the right. I also love the colors of the second dress, again we see the gradients. It almost makes me sad that I can't enjoy these flowy beauties because summer is coming to an end, almost though, key word.

Marc Jacobs

There's a lot of controversy about Marc Jacobs' show. The backward showcase, the apparent mess behind stage, the outrageous clothing, but it's Marc Jacobs! He's an absolute mastermind and he damn sure knows what he's doing. Onto the actual clothing, I do happen to love what he's designed. I love the humble Picasso feel to the clothes. The designs are a bit wacky at times, but I can't keep my eyes off. It's brilliant.

Tory Burch

First off, I love those gladiator sandals, they are the epitome of what I've been looking for in the perfect gladiator sandal. Again we see the high-waisted skirt, and I love it on the model. It perfectly contrasts on her gorgeous dark skin complexion. Those straw bags are to die for. Honestly, I've never been a fan of them, but since I saw a girl carrying one around on campus as her school bag, I fell in love. Like, I have to have one for school, I just have yet to find the perfect one. Tory's is a little too big for me, maybe if there's a smaller one....

Jill Stuart

The color pallet in this collection is gorgeous! Periwinkle, is it? There's some more gradients, ruffles, and sheers working its respect here. Yet another gorgeous collection, but it's nothing I haven't seen. Still, I'd love to get my hands on the right dress. -- without the white coverup though.

Unfortunately, that's all for New York's fashion week, but hopefully I'll have other shows up too. Meanwhile, I'm going to get a thick paper-towel and wipe off the saliva and drool off my Macbook.

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  3. Anonymous

    i love this post but i'm dying to read a new one! update please :)

  4. Monique's collection is so ethereal and beautiful
    p.s.check out my new post.

  5. The white Lim dress is so elegant.
    Lhuillier is of course feminine and elegant. I especially like the 1st all black look.
    DVF I adore the slouchy cool of the last one.
    I also really like how you did the runway collages

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