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The Leather Jacket

July 17, 2007

I've been super busy lately. With a few people quiting at work, they've been working what's left of us like dogs. But while I had my little break, I've come to realize - I love leather jackets! I've never owned one, but after looking at pictures of LiLo, I decided I want one myself.

We all know that the black blazer should be in every woman's closet, but why not turn it up a notch and consider a black, leather blazer? I absolutely love this jacket on Lindsay, from the shoulders to the impeccable tailoring, it's just to die for. I would definitely sport this if I could afford it. Seems like it would go great with anything.

Here is Kirsten Cavallari in another leather jacket which seems to have a more biker-girl appeal. While I don't approve of her all black outfit (yes, she is wearing black jeans, boots, purse, shirt, and jacket), I believe her jacket would be tres cute by its lonesome.

And if you want to avoid the biker chick look because you feel it's too rough, a leather jacket is the perfect way to rugged up a flirty, feminine dress. Very fall, very chic.

Of course, I saved the best for last. This picture drew my epiphany. Lilo managed to take the plainest outfit, a raggedy shirt [that doesn't even look like she spent more than $10 on] and jeans, and transform it into this ultra street chic outfit all thanks to that simple leather jacket.

With all that said, I went on a search to find the perfect leather jacket. Unfortunately, nothing was in my price range, but who knows, with my big paychecks, I might throw down a splurge. Here are a few cute jackets I found online that are worth a second look.

Dear lord, this jacket is gorgeous. The cut, color, tailoring is absolutely perfect. When you're picking out a leather jacket, you want to make sure it hugs your waist, because no matter what size you are, it'll flatter you in ways you cannot imagine. Going for a jacket without bulky details helps giving that lean look. Love this jacket, now, who's willing to splurge? (S.W.O.R.D)

This jacket is from GAP, and while I think it's okay on the model, I think it'll look great on in person. Yes, this jacket doesn't have the tailoring that hugs your body, but the bomber jacket is good choice as well. Since there is so much volume up top the bomber jacket looks best paired with skinny jeans. Totally cute for fall, don't you think? Not to mention, the pricetag is pretty decent compared to what I've been coming across. (GAP)

I know what you're thinking: ew, a purple leather jacket? Trust me, I tried this bad girl on at Nordstroms and it looks gorgeous on. I love the fact that it cuts between a blazer and a bomber leaving you with that lean figure yet somehow incorporating biker-esque. I love this jacket a lot, although, it's not that versatile. (Rock and Republic)

This jacket is the kind I can see Lindsay wearing with just about anything and pulling it off as street chic. I would go a size smaller buying this jacket only because I prefer the fitted look for leather jackets. Who was I to think that Victoria's Secret couldn't design clothes outside of bedroom wear? (Victoria's Secret)

I love this jacket. Ruffles are a great way to add femininity to a bad girl jacket. Could this possibly be the exact jacket that LiLo is wearing? Maybe, but throwing this jacket over a rock and roll outfit is great avoid overwhelming yourself with such a harsh look yet, you're still maintaining the look. (Diane von Furstenburg)

What do you think of these babies? Would you invest big bucks for a leather jacket?

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61 responses:

  1. leather ages wif age. it'd definitely feel more comfy wif every wash( etc). so if i manage to find one gorgeous piece, why not?!!

    d pic wif linds in tshirt and jeans combo was AWESOME!!!! kinda lyk d way i dress w/o d jacket!!!

    gosh. now tt i'm thinking, i'm SO SO gna ged one now!!!


  2. btw, read yr prev entry and i was blown away!!! loved yr closet!! man. now i'm tempted to clean up my closet too!!!

    but, sigh. mine isnt a walk in. just a normal closet. so. do u haf any tips???

    loved yr blog!!!

  3. alis

    whenever i splurge on a leather or suede jacket, i always reassure myself thinking "oh i'll wear this forever", but somehow, the tiny tiny details in the cut of the jacket manage to make it out-dated, and they make u feel warm in warm weather, cold in cold weather, and get damaged by rain,so i end up wearing them a few times and then not ever be able to wear them again.. the jackets u posted are gorgeous, but , i say dont go overboard with the splurge; buy a versatile great handbag instead: that can never be out-dated..

  4. I love leather jackets. i own a faux one I bought at target oh so long ago before this whole trend started and I wear it to death. everyone says it makes ppl lool instantly cooler

  5. i adore the look of leather jackets. but because im vegetarian i dont really believe in wearing them. i do love the way they can instantly make you look more street chic. love! after seeing a photgraph of zoe kravitz in a past issue of TV wearing a leather jacket i knew i had to have a [faux] one. while even the faux jackets can be expensive. i found a fabulous nylon bomber jacket at H&M. from their 'divided' line. it actually looks a lot like the one on the model with the green dress. & i just adore it! & it was only like 30$. so seeing that you have a store right next to your work you should totally drop in & see if they have any left in stock! ;]

    -geez sorry this comment was way too long-

  6. i love that brown leather jacket!!

  7. leather jackets do look ridiculously cool, but I dunno if I could wear a cow...
    but they do look really REALLY fab

  8. I used to hate them now secretly I harbour a little bit of a yearning for them! The victoria secret one is yum! And La lohan's cropped one is gorge too! I would love a brown cropped bomber style one. And that is so cute - the leather jacket with the dress! Nice post:-)

  9. haha thanks for d comment. schoolgirl-eque? wht do u mean?? hehe..
    owell. guess plaid really make a person look preppier.. haha,
    but i believe u can rock it!!

  10. Great. Have been searching for THE leather jacket of my dreams for a few months now. Trying to remain hopeful and patient. And yes, a leather jacket - if the right style - is timeless. One of the few pieces of someone's wardrobe i think actually warrants some cashing out.

  11. That SWORD jacket is pretty amazing

  12. Anonymous

    ??? this trend started? Are you SERIOUS??? Leather jackets have been out FOREVER. didnt start it.

    Tru said...
    I love leather jackets. i own a faux one I bought at target oh so long ago before this whole trend started and I wear it to death. everyone says it makes ppl lool instantly cooler

    July 18, 2007 4:14 PM

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  20. Love all the leather jacket. Its just so awesome man.

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