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selfies and denim tips

January 28, 2015

Today we talk denim. As some of you know, I worked in denim for a hot second. My career was long enough to give me a fresh perspective on fabrics, cuts, and hardware, and short enough for me stay curious. Which then lead me to an eternal quest for the perfect denim pieces for the minimal girls' wardrobe.

A couple months ago, I approached AG to work on a project with them.  It was their choice of model for the ad campaigns (Daria Werbowy), hospitality of Nobu sushi at their tradeshow booth, and quality of products that had me drooling to work with them. I'm definitely not discounting all the other denim brands that are killing right now, but there is a well-rounded appeal that I immediately related to with AG.

Slight tangent, have you guys seen how amazing Alexa Chung's collaboration turned out with AG? I had mix emotions of obsession and utter jealousy. As in, I wish I thought of it first. But that sounds bigoted of me - I happily got two pieces from her line. Pictures coming soon.

So I wanted to do something special for AG. Curate my selection of what I believe to be their absolute, must-have pieces. Wherever you get your denim, here are my universal tips for the perfect pieces:

  • 1 washed, 1 raw, 1 black, 1 jacket, 2 dresses, 1 skirt
  • 1 high rise, 1 baggy low-rise, 1 cropped (mix and match how you like. Below is how I arranged it)
  • Must: 9.5-10" front-rise high-waisted medium washed skinny jeans
  • Get: Rinsed-selvedge boyfriend low-rise jeans
  • Must: Black ankle cropped jeans (not pictured)
  • Get: A washed out denim jacket two sizes bigger
  • Fabrics: Try not to go stretchier than a 98co/2e. Wear 100co if you can deal with the stiffness. 
  • Washing: Go as long as you can without washing your jeans - if you do, do it in cold water, inside-out, and low heat drying to air dry.
  • Fit: Smaller pockets = better ass
  • Wash: Keep it simple. Easy whiskering to none at all. Destruction should look effortless and accidental.
  • Fit: I might have shedded some bloat from not drinking this month, but that lead me to size down on the pants I'm wearing. 

Also styled: NY hat from some vendor, Fucking Awesome Chloe skate deck, pink bandeau from the depths of my closet, thrifted lace top, Zara fringe skirt, Dodger's shirt from the stadium, long cardigan from Growze.


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closet cleanout

January 22, 2015

WORD VOMIT: You guys - do you remember when I did this thing called "Shop Chic" and sold all my clothes on it? Well it's happening again... soon. I have this burning urge to get rid of everything, and every time I lose something in one of my three closets, I question my sanity. This isn't good for me.

I'm currently in the mind-fuck of my physical 'stuff' being super unorganized, thus, my mental 'stuff' is super unorganized. That's probably why this post doesn't make as much sense as I'd like. You heard right, I have three closets - all of which are poorly compartmentalized and lack functionality... like my thoughts.

For now, I am selling my clothes on Bib + Tuck and went through it tonight to discount everything even more. Seriously, there's some good deals in there. Check it out. 

Well since this is a fashion blog, I will (hopefully) indulge your eyes in pretty photos. As you know I moved last year, except there has been no real documentation on my blog. There is some on Instagram and YouTube. Hoping to do an updated apartment tour soon. The idea (among many others) is documented somewhere between my written thoughts and plans for the year.

Hope your year is off to a good start x


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Happy New Year!

January 6, 2015

Happy New Year! I didn't get to ring 2015 somewhere tropical as I had fantasized, so loitering Los Angeles vegetation was visually the closest thing to that. I'm back at my first week behind a computer since mid-December with fresh eyes... bringing to you my new year's resolution: be creative everyday and blog more often. Now I feel like I say that every year, but I really mean it this time. Pinky promise.

As always, I'm ready for something fresh and different. My friend Sisilia Piring is on the same page as we spent a day running around Melrose guerrilla-style, snapping and shopping as we go.  What came to fruition were these rad photos, Sachajuan Leave In Conditioner, and an Acne wishlist 3 pages long.

Isabel Marant dress. Photos by Sisilia Piring.


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MUSIC MONDAY: 2014 was my vaccine

December 29, 2014

Here's a playlist with all the tunes that have continued to see themselves on repeat. Some songs have been overplayed so often, I questioned putting a few on the playlist. I have this innate security over my playlists and songs, and I'm deciding right now that music-hogging is so 2014. Take notes Tay Swift. Hope you guys indulge and are suddenly inspired to do something crazy like start a YouTube channel or buy airline tickets to island hop. I'm hoping for the latter. Now I need to wait for 2015 to get here so I can scour Spotify for 2015 songs. Why do I feel like I just did that for 2014??????? Ugh time needs to pause for a second! 


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holiday looks

December 21, 2014

As you may know I've been exploring the YouTube space with new musings and really challenging myself to create rad videos. Over the week, I did my first motion lookbook which wouldn't cross your mind as something of significance other than pretty to watch, but damn, those things are hard to make right! Running around town with one of your best friends hauling camera equipment that neither of you know how to use well is a story in itself. To make matters worse, we of course got caught in cryptic Los Angeles rain. Also, shout out to the unforgiving lady cop who gave me an expired meter ticket while I was standing right there.

All in all, that day had me feeling a certain way - one that I can't really depict through photos so you'll just have to watch the rest of the holiday looks in the video below. Thank you Ted for shooting and being my life crutch that day! x

Joie dress. Proenza Schouler. Vintage Jacket

Alice + Olivia blazer. H&M Studio pants. H&M Studio mules.


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rebel child

December 9, 2014

Every girl should walk around town with two hot guys (my new friend Joel Alexander and my man Weston James Palmer behind camera) whilst in matching leather jackets at least once in her life. Do so in a city environment and match outfits. It's a good way to break out of social shyness. We're both rocking Diesel leather motos and unruly attitudes. PS, being pantless sprawled across another man's rug is/was only okay in this situation ever.

Check out how others are vibing with Diesel and big thank you to Weston for making that rad video. Shop the collection here!


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