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dream canadian tuxedo

July 20, 2015

When you like a brand and they like you; you can maybe get away with asking for a lot. Such as, using their entire factory to manifest a design from your head - basically what I asked of AG. A few meetings and a mood board later, I was in HQ with the designers brainstorming fun ideas. I went for pieces that my closet lacked: a tattered denim jacket with scribbles all over it and high-waisted open button fly jeans.

I would go through the entire, wordy process, but I rather you watch the video yourself. Below are photos to express my love for my new garments. I apologize to my friends in advance for obnoxiously wearing my new Canadian tuxedo on a weekly basis.

Similar AG denim jacket. Halter top in Fire Coral. Jewelry from Marida.


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July 20, 2015


July 9, 2015

This art installation was pretty hot for a moment, and I remember thinking: 'okay I gotta photograph there before everyone else does'. Of course I end up posting the photos a month later. But that's not why I'm excited about this post. We have to talk about this Isabel Marant skirt. It's in my blood that I don't like to buy things full price. So I'm often scrounging through consignment shops and feelin' out those "omg" pieces. This is one of them because it was brand new with tags... for $79.30 at Crossroads. Orange County, man. What do you do with your money?


Photographed by Sisilia Piring


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on the road to bonnaroo

June 27, 2015

Hotel keys, old fashions, bubble blowers, roadside bouquets, fried food, Talking Heads, southern food, Teva sandals, sunburns, and 10 hours driving, it's clear that a fun trip is more about the journey than the destination.

My favorite city of the trip was Nashville, but no real photos to document it. Sorry guys, when you're having fun, you just forget. New Orleans was super tight too. Definitely get someone who lives there to show you around.

After 4 days hopping southern cities, we finally made it to Bonnaroo! Best festival I've been to - by far. Little stages with upcoming artists and good vibes all around. Thanks Teva for letting us drive a huge suburban through the south and end it at a festival. I'll let the photos speak for the trip, because I have white, sandy beaches on the brain and can't properly articulate how rad this trip was.

Mahalo! xx

Shop the Post (lots of similar pieces)


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festival style upgraded: surfer shoegaze vibe

June 1, 2015

So the past two years, I haven't really done the whole festival thing aside from the seasonal desert parties. Coachella became granola and forced, and I miss the gritty days of disregarding my outfit and Instagram-quota. This year I've decided to do Bonnaroo and I'm sooo excited to explore what a music festival in Tennessee has to offer!! More about that later.

I've fully embraced Californication, and I want to bring that to Tennessee. I also want to stray far away from frilly flower crowns, vintagey fringe, and poorly-selected footwear. It's the festival! You want to feel comfortable, cute, and cool. Teva is an obvious choice as a 12 year old so why can't it be one when you're 25? So I've styled five outfits, displayed here and Pinterest, that I'll be wearing as I'm jamming out to Mac Demarco, The Growlers, and Caribou. Surf Shoegaze - it's a thing... according to me xx


ASOS shirt. AG denim skirt. Juicy Couture bag (similar here). Teva Terra FI sandals. Wonderland sunglasses.

Coach x Gary Baseman dress. Teva flatform sandals

Vintage scarf. The2Bandits x Erin Wasson earrings.  Topshop romper. Teva flatform sandals.  

American Apparel top (I got this color at their warehouse). Topshop suede shorts. Lack of Color hat. Teva gold sandals

Now that you've checked out my festival guide, head over to Teva's for theirs.

♥ Photos by Sisilia Piring 


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Happy mid-year month! I wanted to celebrate with a fresh playlist that will get you curious, giddy, ratchet, and moody. Also, thank you all for the kind comments on my last Vietnam post. I'm excited to start working on the next post, but I am spending my free days editing videos so I'm not totally neglecting my YouTube channel. I really need to get on it because I'll be traveling most of June! I'm already thinking to myself, how is it already July???

Hit play, don't examine the playlist before, let the music ride through your work day.

Wearing below: favorite jacket in the world (it finally went on sale!!). Photos by Alex Kenealy.



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Travel Diary: Hanoi, Vietnam (pt. 1 of 3)

May 27, 2015

Hi everyone!

Finally, the long-awaited post about my trip to the motherland. It took 500 photos, 3.5GBs of iPhone data, a lost video camera, two months, and a broken heart to finally review the trip and curate this post - 1 of 3. This will probably be my most wordy post, so I hope you're comfortable.

Where do I begin? The trip can be described in a plethora of adjectives - and while I'm having trouble articulating this, I can tell you that trying to think of just one word makes my throat tickle with sentimentality. Maybe it's this song. Maybe it's the wine. Maybe it's my home away from home that took me 25 years to discover. Maybe it's the reconnection I've made with myself and Weston. It's a lot of things, so if I had to encompass it all into one word: magical.

Make sure you click through the break and for the rest of the photos and story. 


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