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The July 24th

July 25, 2007

I know, I've been horrible about posting. I try not to let two post be more than a week apart from eachother. But lately, I've been soo busy with work. About, three people just left Starbucks recently, so we're trying to get shifts covered, ect.. I'm working 40 hours a week and on top of all that, my grandparents have been sleeping in my room the past week. I haven't really been able to go online. I'd be lucky if I had time during my breaks to read some of the sweet things you guys wrote me via cellphone.

Anyway, I don't have time for a full post. I'm staying up just for the sake of updating even though I have to get up in four hours; I don't mind. Well, today was my brother's birthday and here's what I wore during dinner.

  • MNG Vneck shirt
  • Rag and Bone jeans (a new favorite)
  • Michael Shannon sandals
  • Tons of bangles

Lately, I've been wearing a lot of loose fitted basics and glamming them up with arm candy. Whether it's wifebeateres or plain shirts, I find them to be super fun to wear. I also realized that gold jewelry and white shirts are a match made in heaven. How could I have missed that?! Recently, it seems as though I've been stuck in situations where I need to go somewhere after work and I found it helpful to keep bangles in my purse in case I need to spice up a boring work outfit. Hey, it works. Maybe keeping heels in the car would help too. Just some food for thought.

Hopefully next week, when my schedule boils down to 25 hours (thank god), I can get a post about fall clutches up! Looking forward to that! Leave a comment of anything else you might want to read about too. Love ya, dolls.

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15 responses:

  1. alis

    thanks for staying up, i'm always looking forward to your posts! i have been wearing a lot of basic tops and gold jewelery lately too! white or yellow wifebeaters, teamed with my gold heart necklace and as many bangles as i can wear, with jeans or short shorts.. day time with small heels(because i'm small), night time with platforms.. it's easy, comfy, and hot.. with the bangles trend, i almost always choose to wear necklaces, seriously i havent been wearing any earrings for weeks!

  2. Anonymous

    Cute look! But, I've been trying so hard to find tons of gold bangles that look great together but I'm having a hard time! Where do you get yours?

  3. Hey, you've been tagged!

    I was tagged by Chanel from Hip Candy, and asked to share some facts about themselves, and then tag 7 other bloggers to share info about themselves with their readers. Check out Pink Rock Candy for more details!

    p.s Basics are so perfect at all times. The only downside to my love for plain white shirts is I always get something on them!

  4. xoxo

    hey there!
    wow working 40 hours a week?
    girl you need to take a shopping break haha :)

    back on topic, i love basics! especially the simple plain white tee, but i can seem to find one that's NOT see through :X
    know any brands that have good solid basic tees? how's the MNG tee?

  5. Yep, a good solid 40 hours. But trust me, that [fat] paycheck is not going to waste. Anyhoo, I do like my MNG shirt.. a lot actually. I got it in sale for 8 bucks. As long as you're wearing a nude bra, you're good to go. It also has the perfect lowcut V neck. It's not too revealing because the shirt runs bigger. I have pretty big boobs and it makes my chest look almost flat!

  6. So simple but yet so chic!!!!!! That locket is yum:-)

  7. Thanx for posting the accessories are awesome!

  8. I dig cool basics with some shiny accessories

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