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The Venetian

August 5, 2007

I know I haven't been the most avid blogger, but it's summer.. and it's a lot harder than it seems. Anyway, as much as I hate breaking the news, I'm sure you hate hearing it. I'm going to be flakey for a few more days because I'm finally taking time off work to go on a small vacation with my family and best friend to Las Vegas! Yes, I am stoked. At least you'll be hearing a lot about my shopping experience when I come back; which will be the 8th.

Just so this isn't a pictureless comment, here are a few things I packed to stay cool in Vegas.

I have a white summer dress, very casual. Two pairs of shorts, a tunic, a few basics, and a pretty tanktop. Now, I know I'll only be gone for a 3 days, but I always tend to pack a lot of clothes so I feel like I have variety when I get ready. Oh, I also packed 2 sets of swimsuits. You never know.

I'm sure I've been a little dissapointing with my lack of posts, but trust me, I have my work set out for me. I'm bringing my homework to read on the car ride and I'll be taking a ton of notes! So, see you guys in about three - four days.

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10 responses:

  1. Have a fun trip! I'm looking forward to your posts when you get back :)

  2. Oh the magazines! I could go broke buying those things!!!

  3. i love teenvogues new cover. its refreshing to see someone different than the usuals they have on their covers. + the colour are gorge.

    so sad that JANE is leaving us. it was becoming my new favourite.

    ha i could chat about mags for hours & hours. i buy so many of them im suprised have any money left.

  4. have fun in vegas and I must pick up that issue of Teen vogue

  5. For some reason I just love the sight of all those magazines on the floor. Fashion Magazines are just the best! I want that Teen Vogue now!

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