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The Closet Tour

July 12, 2007

Frankly, I've been sucked out of fashion inspiration lately. I don't know whether it's just me, or if... actually, I think it's just me. But when my closet is messy and unorganized, so is my mind. Because I've had writer's block, I decided to dedicate this post to my closet clean up. Aren't you excited?

First thing's first. The before pictures.

It's apparent that I haven't been taking good care of my closet. If at all. I just throw everything on the ground and scrummage around for clean clothes. Nice. By the way, that garment organizer was bought from Target. Gotta love shabby chic. Unfortunately, they don't have the same one online, but here's a similar one.

The first thing I tacked was the top slot where I keep my wifebeaters and camis. It's so nice to finally have that folded...

In the second slot, I put in a basket that I also bought from Target's shabby chic line. In it, I throw in all my bras and panties. Very handy, very [shabby] chic, very secret.

In the third slot, I keep my scarves and hat. Pretty much anything I would wear around the neck or up.

Almost done, my fourth slot. I keep my leggings and belts to the side of the basket; Leggings aren't pictured. You can pull out the basket to find some bathing suits! Loves it.

Last but not least, the shoe slots! Here, I keep mainly my flats and fancier sandals. Since I don't wear heels often, I throw them in the garage somewhere. But really, I just wear my Rainbows when I go out. They're super comfortable, go with everything, and have a good durability. It's a California thing, I think. And now, I'm rambling.

After I finished organizing the closet organizer, I hung up all my clothes. Being a slight type-A, I organized my tops in rainbow order and my jeans in ascending wash color order, then I was finally done.

The end result of a good hour?

In the white stand, I keep all my lounge wear and random T-shirts I wear around the house. It's not very photogenic -- everything is stuffed in there! I keep my work clothes on top, as well as a lint roller and this purple basket. Now, what exactly do I keep in it? Good question and take note. So, you know when you buy something and you realize you don't like it? But you can't find the tag or reciept anywhere, so you're stuck with it? Well, what I do is, every time I buy something, I keep the tag in that basket just in case. I saved a few bucks doing so.

Well, this might not such a fashionable post, but I would assume it was a tad entertaining. I'm glad I did this post though, I can feel my brain refreshing itself.

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13 responses:

  1. alis

    i wish u hadnt made this post.. now i'm gonna spend the rest of the day lusting after your closet and hating mine :) really, i spotted great pieces there, u have great taste!

  2. wow you're closet is so organized and i'm uber jealous! i'm pretty much inspired to go rearrange mine right now except i know im leaving for college in less than a month so it would be quite pointless!

  3. This gives me such inspiration for my college dorm closet. I too arrange my clothes in colors. Then, even more a-type, I organize them within their own color by season and type of clothing they are (i.e. t-shirts with t-shirts and sweaters with sweaters.)

    I was hoping you could give me some advice on finding a perfect clutch. In the summer I hate carrying around a big bag. Partly because a. it really is just too hot to be lugging around and b. I feel like summer can do more damage to bags. So maybe,in the future, you will make a post on chic clutches. Thanks! keep on the good work!

  4. ah i love this post. its different & thats why i like it. thanks for linking me, deer. <3

  5. I hope you get your mojo back. I love your blog.

  6. I found this post very entertaining I jsut reorganized my closet as well and it is a grat experince perhaps I will do a similar post

  7. I like your shoe collection, but I'm adoring that silk scarf thats white with the chain pattern.

  8. very organized, esp. with the same color hangers makes everything look so tidy

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