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The Life of a Student Athlete

August 25, 2007

I reckon it gets a little repetitive hearing this every other post, but I've just been busy the past few days. Keeping a blog together is a lot harder than people think. School is starting soon, psh, like this Monday; so I've been making sure I have my supplies and classes in. Work still has me as their puppet after I begged them to cut my hours. A classmate recently passed away due to heat exhaustion from football practice. Lastly, a really good friend (we were in love with each other without knowing it... until now) moved to Australia to go to school. It was extremely difficult to say goodbye.

But with all that going on, I did have my therapeutic moments through online window shopping. I also managed to pick out enough health/beauty products for this post: the student athlete. This girl is not only health conscious and active, she also likes to stay chic. You know, to avoid looking burly. Let's look in her bag to reveal a few goodies.

Duffel: Adidas - This bag is ultra chic and gym appropriate. It holds your gym clothes and all the after-workout necessities. My friend has this bag and carried all her stuff in it for the Vegas trip. I thought it was very cute, I especially love the pink!

Face Wash: Olay - I've heard different views on this product. I personally love it! It's perfect to the girl who's always on the go. The textured cloth is great to exfoliate your skin and it cleans your skin completely! The idea is quite simple, it's a cloth that you lather up and wash your face with. I do no recommend this product for everyday use because it does get pricey and the idea of using a disposable washcloth every night seems like a waste. Though, it is perfect when you don't have the convenience of your own bathroom.

Pedometer: Nike/Apple - Apple and Nike teamed up to invent an ingenious method that will motivate you to walk or run more often. When you plug in the transmitter to the Nano, you can set goals based on time or distance with the comfort of your music playing at the same time! There's another gadget that you can attach to your shoes laces (or in the custom Nike shoes with the custom sole) that acts as a pedometer. It even has a voice come up to give you the status of your run at certain points throughout. When your finished, you plug in the Nano and Itunes with prompt with your data. May old school Britney help you lose 2 pounds.

Water: Metromint - Basically, it's water... with a hint of mint. How great is that? Perfect to hydrate yourself while gaining confidence to talk to the guy working out next to you knowing your breath is fresh.

Deodorant: Secret - It's not even considered a legitimate workout if you're not wearing deodorant. This is far beyond my raves of materialistic staples of working out. The deodorant is clinically proven "to provide prescription strength wetness protection". You'll be fresh and clean with this on, even after your one mile jog.

Wallet: Poketo - My friend has this wallet, and it's soo cute. It has a very simple layout, but it comes in an array of great designs. This girl loves her wallet, not only because it's brilliantly cute but it's also thin and straightforward.

Nutrition Bar: Luna - When you're working out, you want to make sure you do have something light in your stomach for energy purposes. Not only is the perfect before and after snack, it's also made with a woman's body in mind. It has all the essential vitamins and they're good for you, great for the environment... not to mention pretty tasty.

Pullover: Old Navy - Doesn't this remind you of Jessica Simpson a la Newlyweds? I love it! The fact that the cut looks so rugged and careless, makes it seems almost like it was intricately designed for that sole purpose. I'm probably right too. I imagine this would look good outside of the gym with skinnies and heels. Yet another versatile staple!

Sweatbands: Nike - It's just a cute, useful accessory so you don't look so bland while jogging. Plus, it keeps the sweat off your face. And it matches your bag and shoes. Tres cute.

Sweats: Free City - I love this brand! I would love it even more if I can afford it! It's so chic and I love this shade of yellow. Frankly, it's sexy -- end of story. Besides, I think Nicole Richie has a similar pair. Gotta love the minds behind Ron Herman.

Cap: Nike - You know, it's hard enough to look cute while running, but it's another story to protect your eyes. I know women are claimed to be fairly good at multi-tasking, but really, how far can the theory go. Anywho, wearing a cap is a great way to keep your hair and the sun away from your face, not to mention cover up your not-so-attractive hair.

Sneakers: Alexander McQ for Puma - How great is it that one of my more respected designers, teams up a legitimate sneaker brand for the ultimate running shoe. It's chic, it's useful, it's all of the above. I also bet it's extremely comfortable and user friendly.

That all said, I think this outfit is my favorite one I've collaged so far! In this outfit, you're trying hard without looking like you're trying at all, if you catch my drift. Three girls had their chance to shine and I have one more coming up. Although, I will have to interupt my four post consistancy with an urgent back to school 'wearing today' post.

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11 responses:

  1. Anonymous

    love it all! so sorry about your friend who passed away...that's really sad. i live in ny and have never heard of dying from heat exhaustion.

    anyways, what sports do you do or do you just run?

  2. Jamie

    i just came across (via whowhatwear) and i absolutely love it. this post is definately me, i run a mile everyday.

  3. Jamie

    i posted that wrong its supposed to say: i just came across YOUR SITE (via whowhatwear) and i absoulutely love your site.

    sorry for the confusion.

  4. omg I brought a smaple of that deodrant with me to florida and it is a miracle worker

  5. Anonymous

    What do you use to make pic in????

  6. Your site's lovely.

    Secret's really good =) i've worn it since forever! and that Old navy pullover is just perfect!


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