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The Accessories of a Beach Go-er

July 30, 2007

Because the weather is still quite warm, that basically means that the beach is still a mandatory visit. However, with school coming up the beach isn't so much of a choice in destination as we settle down to get back into our studying habits. But... is it be possible to bring our three loved possessions together under one umbrella of love? I think so. Beach + school + fashion. It's totally possible.

Purse: Hermés - So maybe this purse isn't 100% beach appropriate, but you have to admit, it is one amazingly gorgeous purse with the perfect shade to match.

Swimsuit: Diane von Furstenberg - I absolutely love the colors in this piece. So fresh yet so chic. Yet, hardly a threat to fashion's unmerciful pace of change. Meaning, you pretty much won't have to worry about it going out of style.

Blush: NARS - You can buy this exclusively at Nordstroms. What I love most about this blush duo is that it also comes with a highlighter. Blush to leave you with a flush so natural that boys will wonder if they just have that effect on girls. Then a highlighter to add dimension to the cheeks that will leave girls wondering if you are just born with a naturally gorgeous structure. Plus, having the beaming sun activate the shimmer is a for sure head turner. You'll be the hottest girl on the beach!

Laptop: Sony's VAIO - I've been eyeing this notebook for a while. I love its chicness but more than that, I love how it's actually useful to an avid student. You know, over the Macbooks. Anyway, I still want to buy this for school, if anyone has it, share your opinions!

Bangles: The Fusion Boutique - I love how these bangles totally compliment the bathing suit without overdoing yourself (like Hilary Duff) and match your notebook as well! Now.. that's chic. But seriously, I do love the marble finish, it almost makes the bangles look like jade.

Water bottle: VOSS - You know, as much as I hate to say this, but you can be judged for the beverage you carry around. It's almost considered notorious as we establish a small cult of name brand water bottles. Remember the Fiji craze? Well, it's time to step it up a notch considering how overplayed they are. It's time to carry around VOSS. Plus, you don't want to dehydrate yourself on the beach, am I right?

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20 responses:

  1. Anonymous

    Great post! I love the bathing suit and the purse! They're gorgeous together. Although I do agree that carrying an Hermes purse to the beach is not a smart idea.

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  3. (I got drafted into this)..You've been tagged! Take a look at my blog to see what it's all about, thanks!

  4. yeah,... i am going to the beach soon

  5. aw, i adore my macbook. i wouldnt use anything but a mac.

    gorgeous blush! nars has alwasy been a fav of mine.

    + VOSS is so chic. love the glass bottles. it reminds me of the waterbottles you get in europe.

  6. I like the bangles and bathing suit.
    The water part of the post was funny.

  7. Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Oh my gosh great post, very season appropriate!

  8. i have a Sony Vaio too! i think it's the same as the picture up there except it's silver. yeah, i love this laptop because it's wide and clear and the best. i don't know, it's just very easy to use and it hasn't disappointed me yet, so that's good! totally worth the 1800 dollars. i love macbooks and the way they look, but i hate their programs. it's so confusing and hard to get around. so yeah, i recommend it alot if you plan on getting it!

  9. great color palette! of course, my laptop's just grey. ;)

  10. i absolutely love the hermes purse!

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  11. Anonymous

    uh i'm not sure you live near the beach... a laptop???

  12. Anonymous

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