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August 19, 2015

Who What Wear, Levi's ®, and myself are going to talk fall denim. Yes, it probably still reads triple-digits on your thermostat, but it's never too early to start thinking about repurposing, repurchasing, and restyling your denim. Lucky for you, there are 9 outfits (and three rad chicks) for you to get inspiration from on Who What Wear's site right now. Jeans are a very personal matter; in fact, I think I legitimately teared up when my Levi's 501® from freshman year of college ripped at the knees last year at fashion week. It's been a year since said scarring experience, and I think I can safely ease into getting myself a fresh pair of Levi's ® to love till end of time.

Thank you Who What Wear and Justin Coit for doing an amazing job telling this story with us. Us being Rima, Grasie, and myself.


Levi's 711 in Winter Solstice. Levi's 721 in Deep Abyss. Levi's 501® CT Jeans for Women in Cali Cool paired with Levi's Classic Western Shirt.

In collaboration with Who What Wear and Levi's. 


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August 20, 2015

photo diary: family utah trip

August 17, 2015

Sometime in May, I escaped to Utah to hang out with my family. Usually I’m a stickler about tourist traps in national parks. They reminds me of bad sunscreen, children, and cargo shorts. And while that was still the case, there is something majestic about Zion Park that makes the trip to Utah so worth it. Also the regions around the park are just as charming with random petting zoos and wonderful pottery.

I believe this is my first time I've documented a trip with my family. Namely because the whole idea of blogging and taking photos of yourself as an intentional career is a thought so foreign for my parents. The trip was too beautiful not to document, but what was so amazing was my entire family offering to help shoot photos. It made this trip much more enjoyable because for the first time since I've started this blog, I felt like I can truly be my unfiltered self. It was a wonderful and grounding trip and hope you guys enjoy the photos and video.


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43 more days

August 10, 2015

There are only 43 days left of summer. And while it's not a Southern California concern with great weather year-round, silky separates won't be as relevant. This worries me, as it's all I care to live in. I'm trying to make the most of wearing as many crop tops possible.

 Life update: I just got back to LA after an incredibly hot week in Texas. It's been a while since I was last in Dallas where half my family tree resides, but as always, it was grounding. Didin't vlog while I was out there, but I have so much content I need to organize and share. Okay, life update done. I'm really funny on Snapchat, so maybe follow me there: raychizzlle.


Wearing Bon George top and skirt. Phillip Lim sandals.


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dream canadian tuxedo

July 20, 2015

When you like a brand and they like you; you can maybe get away with asking for a lot. Such as, using their entire factory to manifest a design from your head - basically what I asked of AG. A few meetings and a mood board later, I was in HQ with the designers brainstorming fun ideas. I went for pieces that my closet lacked: a tattered denim jacket with scribbles all over it and high-waisted open button fly jeans.

I would go through the entire, wordy process, but I rather you watch the video yourself. Below are photos to express my love for my new garments. I apologize to my friends in advance for obnoxiously wearing my new Canadian tuxedo on a weekly basis.

Similar AG denim jacket. Halter top in Fire Coral. Jewelry from Marida.


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July 9, 2015

This art installation was pretty hot for a moment, and I remember thinking: 'okay I gotta photograph there before everyone else does'. Of course I end up posting the photos a month later. But that's not why I'm excited about this post. We have to talk about this Isabel Marant skirt. It's in my blood that I don't like to buy things full price. So I'm often scrounging through consignment shops and feelin' out those "omg" pieces. This is one of them because it was brand new with tags... for $79.30 at Crossroads. Orange County, man. What do you do with your money?


Photographed by Sisilia Piring


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on the road to bonnaroo

June 27, 2015

Hotel keys, old fashions, bubble blowers, roadside bouquets, fried food, Talking Heads, southern food, Teva sandals, sunburns, and 10 hours driving, it's clear that a fun trip is more about the journey than the destination.

My favorite city of the trip was Nashville, but no real photos to document it. Sorry guys, when you're having fun, you just forget. New Orleans was super tight too. Definitely get someone who lives there to show you around.

After 4 days hopping southern cities, we finally made it to Bonnaroo! Best festival I've been to - by far. Little stages with upcoming artists and good vibes all around. Thanks Teva for letting us drive a huge suburban through the south and end it at a festival. I'll let the photos speak for the trip, because I have white, sandy beaches on the brain and can't properly articulate how rad this trip was.

Mahalo! xx

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