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The Perfect Company

August 10, 2007

Let me get this out right now, the Vegas trip was a vacation well needed. I feel more rejuvenated than ever! I'm just glad I'm not working this week. I never realized the burden Starbucks stressed me with. Anyway, the pictures are absolutely adorable, I can't get enough and I always find myself smiling as I go through it before I sleep every night.

Click here to go through the timeline on my Myspace blog. Because I didn't want to expose my personal Myspace, I went ahead and made a Myspace solely for That's Chic! Add me -- I have no friends. Also, it's a great easy way to keep in touch with readers on a more personal level. Loves it.

Here's the link of the Vegas trip again and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do: Click!

Don't forget my massive collection of magazines that I went through. With school coming up not only for me, but many of my readers as well. I have a ton of great post ideas for back to school, tips, fashion, beauty and more. Doesn't matter whether you're venturing into highschool, college, or finishing your last year at grad school, you must look chic in every stage of your life. How else do you want to be remembered? That's hot, that's chic.

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8 responses:

  1. Anonymous

    I had to laugh at your running commentary...two Asian girls together will always bring out the creep-o in any guy!

  2. Melanie

    I love your album! It was very cute and you girls are gorgeous!! Can't wait for the back to school posts.

  3. Anonymous

    Thanks You!

  4. I'm glad you had fun in Vegas. I've never been. You girls have such rad style, I love it!

  5. Anonymous

    i love the commentary(:
    the andy warhol one hahaha
    is the girl with you your sister?

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