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October 19, 2016

My dear neglected blog,

You'll have to excuse my extended absence and broken blog - a shot in the dark says it's my longest hiatus thus far. Life has gotten the better of me. You might have seen me spellbound in, what I like to call, an "editing hole". And as summer was closing in with two months blinking by, I panicked.

I created loads, shmoozed lots, brainstormed much, but there comes a point when you overload. Staring at a screen 14-18 hours a day caused me to detach from my mental in some sick, subconscious effort to subdue my emotional needs. Naturally, I took to the airport after daily vlogging. I've packed and unpacked my suitcase more times than I've popped aspirin during the presidential debates. I guess you can say I was in need of a personal season off.

Of course I'm being dramatic to say the least, but at least I've reflected. Thank god as I realized how tired I've grown of this industry we've formed - you guys know this. My charade ends here as I am excited to relaunch my blog in a way that makes sense to me. Now I can't articulate this in any other way but to show you guys - once we slay the web development.

You will have to listen to my huffs and puffs on social and I promise to make a healthier effort with editing! With love I have attached a repeatable song - the kind of song that serendipitously fits into any life occasion. And photos of my mellow dramatic feels disguised in a backyard photoshoot.

Till then, see you babes on the 'tube xx



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MARCH 17, 2016


May 24, 2016

New Orleans is a strange city. It’s musky, dated, haunted, grimy, lush, all to a soundtrack of street jazz under balmy weather. Yet, nothing can amount the innumerable wonders that adds to the sultriness that will make you mourn the moment you leave. You have your classics. The oysters on a balcony over-looking the ever-so-touristy French Quarters. Yet should you wander enough, you’ll find yourself in many curiosity shops with haunting stories to follow.

Here are some of my favorite haunts (no pun intended). Coffee and beignet at Cafe Du Monde. Date night with BBQ shrimp at Mr. B's, walk through Bourbon Street at night (drinking or not). Buy a spell or two from a voodoo shop. Dig for that perfect vintage dress at Bambi DeVille vintage. Ride the streetcar to Garden District. Do brunch at Surrey's. Walk it off through Magazine St. Spend an hour or two at United Apparel Liquidators. Gather friends over wine and cheese at Bacchanal. Wake up and do breakfast at Bette's Cafe before walking around the French Market. Try on cute sunnies at Krewe with a coffee afternoon pick me up. Get your cards read by Farrey. Head to Frenchman street for the night for dancing and drinks. Tapas and canned food at N7. More Cafe Du Monde at night - decaf of course. Foot massage the night before you leave from all that walking. Finally, close your brunches out at Angeline's or at Café Amelie.


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March 31, 2016

This whole YouTube thing has taken up so much of my time that blogging hasn't been on my radar. That doesn't mean I don't have a plethora of photos and outfit documentation to share. As I was editing this, I actually realized that this was taken a year ago. Last year. This boggles me especially because, 1. whoa that went by really fast 2. I still wear the same things. Both are semi-alarming. The past couple years I've stopped caring about wearing these cool elaborate outfits and have settled into easy, expensive-ass pieces that ain't no one-trick pony.

Photos by Sisilia Piring   
    Robert Clergerie sneakers. Isabel Marant dress (similar)


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March 21, 2016

This isn't news but I'm going to pretend like it is. It's my second LA apartment. The one-bedroom (originally sold to me as a 2 bedroom, but it ain't) that will be my resident until I can afford to buy a home. It's that good. Located in the lovely Larchmont neighborhood, I couldn't ask for more from Los Angeles. There's lots of natural light and greenery. It's just really, really good vibes. And after 2 years, I feel like I've finally made it mine.

Furniture details after the photos...


I have 3 closets in my apartment, and no way to organize it. Still working on it. Also, my bed. That Malm. I didn’t put it together right the first time so the bed squeaked every time you turned, and after a point, I took the bed apart. Now I feel like I sleep in a litter box.
West Elm night stands. Vintage lamps.  P.F. Candle CoWest Elm furry pillows. Vintage jewelry cases


Pretty basic. Has a good that goes to a side yard.


I don’t know how my beauty products look pink and purple in the medicine cabinet, but I’m not mad at it.


I spend all my time here. The light literally spills in from morning till sunset.
World Market Kendall couch. Ikea desk. Vintage rose quartz table. Flea Market coffee table. Target lamp.


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March 15, 2016

Sometime in December, I shot with Nylon Japan for a little photo in their LA style section. I have yet to nab my own issue, but for now, I'll screenshot your Snapchats. Wearing my most favorite jeans I've had since college.  And some Adidas sweater.

Thank you to Billy at the 501 Huntington Beach store for convincing me to buy these. I think about that gem of a store every day and wish it was still open.


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