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March 31, 2016

This whole YouTube thing has taken up so much of my time that blogging hasn't been on my radar. That doesn't mean I don't have a plethora of photos and outfit documentation to share. As I was editing this, I actually realized that this was taken a year ago. Last year. This boggles me especially because, 1. whoa that went by really fast 2. I still wear the same things. Both are semi-alarming. The past couple years I've stopped caring about wearing these cool elaborate outfits and have settled into easy, expensive-ass pieces that ain't no one-trick pony.

Photos by Sisilia Piring   
    Robert Clergerie sneakers. Isabel Marant dress (similar)


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MARCH 17, 2016


March 21, 2016

This isn't news but I'm going to pretend like it is. It's my second LA apartment. The one-bedroom (originally sold to me as a 2 bedroom, but it ain't) that will be my resident until I can afford to buy a home. It's that good. Located in the lovely Larchmont neighborhood, I couldn't ask for more from Los Angeles. There's lots of natural light and greenery. It's just really, really good vibes. And after 2 years, I feel like I've finally made it mine.

Furniture details after the photos...


I have 3 closets in my apartment, and no way to organize it. Still working on it. Also, my bed. That Malm. I didn’t put it together right the first time so the bed squeaked every time you turned, and after a point, I took the bed apart. Now I feel like I sleep in a litter box.
West Elm night stands. Vintage lamps.  P.F. Candle CoWest Elm furry pillows. Vintage jewelry cases


Pretty basic. Has a good that goes to a side yard.


I don’t know how my beauty products look pink and purple in the medicine cabinet, but I’m not mad at it.


I spend all my time here. The light literally spills in from morning till sunset.
World Market Kendall couch. Ikea desk. Vintage rose quartz table. Flea Market coffee table. Target lamp.


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March 15, 2016

Sometime in December, I shot with Nylon Japan for a little photo in their LA style section. I have yet to nab my own issue, but for now, I'll screenshot your Snapchats. Wearing my most favorite jeans I've had since college.  And some Adidas sweater.

Thank you to Billy at the 501 Huntington Beach store for convincing me to buy these. I think about that gem of a store every day and wish it was still open.


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February 10, 2016

Enjoying the last bit of sunshine and random 90 weather outburst before heading to NYFW. I HATE NYFW IN THE WINTER, BUT I'M DOING IT BECAUSE MY BEST FRIENDS AND I GOT A PENTHOUSE IN TIME SQUARE. I'm not being paid (nor was I asked) to blog about this, but I wrote about my last trip to February NYFW on It's pretty amusing and took me half a day to write. You need to read it so I feel better about spending the time to write it since all they wanted was a wish list of things I like. My story is better.

Paying homage to my daily outfit. I guess I'm excited to experiment with kooky outfits outside of my Levi's + sneakers + blank top uniform.

JACKET: Uniqlo
BAG: Coach
JEANS: Vintage Levi's (buy whatever pair you see at a thrift store or whatever and get it tailored. Try to save the hem.)



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January 26, 2016

The past couple years, I've thrown out lots of iffy, chemically products for more natural ones. Ones that I can understand where the ingredients come from. Better if it's just one ingredient. I definitely feel a shift in the industry making is way easier to discover natural products that leaves you feeling less guilty about what you're putting on your skin. My regimen isn't completely holistic, but here are things I've swapped out for the better!

I also got to sit with Amy Pham from The Platform to talk more about it. But I had to take it to my blog because I can never articulate anything properly in front of a crew of people. Blaming it on stage fright and getting the giggles. So here it is broken down from left to right.

100 Percent Pure eyecream
First of my many favorites from this line. Talk about feeling completely guiltless using products. This brand uses no synthetics at all!!! So amazing and the quality feels exactly what is advertised: pure.

Dr. Bronner's Castile soap 
The jack of all trades for your home. There's a list of 18 uses for it that extends into kitchen usage! I have yet to experiment with it as toothpaste... probably pass on that. But it's great for cleaning your tiles and your body!

Shea Moisture shampoo
Actually forgot to bring this on set, but I love this shampoo! It's not clarifying, but I like it because it doesn't strip your hair of moisture making just-shampooed hair look like Day 2 hair. That's what we all want right? I also have to mention that my hair is naturally very coarse and wavy - this helps with the frizziness and actually relaxes a lot of my curls.

Tea Tree Oil
Another household staple. Tea tree oil kills bacteria. Best used on acne or infections. I've found many uses for this. One of which is TMI; another is to help heal my cartilage piercing.

W3ll People loose powder
Let's get into makeup, shall we? This is another great brand, and W3ll developed most of their product around the power of aloe. I want makeup that works double-times and there are a lot of goodie ingredients that are actually good for the skin. Guilt free x2.

RMS living luminizer
I've raved, blogged, vlogged, lusted, recommended this all year. Because of RMS, I started looking more into natural makeup. Something about how synthetic-free, raw, unprocessed, unrefined makeup sits on the skin makes me never want to look back. I use this highlighter in the corner of my eyes, cheekbones, nose bridge, anywhere that I feel lacks life. It brings out the most natural dew, and it doesn't look like makeup. It's insane.

100 Percent Pure Lipstick (in Poppy)
Another 'ahah!' moment when I tried 100 Percent Pure's make up line. Well, I've only used their lipstick but am excited to explore more. It was the same moment of like, "oh, this is how makeup is supposed to sit on your face". The swatches are gorgeous and all fruit dyed.

Alba Botanics deodorant
I could probably find a more natural deodorant on the market (recommendations??!). I've seen people rub lemons in their pits as deodorant but I'm not quite on that level yet. Till then, I'm going to continue using this as it's been doing the job. Tried the salt stick, didn't like it. It's pretty important to get a natural deodorant as the nature of the product is to sit on your skin ALL day and work along side your pores.

Honest hand sanitizer spray 
Kudos to Jessica Alba for this company. It's great and I do trust everything that comes from their doors. Albeit just a little thing from their line, I've grown fond of this hand sanitizing spray - even if my boyfriend hates the smell of it and won't let me spray within a closed proximity of him.

Witch hazel 
I've been using witch hazel for a while now as a toner. It helps with inflammation and broken skin (aka when I break out). It's also a good skin setter thing after cleansing before putting on moisturizer.

100 Percent Pure hand balm 
This sits in my car next to my hand sanitizing spray. It's good. People like it and ask to borrow it a lot.

Rose hip oil 
I read an interview which Miranda Kerr personally stated that she used this during the pregnancy to prevent stretch marks. One, I will pick up any skin care tips Kerr recommends. Two, I learned this is a great oil with tons of fatty acids that helps with scarring and stretch marks. Sold.

Karma Natural nail polish remover
Once on set, someone gave me natural, organic nail polish remover wipes and then I wondered why I didn't have this all my life. No more acetone that dries your skin and emits fumes and chemicals. This remover in particular works damn well and leaves your nails feeling really healthy. Every time I use it, I am convinced my nails look better naked.


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January 7, 2016

It's been a while since I spontaneously took photos and threw them on this blog right away. New year goal? Start posting right away? The best part of having creative friends is 1. they're all open-minded 2. their front doors are also always open 3. they're down to make pretty things at a drop of a hat. Last night, I literally walked into the front door of my friend Valerie's apartment and felt inspired right then and there to take photos even though I've been to her home countless of times. Well, I was inspired. By Debbie's new Acne necklace. A brass throwback to my early tweens.  

Mesh t-shirt. Acne 'Fabi' choker necklace. Vintage 501s.


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January 5, 2016

HAPPY NEW YEAR. Music played the biggest role in my 2015 developments. Many nights of dancing, crying, drinking, laughing, driving. Many more mornings of dancing, crying, drinking, laughing, driving. The past year has been a lot of exploring and foundation laying - in all aspects of my life - creativeness, possessions, friends, love, family, myself. I loved last year but am so ready to start a new one. Till then I will archive my nostalgia through the playlist you see below paired with photos of me in the canyons.

Shot by Alex Kim Kenealy.

Also, if this playlist doesn't satiate your ears, a lovely viewer made a playlist of all the songs I used for Vlogmas. Don't know what Vlogmas is? Where have you been?! Watch the last 31 days of my 2015 here.


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