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The Sole Stricken Girl

July 18, 2008

The past few years, shoes have been slowly replacing the handbag — becoming the “it” accessories. It’s no longer about the logo-a-gogo purses nor ever so popular large, hobo bag. No, it’s all about the shoes: designer shoes, statement shoes, quirky shoes, simple shoes, shoes! Who can blame you? It’s the ultimate outfit pick-me-up. Bloggers and fashionista in particular have been expressing their obsession with shoes, and it definitely shows in wearing today’s and in personal cases, the monthly credit bill — ouch. 

That in mind, a wonderful representative, Danielle, from the online shoe boutique store offered myself and That’s Chic readers a whopping 20% discount off anything on their website and it’s free shipping and handling. I’m normally not the type of blogger who gets into these types of deals, namely because the selection is poor or it doesn’t meet my standards, but Solestruck has tons of cute shoes and knowing that you get free shipping and handling and 20% off is awesome.

Keep in mind, all shoes shown in this post is from the website and you can click on each shoe for pricing and such.

As you may notice in the first picture of this post, I am wearing these awesome ankle boots for my friend's New Years Eve party (pics here) and a few people asked me where I bought them. Unfortunately, I snagged them from the Macy's sales rack last year, but here's your opportunity at another chance to purchase them! After Danielle showed the website, I immediately fell head-over-heels for the second pair of ankle boots and got them right on the spot. How could you not? It's the perfect transition to Fall. I'm also considering the very last pair of boots shown: the perfect combination of color, the play on modern chic and western, the serious buttery look, the temptation.

Having a great pair of heels that can be worn as casual and formal is like the ultimate staple. Every single pair shown here has its own distinct style -- which I admire. The first pick is by Betsey Johnson, and I'm not a stickler for her quirky taste in shoes and generous usage of colors. However, I love these wedges as they somewhat remind me of a Burberry shoe, not to mention how potentially great those wedges would look with socks. Cutout wedges are definitely a nice demeanor to the average heel, and sometimes -- just sometimes -- a low-key heel with a low-key design is just absolutely perfect. 

Gladiator are everywhere! Sure, it's been loitering around for some time, but you can literally buy a pair anywhere. So while I'll probably give up my gladiator sandals after this summer, I still can't help but to indulge in an old habit constantly searching for the perfect pair of gladiators (remember how hard it was to find a good pair last year?). But maybe, I'll give in one last time and buy myself a pair of white gladiators, namely speaking the Enzo Angiolini's.

All in all, I am a sandals girl. I live in California. I walk a lot throughout my day. It gets hot. Really, comfort is key for me (thank god those Chloe's broke in perfectly and comfortably). As I'm getting tired of the excessively strappy sandals, I think I'll stick to my thongs or very simple straps. The first pair are by Steve Madden and they are perfect for everyday wear, and for a boost of color, the pink or blue sandals are perfect for a subtle touch of spruce. 

So remember, 20% off and free shipping and handling. I don't get any sort of commission, so this isn't an advertisement for personal gain. If anything, take this to your advantage! But I do get commission from Net-a-Porter, so if you want to buy anything, do me a favor and let me know so I can send you a link for the commission (:

The discount code is FUBT7QCY6 and the offer ends Thursday, July 24th 

(Note to self: holy crap, that is my brother's birthday: buy him computer games)

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19 responses:

  1. Melanie

    Great selection of shoes. I agree that shoes are the go-to accessory to have. I don't think I care much about the purse I carry anymore.

  2. those boots are fabulous! and their selection is great! i really want those shoes you're wearing in the first picture. could you tell me if they run true to size? and how comfortable they are? if you can thank you so very very much! i think i'lld efinitely make a purchase with them!

  3. I am head over heels for gladiator sandals! Thank you so much for the promo code! Shoes are my major weakness when it comes to splurging...

    Great blog, keep up the fab work!

  4. Happy b-day to your brother! I love the boots, and I like the bright pink tights, too. I've always been a boot girl.

  5. wow the shoes are so pretty! and yes, i love ankle boots. =]

  6. Wow a couple of those are wicked!

  7. I love the boots you chose! I wish I could buy something from them, but my feet are so gosh darn small that it's really iffy for me to buy online!

  8. Love that site, thanks for posting

  9. oh man, thank you so much for notifying me of this discount. i've been looking for shoes, and i'm praying that solestruck has a variety in size 5. currently crossing my fingers as i click.

  10. I really love the collages you do :) Thanks for the know about the discount! Check my blog out sometime!


  11. i would love to link back to you! your blog is great. and I so agree on shoes being the it-accessory... can you tell from my blog?? haha.. I am a shoe-aholic :P

  12. these look great! I love the black ankle boots

  13. oh no, i can't see any of the pictures!
    but I think that is to do with solestruck rather than you, as the pics aren't showing on their site either.

    so i'll just imagine how lovely the shoes are!

    and am loving the makeover by the way. don't know why I haven't already, so I'm linking you if you fancy trading.

  14. my favorites were the gladiators. they're cute and comfy, but i'm currently looking for a pair of wedges as well. possibly looking into a new pair of boots.

  15. I love the sandals and gladiators.
    One question. What song is on your blog, the one with the youtube video?
    I fell in love with the song.

  16. Hey, sorry for the late response – long busy weekend.

    Anyways, I hope everything had a good time shopping. My shoes are getting shipped today so hopefully I’ll get a wearing today post about them.


    My review on my black ankle boots:

    I love them to death. I recently misplaced them and was quite sad. I wear a size 7, and I bought a size 6.5 I think… I run between a 6.5 and 7 a lot though. They’re surprisingly very comfortable – but usually boots are to me. My only complain is that they’re a little steep, and it can be a little stressful after walking a lot. I wore them all night on New Years and never took them off, and my feet were fine. For the most part, they fit perfectly. If you go half a size up, you can wear thicker socks with them to suppress the pressure on the balls of your foot. I totally recommend buying them. Oh another thing, they have this suede material, and sometimes I’m afraid of it scuffing the tip of my shoes or fading colors. That’s about it thought. They go with everything.


    The song playing is by Five O ‘Clock Heroes featuring Agyness Deyn, and the song is called “Who”. Can you believe that? Who knew Agyness can sing; it’s her musical debut.

    To everyone else, don’t miss out on the discount! Try to grab your pair before Thursday.


  17. All of those shoes are so great, they have so many choices!

    You've received an award...
    Visit my blog for more info.

  18. i finally found your site! it looks amazing, i just love this. and it was so wonderful meeting you too! x

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