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it's not easy being green

February 26, 2015

I knew that the transition from blonde to black was going to be short and sweet. I also knew that the little rebel inside of me had an itch to do something stupid - while I still can. Colored hair and be quirky and cute, but I didn't want to be either. Green felt daring and is the most unnatural - cause if it's just two weeks, might as well go all out. There was a lot of mixed reactions from my loved ones, but I can say that I loved it. It was the perfect pop to an outfit. For once, I truly felt edgy, and those two weeks were filled with glorious pattern mixing and primary colors.

Under certain lighting, it sometimes appeared black. Which made me realize that I missed having dark hair against my skin. It made me feel a little more at home... and I was close. But now my hair is black. Like really black. It's been 3 days and I'm still processing how I feel about it.

Stay tuned into the weekend. Got a few more things to share and talk about before I head out for vacation on Monday! Where you ask? Ugh, you're clearly not following me on Snapchat (raychizzlle) or my YouTube channel.


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I don't miss the blonde

February 13, 2015

I can't believe how much content I have saved up that I never posted. Maybe you guys read earlier in the week or you're just tuning in, but I'm purging all the content of my blonde hair. It's just weird to post photos of myself looking a certain way when I know I will never be this color again.

At first I was really bummed - like super emotional in the car ride because I've grown really attached to the excitement of being blonde. It's true; you have more fun as a blonde. People interact with you differently with blonde hair. There was this amazing read - and I'm sort of in a rush to post this (otherwise I would put a little more thought and a little less vomit into my post right now), but Emily Weiss articulates the transition perfectly and candidly. She said it all. It's a must read.

I couldn't bare to go back to my normal hair color right away. More on that later. But now, with darker hair, I feel at home again.

Photographed by Sisilia Piring


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retro fittting

February 12, 2015

Melrose Place: the land of high-end boutiques and Alfred coffee-cups. The deepest in Hollywood you can be without feeling like you're actually in Hollywood. I'm paying homage in this 50s wool sweater paired with my Max Azria skirt I've had for years and years.

Photographed by Sisilia Piring 


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the pixie dress

February 11, 2015

Hard to believe Sisilia and I took these photos in downtown Los Angeles - a section of town I have been heavily frequenting because every person in my life is living here. Slowly I'm feeling at home in the Arts District, a charming neighborhood full of architectural renderings - poles apart from what I actually call home: Hancock Park.

Aside from where I am doing most of my existing, can we talk about the existence of this dress? Thank you Alexa, again, for creating the most perfect denim collection known to lady-kind. I am resisting the urge to wear it every day. But I am celebrating it under freshly bloomed cherry blossoms.


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pink and black

February 10, 2015

Day two of my purge. Some shots against the quintessential pink Paul Smith wall on Melrose Blvd. Pink and black remains to be one of my favorite color combinations despite of my entire middle-school experience ridden of Hot Topic pink/black apparel. But there are girls, my age, who are forever scarred by this pairing. Pink-and-black, apparently, is a complete blasphemy. I only see modern ladies reaction in nostalgic disgust upon viewing.

For example, I had this "fuck off" shirt in black and pink (worn here), and my best friend goes, "I could really like that shirt, but omg I hate those colors. I really, really don't like it." The guys we were with objected and sided with me - it's a rad shirt. But maybe they never saw what middle-school looked like in America during 2000.  Heck, maybe I never grew out of it.

 How does it resonate with you?

Diesel jacket. Uniqlo skirt. Barney boots.

Photographed by Sisilia Piring 


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shadow plays and purge

February 9, 2015

Remember how I started this year off with "I will definitely blog more this year". Well, that didn't last very long, but the weird thing is I'm constantly documenting and shooting photos (and videos). So I am producing content; I just have this weird attachment with photos being too precious to post right away. So I hold on until they're no longer relevant. Bad habit.

The point of this is, I'm taking this week to flush out all my content and start fresh. Why? Well, I'm no longer blonde. It's quite emotional - really, but I won't reveal my hair until later this week when I have no more blonde hair photos.  Till then, brace yourself for a post every day this week! As my best friend Teddy like to hashtag, #7daysofthatschic

Baum und Pferdgarten top.  Thakoon pants. Doc Marten Lester brogues.

Photographed by Sisilia Piring 


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