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The Pool In Cluballah

July 6, 2007

If you've read my blog since the birth of it, you would know that I am a true believer in versatile clothing. I love being able to take one piece and working it into a few completely different looks. Isn't that what makes a true fashionista? Well, I never took much attention towards one-piece swimwear. The thought of its horrendous tan line ensured aloofness. And although I still think that laying out with a one piece is a bad idea, I guess if you smother enough SPF and sunblock you can just take advantage of its chic variety of neat cuts.

Picking out a fun shaped suit is key for its versatile. Colorwise, bold colors and metallics work best. Shapewise, I think plunges, strapless, and interesting cuts are perfect. Now we know, with a one-piece you can wear it to a chic day on the beach, or a night clubbing with friends.

With this daytime look, we have a few of the essential beach materials. A fun, flirty pair of sandals and a neat pair of sunglasses to keep the look retro. I picked this progressive tanner because I’m really into them right now; not meant to be used with a one piece. Okay, actually I messed up and I just chose a sun lotion at random from the Sephora website. Other fun beach items includes: a bright towel, a straw hat, and arm candy.

Click on the item to find out more information about it.

Now for the fun part -- the night time look. Pairing a swim piece [with the description above] with high-waisted shorts creates this urban, retro look that’s not only sexy, but playful as well. Very socialite meets American Apparel, no? I love, love this rhinestone cuff I found on the Forever 21 website -- very neat. Lastly, to finish this look, a pop of color from the metallic theme is key. It’s playful and very ‘come hither’. Note to selves: color + metallic = love. So, cobalt swimsuit + silver shoes. Fuchsia swimsuit + gold shoes. Silver swimsuit + violet shoes. Catch the drift?

Another fun suit I found is this one right here:

Can you picture how how it'll look with white, high-waisted shorts and gold heels? Loves it. Or even white flipflops and a white tunic!

Anyway, I hope this helps and inspires your creative juices to flow. I want to hear about all your creations or thoughts. I’m sure all the other readers do too, so if you have a thought, leave something for us to read (:

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13 responses:

  1. I love the pink suit, and versatility is awesomeness basically :) i'd love to trade links to, your blog is fantasmic

  2. OMG... bought those shoes...LOL

  3. your blog is divine. a must read.
    love it. xo

  4. ive linked you, darling. x

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