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spend a day with me

April 18, 2014

New photographers offer a fresh eye on the mundane schedule I hold myself to every week. Wake up, answer emails, ponder Larchmont, clean, produce content. When Sisilia Piring reached out to shoot a day in the life segment for her work and mine, I happily invited her in my home one Sunday. We did things like wake up, answer emails, ponder Larchmont, clean, and produce content. Enjoy the pictures! I'm running into the weekend hosting my high school best friend visiting from Canada xx


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tasty tuesday: austin guide

April 15, 2014

Bad blogger here. Can't believe I didn't even mention on here once how much fun I had at SXSWi. First off, I got to ride a train from LA to ATX and met the raddest people. It's inevitable when you're stuck in a pretty confined area for 33 hours. One of my favorites was Instagram foodie extraordinaire, Patrick Janelle, who also used to work at Bon Appetite. After we realized we were star-crossed lovers, we spent every waking moment together for a week and he courted me with the best food in Austin. Hope he doesn't mind me sharing his secrets. Forewarn, I am in no means a food critic. You're better off reading Yelp.

Josephine House - Just so you know, every place I'm about to mention with the exception of one or two (maybe), is an interior decorator's fantasy. Ambiance really adds to an amazing meal and Josephine House doesn't fall short of that. Brunch is delicious as it is dynamic.

Uchi - Good sushi in Texas? Yes, try one of the best places I've had in the country. Modern and traditional and every single thing was so. cussing. good. The staff there is so knowledgeable that if you end up going, converse with your girl/guy and they'll hook it up. Waygu beef - unreal. I'd go back just for that.

Jeffery's - Talk about fine dining. The night was a blur after the martini cart arrived at our table to make us cocktails. All I remember was the incredible steak, amazing wine selection, and lobster blini. Everything else was super salty for my taste, but maybe I was there on a bad night.

Elizabeth Street Café - My favorite! Charming and casual Vietnamese brunch fusion. I know. I'm so particular on asian fusion too, but damn guys. This one just hits the nail on the head with every dish. I was surprised that everything tasted like home but with an elevated twist. So. Good.

Mother's Cafe - This is like the Austin version of Cafe Gratitude. Vegan, super healthy, light, refreshing, and everything you need during a hangover. Despite how low-key it is to everything else I posted, it's definitely one of my favorites.

Via 33 - Save your pennies, friends. A food truck stop finally. Square, Detroit style pizza. So good. So necessary. So worth stopping by at least once for a midnight guilt trip.

I can't wait to visit Austin again! Tweet me your favorites that didn't make the list!

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buy less, choose well

April 9, 2014

First off, I've had the H&M Conscious collection at my disposal for several days now and have already been stopped eight times by someone asking where I got my [insert item]. People are utterly in shock when I say H&M as I assure that they can buy their piece on April 10th.

Secondly, while the clothes are gifted, this post isn't. With H&M being a huge volume retailer, them making a conscious effort to use sustainable material is something I can get behind. There are many things to be environmentally aware of, and although the beachy backdrop allows me a perfect conversation starter about beach littering and oil waste, I rather touch base on this quote I ripped out of a magazine. Can't say which magazine because I totally forgot and am committing a UCI alumni citation felony.

Consumerism. Man that word is going to be a hot word the upcoming years, folks. Us fashionable ladies especially are hyper-inspired by bloggers, influencers, and advice columns telling us we're still missing that serum or sandal in our life. That our closets and medicine cabinet are forever insatiable. That if we're not wearing Birkenstocks, we're missing out on being relevant. That one product is ever so slightly different than one you already own, but you still need it. I hope with the handful of you that read my blog, there's one thing you can take away from this post and bring it with you into the rest of the year: IT'S OKAY. It's okay to wear something for years and years. I'm not saying to splurge on your wardrobe... just remember you, remember your style. Not mine, not another blogger, not some fashion editor. YOURS. At the end of the season, trends come and go, and we're only buying into them because it's being advertised at us left and right. Wear the things you love because you love it, not because Harper Bazaar told you to. Although, that Carven jacket is DAMN good.

Now that I'm done ranting, please enjoy these rad pictures and sans affiliate-linked post (because that would be the bad kind of irony) from beautiful Manhattan Beach.



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diamond dogs

April 8, 2014

We all know the Coco Chanel quote that made its way across all fashion blogs and Tumblrs alike: Once you've dressed, and before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take at least one thing off. I like to apply the less is more theory to my face. Super overdone eyeshadow, sans eyeliner, mascara, and blush. In the case that I'm suddenly obsessed with metallics on the eye I turn to my new obsession: Stila's metallic foil.

Mix in a drop of primer, and 2 parts foil, you're left with something to smother on your eyelids. Without the skill set to properly contrast and whatnot, my second best option is to smear with the intention of looking like I just woke up from a night where Hollywood gets the best of you.


PS, I can't for the life of me figure out why Blogger decides to change the colors of my pictures - even if I upload somewhere else. Sorry for the discoloration.

Photos by Jesse Fiorino


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garden and a radio

April 1, 2014

Jumpsuits are no brainers. Things that resemble workwear are even better. All in the namesake of lazy dressing. I'm definitely gearing towards an uncomplicated wardrobe. I no longer want to think about what pairs cleverly or mimic muses. After getting rid of half my clothes (currently sitting in my dining room waiting to be photographed and find a new home), I can confidently say that nothing goes unworn or unloved in my closet, making dressing such a cinch! Ain't nobody got time for that.


St. Eve arrow bracelet. Wild Fang jumpsuit. Costume National pumps.

Photos: Jesse Fiorino 


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fashion friday: adriana lima in white

March 28, 2014

The look of Spring: white, crisp, strong, sexy, and unforgiving.

Interview Germany April 2014

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