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miu miu women's tales #8

August 30, 2014

I remember watching the first Miu Miu women's tale 3 years ago - I think it was before they decided to make it a series. But I love a great short film, Miranda July's quirky humor, and how Miu Miu added so much depth to the series. She also incorporated the collection into a rather "real life" stylized video, and that amazes me. More so, this became a scavenger hunt on finding all the products used in the video, and while I got most of them, didn't quite get Miranda's.

Enjoy the video. FTC note: this isn't sponsored. I genuinely thought this video was radical.


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I did highschool all wrong

August 13, 2014

This is probably the raddest editorial I've seen in some time that I couldn't wait for a Friday to post it under my weekly musings. Leave it to W Magazine to raise the bar for upcoming September editorials. While less is more, the phrase "normcore supermodels" is an impossible oxymoron. My version of normcore is looking really confused in a Costco supermarket wearing Birkenstocks in a motherly way without any cool factor at all. And that is the solid truth my friends.


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girl's night

August 5, 2014

The past weekend I attended some party to celebrate my friend's successes in life. I wore Isabel Marant with my beloved Proenza Schouler heels. Sara wore Derek Lam. And the babe of honor, Olya Zueva, wore Marc Jacobs. I also strayed from my hair dresser that weekend, which is a horrible mistake for anyone to make - especially since the infidelity is publicly displayed on your head. Either way, it was lovely getting the girls together again after the weekend we spent together in Brooklyn. By the end of the night we found ourselves dead sober, in a very kinky hotel room, wallowing over broken hearts and confused souls.

Special thanks to Forward by Elyse Walker for lending over some dresses last minute.


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sir, I object!

July 25, 2014

Welcoming the most perfect denim pencil skirt in my life from Objects Without Meaning. Now I can successfully parade around in matching denim jacket and skirt fully canadian-tuxed out. Long weekend ahead of me. Lots to shoot and going to feel really french tomorrow at a film festival where my friend will be accepting an award for being rad and talented. More about that, tomorrow on my Instagram.


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masculine chic living

July 18, 2014

First off, I am insanely overwhelmed by the YouTube welcome and am crazy shocked and how many of you have been following me for years accounting the old days when I vlogged with Teddy. Like shocked! Excited doesn't even come close to how I'm feeling about this journey - but don't worry, my blog will always be here x

Anyway, I wanted to leave the weekend with a little moodboard as I am in the process of trying to get my place looking less girly and more masculine. More homey, less stark.

Images gathered from Pinterest


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YouTube newcomer

July 16, 2014

Guys, I'm shaking with excitement with my YouTube launch, but I'm going to be very transparent going forth in this post.

The past year I've definitely, and maybe discernibly, lost my interest in blogging. Things seemed stale, and the pressure to look a certain way to be relevant turned me off. I don’t want to sound ungrateful; this has all been an undeniably fruitful experience. But in the face of subjecting myself to criticism and praise, I no longer wanted to feel the detrimental effects of public approval. Since I’m being transparent, this affected me – a lot. Talking to other bloggers, I learned I wasn’t in this alone. So I knew I had to detach.

During the transition of my figuring myself out, I stopped formulating outfits, donated and sold a lot of clothes and accessories, wore less makeup, freed my mind of criticism and just like that, I no longer felt consumed by my blog. This unhealthy habit I've formed stemmed from my innocent love of creating and documenting.

So I picked up a camera and started recording myself. No photoshop, no pretty outfits, just me reminding myself every day to be true to myself and my friends. Now going back on a year’s worth of footage, I can watch myself grow tremendously personally, romantically, professionally, and creatively. I seriously can’t wait to share that all with you.

I hope my candidness about the industry serves as a reminder to everyone starting blogging or has been blogging for a long time to stay true to themselves.. Don’t be swayed by what’s popular and don’t buy into hype. Grow as much as you possibly can, because once I stopped comparing, I found myself growing.

Without further ado, my channel trailer:



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